Quarterly Security Meeting

000 employees. ‡ Headquartered in London.000 customers. and investment management services. ‡ 78. ‡ International: Europe US Africa Asia. ‡ Provides commercial banking. wealth management.BARCLAYS: COMPANY PROFILE ‡ Barclays PLC (Barclays) is a leading global financial services provider. ‡ Barclays has 800 international branches. investment banking. ‡ 48 million customers. ‡ UK retail banking side: 14 million accounts servicing 566. .

BARCLAYS: STRENGTHS ‡ Widespread presence. allowing it to spread ‡ Well-established historically ‡ Barclays is associated with innovation: First credit card in 1966 ‡ The opening of several new branches with a refurbishment programme .

making them less attractive to investors ‡ Reduction in the banks branches ‡ Weak Private Clients performance .BARCLAYS: WEAKNESSES ‡ Bank does not plan to pay dividend on its shares.

BARCLAYS: OPPORTUNITIES ‡ Strategy of offering a full portfolio of services worldwide ‡ Asia is an opportunity for Barclays expansion ‡ Barclays see self-provision as an increasing trend .

and this may detract investors ‡ Banking fraud losses have increased in recent years leaving Barclays vulnerable to losing money . and competitors have been able to position themselves as more consumer-friendly through a strategy of keeping branches open ‡ The Asia expansion is seen as risky given that Barclays are in a less strong position than banking industry leaders regarding capitalisation. customers may prefer a more specialised approach ‡ Barclays acquired a reputation for closing branches because of a high incidence of this in 2000.Sam and Yazan BARCLAYS: THREATS ‡ Wide range of services.

These are surname.Mobil web link which connects customers to pages designed to be viewed on mobile phones. Although it was not easy for people to have money stolen.PROBLEM BARCLAYS IS FACED WITH Barclays has tightened up the security of its mobile banking service after it was identified as being weak and a risk to data protection. Three of the answers are available on the card itself. The site allows users to view their financial transactions if they answer four basic security questions. people whose card details were seen by third parties could have their banking transactions exposed to prying eyes. 16-digit account number and three-digit security code. The problem affected the Barclays. The other question is the customer's date of birth. .

PROBLEM BARCLAYS IS FACED WITH ‡ Three of the answers are available on the card itself.7 million last year.5 million). Barclays has now changed the logging on process to include a secret password. Customers will now need to opt in to enable instant or basic access as an option on their account and will need to select a memorable word as an added layer of security. We are making some changes to the instant and basic access functionality for online/mobile banking as part of the ongoing development of the online banking service.2 million in online banking fraud losses compared with 2008 (£52. Banking fraud losses increased by 14 percent to £59. The other question is the customer's date of birth. 16-digit account number and three-digit security code. . ‡ This represents an increase of £7. These are surname.

PROBLEM BARCLAYS IS FACED WITH The Facts 14% Increase In Fraud 42.642.700.000 2010 2009 .857 59.

000.000 50.PROBLEM BARCLAYS IS FACED WITH The Facts 20.000.000 0.000 40.000 30.000.000 0 2007 2008 2009/ 0 2007 2008 2009/ 0 .000.

we can see a drastic increase rising to approximately 16% .PROBLEM BARCLAYS IS FACED WITH ‡ From 2007 through to 2009/10.

Rishi BARCLAYS¶ CURRENT STRATEGIES ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Online banking guarantee PINsentry Free internet security software Barclays system security Identity protection insurance: Identiguard Online advice for Barclays¶ customers .


Rishi STRATEGY 1: PINSENTRY Advantages ‡ Security ‡ Customer Loyalty .

Rishi STRATEGY 1: PINSENTRY Disadvantages ‡ Must have Bank Card and Card reader on you ‡ Inconvenient .

) .  cross ± channel surveillance  detection Prevention Serves more than 200 clients.Katie STRATEGY 2: ACTIMIZE Actimize ± leading provider of transactional risk management software for the financial services industry. (top 10 global banks.

Katie STRATEGY 2: ACTIMIZE Implement :  Verification system which uses an automated phone call to your online banking customers. .  Personal identification number to confirm and authorise.  It verifies the transaction they are making online to be genuine.

) Disadvantages  fraud criminals jamming phone lines  if phone unavailable.Katie STRATEGY 2: ACTIMIZE Advantages  add security/minimise risk  customer satisfaction. transfer. pay ment not confirmed/authorised . safety and protection (money is accounted and confirmed for.

we recommend that Barclays chooses to implement Actimize. Our reasons for this are: .Katie RECOMMENDATION: Actimize Based on the SWOT Analysis and research on these strategies.

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