LISTENING ´It is an act of hearing attentivelyµ .

because listening is twice as hard as talking." .QUOTATION ABOUT LISTENING "We were given two ears but only one mouth.


y Respond Appropriately. y Show that you are listening.How To Become A Active Listener? y Pay attention. y Provide feedback. . y Defer judgment.

Barriers to listening y Physiological Barriers y Physical Barriers y Attitudinal Barriers y Wrong Assumptions y Cultural Barriers y Gender Barriers y Lack of Training y Bad Listening Habits .


.If we believe that life is about learning experiences. the more you learn from your experiences. We are all in the school of life and there are many people who can teach us something if we humbled ourselves and listened. suggestions and warnings (tell this to your teenager). the more you listen and understand. y 2) Listening lets you know what is going on.a good listener receives instructions. the more information you have about the position (and that includes being a parent) the more successful you will be.Regardless of what your position is. y 3) Listening makes you more competent.ADVANTAGES/REASONS OF LISTENING: y 1) Listening protects you from trouble.

The power of knowledge gained through listening enables you to have more data at your disposal than others. The more knowledge at your disposal the better it works for you. or spouse if you do not listen? y 7) Listening helps you negotiate better. children. How will you know what is really going on with your employees.this is a double edge sword in that the better you listen the more knowledge you acquire but it also makes you look intelligent. This you can do by listening to them. y 6) Listening helps you understand others.ADVANTAGES/REASONS OF LISTENING y 4) Listening makes you look intelligent.the only way to understand others and make them meet your needs and you meeting theirs is by listening to them.To get what you want you must start at the point of knowing what the other person is willing to give. y 5) Listening increases your power-There is a saying that ´knowledge is power. use itµ. .

the best initial response to emotions is made with your ears. Everyone wants to be made to feel important and by your listening you make the other person feel important to you. y 10) Listening makes love real. This applies to spouse. y 9) Listening builds self esteem-When you listen to another person. you understand the cause of their anger and you can then demonstrate proper empathy. you affirm the other person and show them that you value the relationship. your children.listening is one of the most convincing expression of love and caring. By listening to an angry person. . employee and friends. you are in effect saying ´I value you and what you have to sayµ. Besides everyone wants to be validated and when you listen you show the angry person that you care.ADVANTAGES/REASONS OF LISTENING y 8) Listening defuses anger in others. By taking time to listen.

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