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Women Entrepreneurs:
Balaji Telefilms Ltd. Swarnim Bharti
Shubham Kole
Company History
● Balaji Telefilms was founded by the veteran actor
Jeetendra in 1994.

● After a few initial failures, the production house gained

momentum with its hit show Hum Paanch (Zee TV 1995-
Founder profile
● The company founder Jeetendra is known for his
remarkable contribution to Bollywood film industry over the
period of 1960-1990.

● He was born in Amritsar, Punjab and pursued his school and

college education in Mumbai.

● Along with him, his wife Mrs Shobha Kapoor is the

Managing Director and Miss Ekta Kapoor is the Joint
Managing Director of the company.
Company profile
● The company operates through two segments:
○ Commissioned programs: Sale of television serials to channels
○ Feature films: Production and/or distribution of motion pictures

● The company is involved with the entertainment sector across

Television, Films and Digital B2C (Business to Consumer)

● What sets the company apart is that its content stays relevant with the
viewing interests of the masses. The company has evolved its content
and serves different age groups via multiple media sources (films,
serials or online content)
Products and Services
● Balaji Motion Pictures: It was incorporated in 2001 and since
then, has produced several commercial hits along with
unconventional movies like Udta Punjab

● Balaji Telefilms: This division is concerned with the production of

TV shows. The company has produced over 150 shows in various
regional languages. As of Q3-2019, 8 shows of this production
house are On Air.

● Alt Balaji: Home for consumption of digital entertainment content

over the internet.
● The company was initially started as a private venture but
with its excellent growth and reach, went public in the year
2000 and is listed on BSE

● The AltBalaji service works through a paid subscription

and has one of the lowest fees among all its competitors
(INR 300 for 12 months)

● Recently, Reliance Industries acquired a 24.9% stake in

AltBalaji for INR 413 Crores
● Staggering revenue of INR 38 lakhs/hour in FY19 for TV

● The company made a profit of INR 20.12 Crores during


● The AltBalaji division of the company has attained 6-fold

increase in revenue.
Marketing Sales
● Offline product marketing through ads in print media,
hoarding and banners.

● Marketing of digital content on AltBalaji through low

subscription rates than competitors, free initial episodes of
shows and advertisement through other applications on
mobile platform.

● Creative Eye Productions

● Maverick Productions

● Whiteleaf Productions
Future Prospects
● According to a recent report from 2018, the Alt Balaji division is
expected to ‘break-even’ in the next 3 years i.e. by 2021

● Balaji Telefilms Ltd. is expecting to target 8 million viewers by


● The television division is seeing growth in international markets

with tailored-made content based on the target region.
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