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‡Idiom is used in specific situations and often used in an ‡ Idioms are often full sentences. Whereas. ‡ idiomatic.Do your best and do well . Phrases are usually made up of a few words and are used as a grammatical unit in a die break a leg . Example: to kick the bucket . rather than a figurative sense.: Idioms and phrases are commonly used groups of words in English.

A judicious use of idioms and phrases adds richness. beauty and power to one¶s expression. Get lost ² Go away. now get lost before I lose my temper. . All right Babu.

eager not to miss out.Many older tech investors. . to do a lot to achieve a certain goal fuddy-duddy . are going to great lengths to shed fuddyduddy images and ingratiate themselves with the younger generation.out of fashion. ² The Wall Street Journal (to) miss out . (to) go to great lengths .to miss an opportunity. not do a lot.

the $2. is refining its most expensive grill. "They are looking for stainless steel grills and more accessories like rotisseries. extras . warmer drawers. in response to buyers who want more bells and whistles." she said. . a Weber product manager. the grill maker founded in Mount Prospect. side burners and hand lights. in 1952.The New York Times bells and whistles .fancy features. said Brooke Jones.Weber. product features that make a product more premium or expensive but that are not usually necessary.200 Summit Platinum D6.

a job.It took Carolyn Fellwock and Charlie Watson only 11 months to tie the knot after meeting on Yahoo Personals ² and three years more to call it quits. etc) . ² Wall Street Journal to tie the knot ² to get married to call it quits ² to end something (such as a relationship. a project.

"Bottom line." ² Los Angeles Daily News bottom line ² the main point is«." Leal said. And then when I said `no. the conclusion is« . said that when she was working in Dallas. It complicates things.Diana Leal. she immediately lost respect for her attorney boss when he asked her out for dinner.' he fired me. a Woodland Hills paralegal. ´I couldn't believe it. I think he just fell for my beauty or something. you can't be friends with your boss.

casual yet also professional. . Plus. Make sure your relationship with your boss is open and honest. don't get the promotions and don't have a chance to advance your career. That does not mean kiss up to your boss. you may just be miserable. If it gets too far along a bad path.Have a good relationship with your boss. try to gain favor with. behave in a way to make people like you more. it means you don't get the good assignments. ² The News & Observer to kiss up ² to flatter.

FILL SOMEONE'S SHOES Take someone else's place. In an awkward or embarrassing situation. Just before time is up. HAT TRICK 2.IDIOM 1. IN A PICKLE 4. BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW 5. 3. . THE NICK OF TIME 6. Something that looks like it will be a big success. Take on more than one can handle. A FLASH IN THE PAN MEANING Scoring consecutively three times in a game. but does not work out.

BET ON THE WRONG HORSE Misread the future. Work hard and be treated unkindly. mischief. MONKEY BUSINESS 6. Behave with arrogance. LEAD A DOGS LIFE 5. GET ON ONES HIGH HORSE 4. Have the best of everything. 1. LIVE HIGH ON THE HOG . BULL IN A CHINA SHOP MEANING A person with no tact who upsets others or upsets plans. 3. Unethical or bad activity.IDIOM 2.

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