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Y Hammad Iftikhar (M.B. Econ 9116)

Y Faiz-ul-Rasool (M.B. Econ 9111)
Y Zeeshan Anjum (M.B. Econ 9114)
Y Tanveer Ahmed (M.B. Econ 9122)
Y Ahtisham (M.B. Econ 9138)
3rd semester
Y mhaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer
Hospital and Research Centre established
under the mocieties Registration Act XXI
of 1860 of Pakistan. The inspiration came
after the death of his mother.
Imran Khan
Ú   Ú 
Y To act as a model institution to alleviate the
suffering of patients with cancer through the
application of modern methods of curative and
palliative therapy irrespective of their ability to
pay, the education of health care professionals and
the public and perform research into the causes
and treatment of cancer.
Y Ñr. Faisal multan, Chief Executive Officer
Y Ñr. M. Aasim Yusuf, Medical Ñirector
Y Mr. Tariq Azam, Ñirector Marketing &
Resource Ñevelopment
Y Mr. Muhammad Fareedullah Qureshi, Chief
Financial Officer
Y Mrs. Virginia A. Gumley, Ñirector Nursing
Introduction HRM of mKM
p Ú   
Y There are about 1400 professionals
currently working at mKM
Y mKM has a very well defined and
structured department and various policies
Y Employees are satisfied with the HR
department of mKM Company
Function of HRM at mKM
Y There are different type of function at mKM
but mainly there are following function.



Y Training and development

Y Compensation

Y Benefits

Y Employee services

Y Employee and community relations

Y Personnel records

Y Health and safety

Y mtrategic planning

Y Mission statement of mKM:

Y mtay at the No. 1 in the industry

Y   !"
Y Objectives: The policy is meant to ensure an
effective and efficient method of recruitment
and selection. It is aimed at hiring without any
discrimination based on race, colour, sex,
nationality, ancestry, religion or disability.
Y Following are the sources for the recruitment for the
Y Internal.

Y External.

Y Ñatabank.

Y Advertising.

Y Head hunters/executive search organizations.

Y Walk in candidates.

Y Colleges and Universities

Y All applicant¶s knowledge, skill and aptitude related
to the position shall be judged according to a range of
factors including:
Y Education (Academic / Professional).

Y Experience.

Y Profile and Psychometric Tests

Y Interviews.

Y References.
Y Applicants may apply online by registering
with the web based recruitment portal.
However, when considered for a specific
position, they will be required to fill the
standard application form of the Company.
Y All applications will be kept on HR database
for a period of 6 months only.
Conditions for selection
Y Interview Evaluation form
Y Passport size Photos.
Y Any other special clause.
Y References.
Y Copy of N.I.C.
Y Copies of degree(s): Bachelors and above only and
copies of experience certificates.
Y Ñuly filled application form
$ % Ú 

$ % Ú 
Y &' Identifying the most appropriate
solutions to performance problems
Y Usually, only about 80% of performance
problems require ³training´ solutions. The
other 20% are best dealt with by looking at
the quality of supervision or by factors in the
work environment
!( ") *#
!( ")
Y &' melect/identify the needs, by
management level, for the total Company

Y #  The HR Ñepartment will

develop the TNA according to the
recommendations made by their mupervisors
in the performance appraisal form.
Y &' The purpose of this policy is to enhance skills and
knowledge of mKM employees and build their capacities to
enable them to perform their jobs more effectively and to
develop them for future growth.
Y !"
#! The Company shall pay all Training
Expenses, Round Trip Airfare, living Allowance, and Local
Transportation in accordance with Company regulations in
this regard.
Y On a general basis the training done in
mKM can be divided into following
Y moft skill training

Y Medical

Y Nursing
Y Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi
Y Agricultural University, Faisalabad
Y Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore
Y Baqai Medical University
Y Ñow Medical College, Karachi
Y Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore
Y Hamdard College of Medicine and Ñentistry, Karachi
Y Islamia University, Bahawalpur
Y Khyber College of Ñentistry, University of Peshawar
Y King Edward Medical College, Lahore
Y Lahore College for Women University
Y Lahore Medical and Ñental College
Y Nishtar Medical College, Multan
Y Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute, Islamabad
Y Post Graduate Medical Institute, Lahore
Y Punjab University, Lahore
Y Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
Y mindh Medical College
Y Ziauddin Medical College

Y Medical College of London

Y North Eastern Ohio University College of Medicine

Y Queen Mary's mchool of Medicine and Ñentistry

Y Royal Free Hospital mchool of Medicine

Y Kings College mchool of Medicine

Y University of Oxford

Y University of Cambridge

Y United Medical and Ñental mchools of Guy's and mt. Thomas's Hospitals

Y mt. George's Hospital Medical mchool

Y mt. Mary's Hospital Medical mchool

Y University of Edinburgh

Y University of Glasgow

Y University of Leicester

Y University of Birmingham

Y University of mouthampton

Y University of Leeds

Y Medical Education & Research Center Grand Rapid / MmU General

murgery Programe

Y Washington University mchool of Medicine, mt. Louis , MO

Y Cedars minai Medical Center , Los Angeles , CA


Y University of Queensland Medical mchool


Y University of British Columbia

% Ú 
Y mKM faces less competition in the health industry
so now they are focusing on career Management
of their employees in which they enable the
employees to better understand and develop their
career skills and interests and to use these skills
and interests most effectively both within the
company and after they leave the firm.
Y &' The purpose of this policy is
to provide a formal review program to
evaluate work performance.
The Objectives of the Performance
Review Program are
Y To measure work performance

Y To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance

and achieving their personal/professional career goals

Y To provide objective information for making decisions on salary

increases, promotions, bonus and transfers.

Y To identify employees training and development

Y To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual

Y !" ( #! The performance appraisal is done
on an annual basis.
Y To give a chance to mubordinates to evaluate their
seniors a 360 Ñegree Evaluation will be conducted at
the time of the Performance Evaluation.
Y The performance appraisal forms will be filled once in
a year to get a clear picture of the employee
Ú % 
Y There is a list of policies regarding the
reward system at mKM. It offers both
kinds of rewards: Intrinsic and Extrinsic.

Y &' The purpose of this policy is to have
salaries subject for review in January of each
calendar year in the light of merit and inflation.
Y An employee, who is employed on a job with title
and specifications, will receive compensation that
is relevant to field experience matching with
approved salary structure of his / her position
Y The Company will pay salaries of the employees
and all other amounts due to them during office
hours and on the job site as follows:
Y All New Employees have to open bank accounts
in specified banks prescribed by the Company so
that their salary will be credited at the end of each
Y Following are the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards include

Y Medical care

Y Life insurance

Y Vacations

Y Credit advance policy provident policy/advance against provident fund and a capping of

Y Recreation

Y Club Policy Travel

Y Education assistance policy

Y Mobile phone

Y Business mobile phone policy

Y Official Blackberry Policy

p p  
Y mKM give the health & safety service to every
employee of mKM. They develop a medical unit
which is available for every employee any time. The
medical unit is a free 24hours available for the
employee. Medical unit available to every level of
employee to maintain their health.
Y mKM provide the proper safety to the whole employee
and maintain good working condition for the
Y For the communication purpose mKM HR
dept. uses the different way for convey the
message at lower and higher level.
Y At mKM the HR dept. maintains good

relation with their all employee and

understands what there employee wants

from the mKM

p  Ú 
Y ,( p   Ú

Y HR department of mKM is on No.1. In Pakistan.

Y - Ú,

Y Bench mark set by the HR department of mKM Aga Khan.

Y  #  " !" !

Y Two doctors send to England for the specialization.

Y !" 

Y murvey 2008 tells us our employee 87% satisfaction from the mKM.

Y -(

Y mkill human resources people shortage in the market and in the mKM it also.