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av  rural a d urba markes. Bu ma 
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e aware ess level of urba co sumers s  a d e ce produc feaures ave o be ca ed ofe . compeo s becom  ou  urba markes compell  ma  frms o  cur eav coss  promoo al expe dure. excep peraps for eas reac e urba markes ave become as oass. Tus. Needless o sa s process eeds a ue  vesme  wc wll ave a eave mpac o profabl.Ú "eco dl. Trdl. .

V rece  ears. . as e overall row of e eco om as resuled  o subsa al  crease  e purcas  power of e rural commu es. Tese facs are subsa aed  a sud of marke row co duced b varous researces. rural markes ave acured s fca ce  cou res lke C a a d V da. Te poe al of rural markes s sad o be lke a 'woke up sleep  a '." fca ce of Rural Markes Ú Te rural markes are esmaed o be row  fasl compared o e urba markes.

À umber of facors ave bee reco ed as respo sble for e rural marke boom o come  o exse ce .

. "a dard of lv  s also  creas   rural areas. 2. 3. À marked  crease  e rural  come due o arara prosper. V creased co ac of rural people w er urba cou erpars due o developme  of ra spor a d wde commu cao ework. . Lare  flow of  vesme  for rural developme  prorammes from over me  a d oer sources. 5. V crease  populao a d e ce  crease  dema d. 4.

½a makes rural markes aracve? .

LVC sold 55 % of s polces  rural V da.000 Crores . 50%  small ow s/vllaes.22 lak ave a Vllae Publc Telepo e (VPT) .000 Crores . a Of wo mllo B"NL moble co eco s.Durables Rs. a Of e sx lak vllaes. 5.2 / 4 weelers Rs. 5. 65.Àr- pus ( cl. 45.MCG Rs. racors) Rs.000 Crores a V 200 -02.a 42 mllo people a Esmaed a ual se of e rural marke .000 Crores . 8.

Problems relaed o rural marke  Ú Barer ssem .

Ú [ derdeveloped people a d marke .

Ú Lack of proper pscal commu cao facles .

V adeuae meda coverae for rural commu cao .

Ú Ma  la uaes a d dalecs Ú Oer  flue c  facors .

Ú Low rural leraure.Te major weak ess a d calle es Ú Trado al m d o o reac ew m ds Ú Àrculural  come mosl  vesed  old or ame s a d wedd s. Ú No persuad  ew  k  a d mproved producs. .

STRATEGIES ‰ Client and Location specific promotion ‰ Joint or co-operative promotion .

Ú { ndling of inp ts .

Ú uevelopmental marketing .

‰ Æedia .

‰ [niq e Selling Propositions ([SP) ‰ Extension Services .

‰ Ethics in { siness Ú Partnership for s stainability ‰ Selection of sales force .


Exe so E.. Parle- E Parle-G .

"omemes. To e cas s. producs ave o be specfcall developed o mee e eeds of rural markes. exs  producs m ave o be modfed o su ese markes oo accord l.Àdapao "mall packs or saces Rural Produc Developme  Te rural marke s a fas row  o e a d as a ue populao w a rea level of dsposable  come. .

red a d blue. .Example Ú Taa sumo frs  we a d e ur ed  o ellow.

melas. c ema alls a d so o ca be used as ve ues o promoe bra ds. sree eare ca also be used o promoe bra ds. Drec Marke  a d eve s lke road sows. melas. flm sows. .V ovao Ú LG·s CCTV amed ´"ampoor aµ Ú Rural aer s lke emple fesvals.

LVC sold 50 perce  of s polces  rural V da b do  sree plas .Example Ú V 2002 ² 2003.

ow do bra ds poso emselves  e Rural Marke ? Ú Coca Cola Co uered Rural V da Ú VCVCV Prude al Lfe V sura ce .

Coca Cola p Àffordabl p Àccepabl p Àvalabl . ÀAs of rural marke - 3 ÀA .

.5.Àffordabl: Ú Te frs ´ÀA focuses o produc prc  Ú Coca Cola lau ced a 200 ml bole for jus Rs. a affordable amou  o e pockes of e rural aude ce.

000 melas ( fars ) eld a uall  varous pars of e cou r. Te seres of Àmr Ka Àds o ll sao ac  lke a epal a d ose  a Pu jab Å Yaara da Tasa A were a rea success a d a mpora  aspec focus  o accepabl.Àccepabl : Ú Te adverseme  w e a l e - 'Ta da Malab Coca-Cola ' was areed a rural a d sem-urba co sumers. CCV also co ce raed o 4. Excep TV ads.000 as (weekl markes) a d 25. .

Rural V da mea  reac  6.8.2.  mea  e  dsrbuors o ravel 200 kms o reac fve sops.263 suare kms. Te dsrbuors also red rcksaws (ccle operaed va s) a ravelled o vllaes dal. O er par. Te smaller dsrbuors u derook fxed jour e pla s o a weekl bass. Ú Lare dsrbuors (ubs) were appo ed.000 vllaes spread over 32. a d e were suppled from e compa 's depo  lare ow s.Àvalabl : Ú Te rd ÅÀA focused o sre e   s dsrbuo ework ere. e ubs appo ed smaller dsrbuors ("pokes)  adjo   areas. .






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e w ds of ca e approac. sou d  e drums of omorrow.. oda oda .

wake up o ew worl world d .

sar a ew revoluo . V our lves .

ca e oda for a beer omorrow .

À ½se "a : {.

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.Ú Bra ds jus ave o be vsble  e r place ma  bra ds are do  well wou muc advers  suppor ³ Gad. s a example. a b deere  bra d  Nor V da.

RECENT TREND" VN R[RÀL MÀRKETVNG ) O l e Rural Marke (V er e. Nc e) 2) Produc dffere ao 3) [se of ec olo .

4) T k dffere l ( eed based produco ) 5) "uppl Ca Ma aeme  6) Commu cae  er la uae .

"ÀLE" PROMOTVONÀL "TRÀTEGVE" ["ED VN R[RÀL MÀRKET ) Dabur À"TRÀ 2) Brooke Bo d Lpo V da Ld (BBLVL) 3) LL's ¶Operao Bara· .

4) Plps V da Ld:      5) VTC Ma aldeep Àarba .

Te Promoo Meda ) Newspaper 2) Televso 3) Rado 4) C ema .

"ome forms of advers  used  rural marke ) Oudoor Àdverseme  2) arm o arm / ouse o ouse 3) Group Mee  4) Op o Leaders .

) Te Melas 2) aas 3) Àudo Vsual Va .

Mela .



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oard s .

Bra ds Modes of Tra spor .

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