By Sanyam Agarwal Information Technology 4th Year

Wang (both of them are senior members of IEEE).What is ALIPR?    ALIPR stands for Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures ± Real Time (pronunciation ± A-LIP-ER) It is a real time computerized annotation of pictures. It was developed by Jia Li and Z. .

´ Image annotation can be understood as providing a description of an image in clear and concise terms. Our motive is to make the computers able to annotate pictures. .ANNOTATION     The term µANNOTATION¶ literally means ³adding notes to a book or text giving explanations or comments. If done manually. image annotation is a simple job.

Need of Image Annotation      When we try to search an image on any of the major search engines like Yahoo. Therefore. Pixel content of the image is not analyzed by the search engine. these search engines can¶t search unannotated image collections. Thus there is a need of image annotation. these all follow a common procedure. Google or MSN. . They try to find the textual description on the web pages containing the image and the file names of the images.

.An Important Question   Q. such annotations tend to be highly subjective. This question is very obvious. Although photo-sharing communities can request that owners of digital images provide some descriptive words when depositing the images. Why would an image on a web page be unannotated? Ans.

flower.    The users on flickr. and fog. park. This type of annotation words may be a problem because the picture might show up when other users search for images of Parks.com annotated this picture with the tags dahlia. According to the photographer. gate. . golden.com.Example picture from the Website flickr. the picture was taken at the Golden Gate Park near San Francisco.

2) Hypothetical Local Mapping (HLM) method . 1) D2 Clustering Method D2 stands for discrete distribution. two new methods are used. D2clustering generalizes the k-means algorithm from the data form of vectors tosets of weighted vectors.Methos Used In ALIPR     Basically.

. or specify an image URL.Alipr. 2006. and acquire annotation in real time. It was subsequently reported on the news.400 people used the site.com Website allows users to upload their own pictures. as many as 2. In a given day.com Website   The alipr. The site was made public on November 1.

. to annotate general photographs with substantial accuracy. using a large collection of example images. To achieve this. we have developed novel statistical modeling and optimization methods useful for establishing probabilistic relationships between images and words. The ALIPR system has been evaluated rigorously using real-world pictures.Conclusion  This work has shown that the computer can learn.


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