Trilogia proposal for funding

Proposal for business development with TRILOGIA system and incubating system TERAKOYA for non G8 initiatives
In this presentation, we use two supplement files File A: COMUNDUS File B: CEDEFOP Tram

Edition by Consulting TRILOGIA Shingo Hamada Tel +81-80-3201-4219

What is TRILOGIA ? TRILOGIA is consulting cabinet on the Internet. Working with our proper members all over the World. Specializing Internet Communication with Web 2.0 Technology. Handling socio-economical issues derived from Science Technology From Science Communication, Technology Transfer to Policy Lobbying. International business fusing pot with Trans-disciplinary methods.

We are the best Net research consultant all over the world, exploring though Facebook, Google, other social networking, holding more than 200 groups and fan pages on Facebook, handling over 30,000 members everyday, Connecting the with our extensive sites 50s (Twitter, Ning, Myspace, Yahoo/MSN) over the world. We are proposing for funding actors, investors our explosive developing methodology to incubate the Net research consultant, specially 1) Nuclear/Alternetative Energy choice, 2) Genetically modified technology and it¶s application to alimentation, 3) Environment technology solution issued from Climate Change trends.

Our extensive products Basic Mechanism described in File A - Scenario 25 committee
With political lobbying approach - Team Hatoyama 2.0

A solution to ESOF 2010 Torino
1) ESOF 2010 Torino group on FB. 1) 2) ESOF 2010 fan page on FB. 2) 3) ESOF 2010 Voluntary agent on Twitter. 3) 4) ESOF 2010 Torino group on Ning. 4) 5) ESOF 2010 Voluntary agent on Myspace. 5)

ESOF 2010 Torino is a Bienale Festival in Europe

Our TERAKOYA products - Terakoya ubiquitas
0. Open University for Foreigner Residents in Japan 1. Gaijin life with language skill and invest 1.2 Institut Franco Japonais de Tokyo L'Institut franco-japonais du Kansai La Maison Franco-Japonaise Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris 1.3 Goethe-Institut Tokyo Japanisch Deutsches Zentrum Berlin DAS JAPANISCHE KULTURINSTITUT IN KÖLN 1.4 Instituto Italiano di Cultura Tokyo - Giappone Istituto giapponese di cultura in Roma 1.5 Instituto Cervantes Tokyo CASA ASIA Barcelona 1.6

Basic Mechanism described in File B

2. TERAKOYA with CEDEFOP 2.1 OU UK 2.2 CNED 2.3 FernUni Hagen 2.4 UniNettUno 2.5 UNED 2.6 ²

ESOF 2010 Torino is a Bienale Festival in Europe

Proposal 1
‡ Lobbying business concerned to world Energy industry for non G8 initiative. ‡ Key factor ± TRILOGIA holds business steak to Japanese atomic industry, still remaining a system lacking the steak in legislation and in politics. ‡ TRILOGIA makes intervention into international Energy business with this steak concerning the Japanese actors. ‡ Market scale is estimated several billion to hundred million in U.S. dollars for each plants. ‡ Therefore, demanding Investment to found the basic structure of TRILOGIA system with amount 20 million U.S. dollars during 5 years.

Proposal 2
‡ Lobbying Research & Education business using our TERAKOYA method to trans-disciplinary sustainable initiative issue from non G8 Countries. ‡ Key factor ± TERAKOYA holds fundamental steak to new learning, a western open learning CEDEFOP and Japanese OUJ. The fusion of OUJ-CEDEFOP provide enormous opportunity to take an initiative in 21st knowledge society. ‡ TERAKOYA makes intervention in international learning lobby & investigation business with this steak on Internet and world wide conference. ‡ Market scale is estimated several hundreds million U.S. dollars for each organization. ‡ Therefore, demanding Investment to found the basic structure of Trilogia system with amount 20 million U.S. dollars during 3 years.

And more «one example with our client. - Mr. Frederic Bereder (Architect consultant) - Bereder Architect and Construction
Vinci Group Taisei Group Tobishima DUMEZ INGEROP Group SEC

Bereder Co.Ltd
Commercial Trading

Founded 1998, Capital 10Million yen Effective 2
Metal Manufacture Construction

Interior trading

Material trading

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