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World Series

And “Shoeless” Joe Jackson

Players Salaries White Sox Joe Jackson $6000 Salaries The 1919 Chicago White Sox team had the best players in m George Weaver $6000 Some of the players had the lowest salaries Compelled players to take part in the fix The Eddie owner. was reluctant on giving raise Chick Gandil $4000 Oscar Felsch $3750 Claude Williams $3000 Fred McMullin $2750 Charles Risberg $2500 . Charles Cicotte $5000 Comiskey.


Chick Chick Gandil Gandil Fixed the game Played as a first baseman in 1919 World Series Banned from major league  .

Eddie Cicotte Chick Famed Gandil pitcher Relatively new to the White Sox Owner Comiskey promised Cicotte $10. but Cicotte was Eddie Cicotte .000 after winning 30 games.

Chick Fred McMullin Gandil Third baseman Not known too well for his skills Joined White Sox in 1916 Eddie Cicotte  Fred McMullin .

Chick George “Buck” Weaver Gandil Shortstop and third baseman Did not make any major errors in 1919 World Series Took part and knew about the fix Eddie Cicotte Fred McMullin George “Buck” Weaver .

375 average during the 1919 World Series Known to be an illiterate  .“Shoeless” Joe “Shoeless” Joe Jackson Jackson One of the best batters in baseball in 1919 Batted a 0.

Shoeless” Joe Jackson – A Legend Torn by a Lie tle against the New York Giants 1915 while batting for the Cleveland Indians e game and went up to bat in socks due to lack of players .

“Shoeless” Joe Claude “Lefty” Williams Jackson “Lefty”.left handed pitcher Began his major league career in Detroit One of the lowest paid players on the team Claude “Lefty” Williams  .

“Shoeless” Joe Oscar “Happy” Felsch Jackson Took part in military service in 1918 Played as a center fielder during 1919 World Series Dropped out of school at an early age Claude “Lefty” Williams  Oscar Happy Felsch .

“Shoeless” Joe Charles “Swede” Risberg Jackson Played as a shortstop in the 1919 World Series Recruited players into the fixed game He was only talented on the defensive Claude “Lefty” Williams  Oscar Happy Felsch Charles Risberg .

The Game of Gambling ling and betting in baseball became popular in the early 1900 rganization to watch levels of gambling and betting xed games were risky and commonly unsuccessful .

he Four Main asterminds .

he Fix .

layers be suspended and banned from major league baseball for Joe Jackson’s participation in the fix s the first Commissioner of Baseball Jackson’s criminal record Trial and Effects on iety .

but it refers to Arnold Rothstein y towards the fixed game can be seen in Nick’s narration superficiality of the rich.nnection to Great Gatsby-a twist in es ns that Meyer Wolfsheim took part in the fix racter.”- . in which money overshadows reason “He ‘s the man who fixed the World Series”- Gatsby “…with the singlemindedness of a burglar blowing a safe.