-TNS is one of the world's leading market research groups.

- We provide Industry Sector Insight, and Innovative Market Research Solutions, to many of the world·s leading companies.

What we deliver? - Truly Global Industry Sector capabilities, Market Research Expertise across the entire product lifecycle, Global footprint covering 70 countries, Focus on Market Insight. Research Expertise: Our Innovative Market Research Expertise covers the entire product life-cycle: from developing products to building brands and marketing communications to optimizing the customer shopping experience to improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Global Footprint: - With market insight operations spanning more than 75 countries, TNS boasts a powerful global and local network combining the benefits of size, scope and specialization. What sets us apart? - Quality marketing information delivered by Global Industry Sector expert consultants, providing innovative Market Research Expertise across the entire product life-cycle, in more than 75 countries, is our offer to clients.

- Truly Global Industry Sector capabilities, Expertise across the entire product lifecycle, Global footprint covering over 75 countries, Focus on Market Insight. - With over 60 years of market research heritage, the TNS Global group has built an unparalled reputation for innovation, service excellence, and industry expertise Our Industry focus:

TNS industry sector specialists get to the heart of our clients· business issues to deliver market research with actionable insights and seamless. consistent results. our world-leading industry market research experts focus exclusively on researching specific industry sector issues and understand inside out the challenges our clients face. Automotive..Main Focus on Consumer (FMCG). . Political and Social. Technology. . Finance. .At TNS.

TNS Automotive is the leading global provider of market research and insights.Automotive: . Complex automotive market research : . with a specialist network of over 350 dedicated researchers in over 50 countries. Having their caption as ´ Driving better bussiness with innovative insightsµ.

component suppliers. oil companies. .TNS automotive addresses the complex market research needs of clients including major global automotive and tyre manufacturers.. parts distributors. our complete portfolio of expert customized and syndicated automotive research solutions delivers added value. . optimising advertising and media expenditures.Whether our clients are developing new products. defining new market segments or consolidating their position in the marketplace. repair specialists. dealerships and advertising agencies.

Our automotive industry research portfolio caters for all our clients· market information needs throughout the product life cycle. our experts know and understand the markets. including: . .Living and breathing automotive. strategic business challenges and decision implications of the industry..

- Concept tests and car clinics Product testing Market segmentation and positioning New car and van buyer surveys Product quality monitoring Sales promotion tracking Brand and advertising tracking Corporate image studies Dealer attractiveness Satisfaction and commitment studies .

.Specialist research expertise .TNS specializes in both syndicated and custom market research services.Our clients need a business partner with world-class expertise in specialist areas of market research. . we believe we are way out in front.we lead the world. In the specialist research areas above . In the following 8 research areas.

Š Innovation & Product Development . offering clients a complete innovation journey. from opportunity identification through concept/product development. .TNS is a leading provider of innovation and product development research. and ultimately product launch.


Innovation success comes from knowing what to look for in a successful idea. and ensuring strategic continuity throughout the process. . knowing where to look for it in the first place.Our Point of View : . . but throwing away more genuinely innovative ideas is easy too. Spotting obvious winners isn·t hard. However.We believe that our fresh perspective and proven approach will help clients change this paradigm: .Launching winning new products is a crucial route to business growth. failure rates are higher than ever and big ideas are hard to come by.

speed and success rate.Our worldwide network of innovation and product development specialists work closely with our sector experts to provide clients with tailored research designed to drive efficiency. .We treat innovation as a connected journey to ensure that the consumer insights lying at the heart of our clients· ideas are kept alive right through to launch.Our approach is based on a set of fundamental principles that are vital in bringing great ideas to market faster. .Each step in the research process informs the next. . while managing the risk at every stage of the innovation process.Expertise in Innovation & Product Development : . . using validated key metrics to uncover breakthrough opportunities and priorities resources behind exciting and winning concepts.

.insight generation Super Group .ideation and concept development eValuate . we know what drive's long term potential.sales forecasting & launch optimization .With over 40 years of innovation expertise and a database of over 60. Specialist Innovation & Product Development Solutions: Our Innovation Journey encompasses a world-leading range of quantitative and qualitative solutions to help our clients discover.concept refinement Value Manager . develop and deliver successful innovations Matrix .000 records.price & product optimization Launch eValuate .opportunity identification Incitement .concept screening Super Clinic .

.Custom Research Services : .TNS is the world·s largest custom research information provider. We provide clients with tailored research solutions from the most innovative online methods to the most traditional.


we can provide you with: a solution to understand every important research issue. . or future market trends. We tailor or customise solutions to address precisely the questions and issues that are unique to each and every client.Our expertise in custom research : . behavior attitudes. an expert in your business.TNS understands that no single off-the-shelf research solution fits every given business situation.Whether you are looking for an insight into current markets. . and experience in the methods you need to use.

.Specialist insight services: . .Our dedicated specialist teams of senior research consultants combine extensive research experience with an unrivalled knowledge of your industry sector.TNS provides cutting edge research solutions using the latest data collection and delivery technologies.

Middle East and Africa (APMEA) TNS Global Service Centres : . TNS boasts a powerful global network.Expertise in some countries like North America . In each country we combine the benefits of industry specialization & research expertise.TNS Worldwide : . Asia. . to deliver powerful insights.With market research operations spanning over 75 countries. Latin America. Europe. Pacific.

TNS has centralised a number of Global Service Centres in selected mark. To this aim.TNS has a strategic commitment to reduce operational research costs whilst maintaining world leading quality standards and client servicing. Overview: Our Global Service Centres: ..

top class management institutes. . India. India . Set up in 1999. an evolved Market Research industry. .1 offshore destination in the world for service offshoring India. and a mature offshoring industry for IT enabled services..TNS·s largest global service centre is located at Hyderabad.This centre has the advantage of being located in the No.India benefits from a large resource-base of highly educated English speaking graduates. . .The services provided by this Centre fall broadly into three types.The Offshore Research Services Centre (ORSC) at Hyderabad. today the ORSC in India has close to 700 employees and provides operational research support to TNS group companies and clients worldwide.

Most of these services are provided in English as well as in French at this centre. Charting. Coding. Reporting and Research support. .Research Services: Scripting. Data processing. Customer Intelligence: Insight Mining and Advanced Statistical Analysis: High end capabilities in advanced quantitative modeling and statistical techniques. IT and Software: 24x7 support for TNS group companies in terms of IT support.

A history of success : .A collection of research materials representing a wealth of global expertise and knowledge from both our legacy TNS and Research International businesses.The merger of TNS and RI means the coming together of two companies with a rich and diverse history.Our research: . . the heritage they bring to our new organization. Here we share with you how both organizations have evolved.


.A Distinguished Heritage : .The 1960s saw the creation of five of the market research companies that formed the heart of the Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) group: .Taylor Nelson in UK in 1965 .Intersearch in the USA in 1960 .But the very first seeds had been sown in the USA in 1946. when NFO (National Family Opinion) opened for business.Frank Small Associates in Australia in 1963 .AGB in UK in 1962 .Sofres in France in 1963 .

This mirrored developments in Unilever around the world and the various Unilever research companies increasingly collaborated.Research International was originally part of Unilever. .Owned by Unilever. and grew out of its worldwide market research and marketing departments. RBL operated as a separate profit centre and was later allowed to work for noncompeting outside clients.In the UK. .in June 1962. . the market research business was set up as a separate company Research Bureau Limited (RBL) . .RI in the 60s: . where Unilever was based.

90s & Beyond: TNS in the 90s & Beyond: - - NFO made a series of acquisitions around the world. Taylor Nelson joined with AGB (1992) Sofres combined with FSA (1995) Sofres acquired Intersearch (1997) Taylor Nelson AGB and Sofres merged (1997) TNS acquired NFO (2003) TNS was acquired by WPP/Kantar (2008) . enabling them to deliver consistently high quality services to customers around the world. and the companies that now form TNS responded to the changing market by joining forces.

. TNS is the largest custom market research provider. In the US. In Asia.TNS is the leading market research agency in most European countries. TNS has the strongest custom market research network.Facts and figures : .

.Member of The Kantar Group. . .View our comprehensive list of A-to-Z Insight services . Asia Pacific.TNS is the World's largest custom market research company. Europe and the Middle East.TNS has offices in more than 75 countries across Africa. Americas. the information and consultancy division of WPP.TNS Size and scope: .

political and social research..The world·s largest custom research business.Biggest provider of online market information in the world. .Global leader in customer stakeholder management research. . .Global leader in opinion polling.Some of the Market Research areas where we are leaders .. . .

Areas of expertise: .Stakeholder Management .Retail and Shopper .Customs expertise .New Product Development .Brand and Communication .Interactive research .

commissioning specific local research. working on the ground in 156 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive. . TNS is responsive and cost-effective for you and your projects.. which for 60 years has been the world·s leading children charity. from early childhood through adolescence. Corporate and Social Responsibility : .TNS has a partnership with UNICEF.All over the world we run projects with local clients. And all over the world we run major global projects for blue-chip multinational clients and the world·s leading brands. Large or small.

We then embarked on a ¶Imagine«· program.. in Cambodia and Malawi (see pages on our fund raising activities and successes to the left) . when the group made a donation to UNICEF in response to the tsunami disaster.The response from TNS people to this initative has been outstanding and is a clear illustration of our organisation working as one team across the world. TNS' and UNICEF's partnership began in 2005.. .The global partnership approach that is such a key driver of our service to clients also extends into our community involvement. .Partnering with UNICEF : .

for example. 50 people from TNS UK split into small teams and spent a day gardening. underlining the group·s commitment to this relation. creating a vegetable plot and painting the nursery at a primary school local to the group·s corporate office.The UNICEF Imagine« project is given a high profile in The group recognizes the positive impact that volunteering can have on individual employee development and team building and encourages companies to facilitate this. During 2007. Our Employees: Employee volunteering - .group communications and at senior management conferences. .

The group·s commitment to community involvement is recognized through the External Development module of the Tony Cowling Academy of Excellence (our Internal Training Program). with the aim of combining the benefits to their personal development with the opportunity to serve their local communities. . .Employee development .Employees are encouraged to participate in group or individual community secondments.

TNS is responsive and cost-effective for you and your projects. . . commissioning specific local research.All over the world we run projects with local clients. And all over the world we run major global projects for blue-chip multinational clients and the world·s leading brands.Š Leading globally. leading locally: .Large or small.


..Whatever and wherever the job.No business research job is too large or small for TNS . we will always provide a cost-efficient pricing structure for our business research and market information.Some of the clients we are proud to work with around the world: P&G« Toyota« Microsoft« Renault« Unilever« Nissan« HSBC« VW« Samsung. Barclays ..

TNS and WPP/Kantar . TNS became part of WPP·s information. insight and consultancy division. The Kantar Group.building the future of insight together: .In October 2008. About Kantar Group: .

. . . enabling the group to offer clients business insights at each and every point of the consumer cycle. By uniting the diverse talents of more than 20 specialist companies ² including the recentlyacquired TNS ² the group aims to become the preeminent provider of compelling and actionable insights for the global business community. insight and consultancy networks.Its 26.The Kantar Group is one of the world's largest research.The group·s services are employed by over half of the Fortune Top 500 companies..500 employees work across 80 countries and across the whole spectrum of research and consultancy disciplines.

and we relish the prospect of servicing clients from the new and expanded Kantar Group family.TNS Sussessful Stratergy: .TNS's successful strategy of providing valuable insight based on our in-depth industry sector knowledge and understanding of key business issues will continue under the Kantar Group stewardship. .

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