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ƥ Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

ƥ Senior Manager of Human Resources
ƥ 3 Years with the CN Tower
ƥ 18 Years experience Human Resources
ƥ Tourism (non-union)
ƥ Restaurant Industry (union)
ƥ Manufacturing and Warehousing (union)
ƥ Retail Industry
ƥ IAAPA Human Resources Committee Member

ƥ Recruitment timeline, strategy considerations, process
ƥ The candidate experience ƛ Job fair
ƥ First interview
ƥ Second interview, auditions and candidate testing
ƥ Tips for successful a job fair
ƥ Post job fair process
ƥ Reference checking
ƥ Employee Orientation and training
ƥ Employee retention


ƥ December - Recruiting Strategy meetings

ƥ January - Advertising (college, universities, etc.)

ƥ February - Job Fair (2 interviews + audition)

ƥ March - Reference checks and job offers

ƥ April - Orientation training, Wonder of Service training

ƥ May - Department training, Begin work

=ocating potential candidates:
ƥ In-house job fair
ƥ Special Recruiting Events (YMCA)
ƥ Recruiting at educational institutions
(Campus recruiting / College job fairs)
ƥ CN Tower website
ƥ Word of Mouth (networking)
ƥ Print advertisements (provincial newspapers)
ƥ Job Boards: HRDC, CFRA, Cool jobs Canada, etc.
ƥ Employee referrals
ƥ Walk-ins
ƥ International student programs ƛ Swansea


ƥ Recruitment challenges
ƛ Seasonal vs. Permanent employees: Season A / B
ƛ Candidate flexibility (24/7)
ƛ Out of town applicants
ƛ Students attending school out of town
ƛ Union
ƥ Timing of recruiting initiatives
ƛ Competition for ƠTop Talentơ with other attractions
ƛ Spring break / Reading week
ƥ Importance of job descriptions
ƛ Helps applicants select suitable positions
ƛ Identifies the types of skills the required for the job
ƛ Identifies prerequisite training required


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ƥ Structured Interview ƛ an interview consisting of a
standardized set of job relevant questions and a
score card
ƥ Increase reliability and validity
ƥ Face to Face interview

Interview questions:
ƥ are derived from the job analysis
ƥ are standardized ƛ all candidates
are asked the same questions
ƥ focus on behaviours / attitudes
ƥ Identify basic core attributes
Interview questions identify levels of :
ƥ Motivation
ƥ Enthusiasm
ƥ Sincerity
ƥ Sensitivity
ƥ Previous Experience
ƥ Other skills
ƥ Additional languages

ƥ 20 minute - In depth standardized questionnaire
with panel audition and / or exam
ƥ Structured Interview questions focusing on:
ƛ Enthusiasm
ƛ Communication
ƛ Focus / Teamwork
ƛ Professional skills / experience (BOH)
ƛ Professional image
ƛ Composure (FOH+)
ƛ General Information
ƛ Position specifics and scheduling expectations
ƥ Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other attributes


ƥ Situational audition for panel interviewers

ƥ ƠFacts at a Glanceơ sheet researched
ƥ One of four situations presented
ƥ Candidates respond in role-play based situation
ƥ Score card evaluation focusing on:
ƛ Enthusiasm
ƛ Originality / creativity
ƛ Verbal skills ƛ tone, diction, choice of language
ƛ Body language
ƛ Overall impact

ƥ Written tests are specifically designed to evaluate
ƛ Protective service officers
ƛ Cooks / chefs
ƛ Servers
ƛ Bartenders

ƥ Practical tests evaluate skill

proficiency and ability
ƛ Cooks
ƛ Chefs

ƥ Ask applicant to provide references for 2nd interview
ƥ Check 3 references
ƥ Avoid personal references
ƥ Use standardized questionnaire
ƥ Give reference time to elaborate
ƥ Use trained staff for reference checking
ƥ Background checking for Security Officers


An unsuccessful job applicant is as detrimental to

an attraction as an unsatisfied guest, or more!




1. Organization, Organization, Organization
2. Communication, Communication, Communication
3. Clearly outlined and simplified positions
4. Morning briefings
5. Single coordinator
6. Colour coded documents
7. Standardized questionnaires with score card
8. Co-operation of all departments
9. Extensive debrief of successes and shortfalls

10. Uniform shirts ƛ easy identification of key people

11. College co-operative programs and interns (HR)
12. Manual tracking or digital (spreadsheet / database)
13. Minimize time delays by streamlining process ƛ circle
score donƞt write
14. Have applicant bring references to 2nd interview
15. Staple documents together (No paperclips)
16. Second interview information sheet
17. Blind audit entire process ƛ third party
18. Have fun!
IAPPA ƛ 2002 / 2003 Spirit of Excellence Awards
ƥ 1st Place ƛ Best Guest Services Program
ƥ 1st Place ƛ Best Safety Awareness Program
ƥ 1st Runner up ƛ Best Orientation Program
ƥ 2003 Finalist ƛ Best performer in costume character

Why are these awards important?

ƥ Employer of Choice
ƥ Attract Ơtop talentơ
ƥ International awareness
Importance to the attraction:
ƥ Establishes our place in the world and instills the awe
and wonder in new employees
ƥ 1st impressions of company culture and
communication are formed during the orientation
training sessions
ƥ Performance standards are presented / established
ƥ =ife safety training
Motivators and incentives:
ƥ Investment in training, 2+ days prior to first day
ƥ Competitive compensation packages, or better
ƥ Staff draws (baseball and attraction tickets, prizes)
ƥ Marketing discounts (sporting goods, concert tickets,
golf tournaments, scuba experiences)
ƥ Pre-season Marketing =aunch (Piece of the Raydome
and a CN Tower briefcase)
ƥ Department contests
ƥ Comprehensive benefits / compensation package
ƥ Extensive employee recognition / rewards programs
ƥ Nature of work
ƥ Opportunities for knowledge and skill development
ƥ Good interpersonal relations with co-workers
ƥ Opportunity for advancement & permanent work
ƥ Opportunity to be creative (Dr. Wonder)
ƥ Geographic location
ƛ Relative distance to colleges and universities
ƛ Proximity to public transportation systems (union station)

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