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Asia and Central America 2000 Dockers® is leading the category in Europe and becomes the number one Khaki pant specialist 2005 Repositioning of the brand to become a total look provider and the introduction of San Francisco logo 2008-9 Focus on marketing campaigns to reflect Khaki-lifestyle and contemporary silhouettes and slimmer fits 2010 Dockers® goes through a further rebranding. The Khaki trend continues to sweep the High Street. Innovations in color and easy-care-fabrics create a higher demand with consumers 1994 Dockers® hits $1 billion in sales and launches the brand in Europe. with forecasts looking healthy for 2011. reintroducing the Wing & Anchor first seen when the brand launched in 1986. .Dockers Brand History ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 1986 LS&CO launches Dockers® pants as an alternative to denim in the US with the Wing & Anchor logo 1987 Dockers® becomes the fastest growing clothing brand in history 1988 Launch of Womanswear collection in the USA 1992 Eight out of 10 American men wear Dockers® Pants.

" meaning dusty.Fashion Inspiration ‡ The word Khaki originates from the Urdu word khaki. meaning dust"." and from the Persian word khak . ‡ Make The Khaki An Irresistible Alternative For The Denims ‡ Return Of Formal Fridays ‡ Return Of Khaki ‡ Selected Styles For Assorted Look As Per The Preference The Looks ‡Dean ‡Junior ‡Phillipe .

Product Range Trousers Chinos Cargos 5 pockets Tops Shirts Polo Shirts T-shirts Sweaters Sweatshirts Jackets Belts Scarves Hats Gloves Socks Accessories .

‡ Works through the Liaison Office of LevisStrauss & Co. ‡ Works with the nominated suppliers of the Levis. ‡ Has the major retail market in US and EU. .

Pocketing. Size Sticker. Uvm ticket Zipper Hook and Eye Buttons Fusing Barb Plastic staple Thread Blind hem thread supplier Banswara Banswara QST Futech Avery Dennison YKK Sewing System EMSIG Apparel lining Multi sales HCA Amman coats .Suppliers In India Material Shell Pocketing Waistband lining. Banrol Label Hangtag.

with different colors. but more on the service render. They are the followings: Classical Fit. Dockers promotion doesn't consists on free gifts. On the other hand. Each of these fits is a different person and a different occasion at a low price. Relaxed Fit and the Dressed-up Fit. In this way of promotion. presents are given with the item purchased. fabric and texture. PROMOTION: The promotion done for Levi's jeans in the stores. is mainly done by point of sales materials. as well as Levi's Jeans. .PRODUCT: Dockers has three different designs of pants.

18000 ‡Shirts: Rs. 1200 Rs. who like to dress up semi-formally on a daily basis. the difference between a Levi's Jean and a Dockers Pant is around $5 to $20 maximum. 2500 and extends up to 5600. 5999 Rs. occasion. often use the Relaxed Fit.PRICING : ‡Casual people. it's not yet reachable in the whole world).$ 300 . in fact. fit. status background and product accessibility (an example is Dockers for Women. ‡The difference between these two actual product is influenced by a number of variables. like the age. 2300 ‡T-Shirts: $ 80 . And the Dressed-up Fit is more a business wear. ‡Jackets: Rs. The Classical Fit is more for casual people with a special occasion. ‡The price is not such a variable. image. ‡Normally Dockers Pants start from the range of Rs.

at least 25 have been closed and the remaining are selling their stock. ‡ Any leftover inventory will be sold through factory outlets of Levi Strauss (its parent company). ‡However Worldwide retail outlets are being increased from 1200(2009) to 1800 over the period of next two years. .Retail Outlets ‡Of the 30-odd Dockers stores in the local market.

³is the way to define population groups by their statistical characteristics: sex. Target market/audience. ethnicity. and other quantifiable factors. MARKET SEGEMENTATION: The best suited market segmentation for India is demographic segmentation. education.Marketing Strategy PRODUCT POSITIONING IS ATTAINED BY: Market segmentation. occupation. age. and Product utility. . income.

6 million Indians households that spend an average of $9.000 annually on luxury goods . ‡ PRODUCT UTILITY: Dockers went on to create the products than can be synonymous with Office going people as Party Wear & Party going people as Office Attire . blending Quality with Attitude. extending its presence to class A and B towns as well as smaller outlets. They mainly target upper and upper middle class. . There are about 1.‡ TARGET MARKET: IN 1999 Dockers went into a "distribution over-drive".

the Levi Strauss Foundation provided $100.000 to aid recovery efforts.000 grant to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in light of the sheer scale of the humanitarian crisis and company s long-standing business and sourcing presence in the country. ‡When the number of internally displaced people in Pakistan s northwestern districts rose to more than 1. Oxfam.000 in grant support to three organizations working on immediate relief. . which devastated the local community. the Levi Strauss Foundation and Levi Strauss & Co. the Levi Strauss Foundation provided a $50. Partners in Health and the Global Fund for Women. employees responded quickly to natural disasters with relief grant-making and fundraising efforts to help affected areas: ‡Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.CSR Over the last year. ‡Following heavy rains in Indonesia and the failure of the Situ Gintung dam.45 million due to fighting between government forces and Taliban insurgents. employees led a month-long fundraising campaign that ultimately raised approximately $3.

Satisfy the Need.Placements ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Equalize the demand and supply of products at all places. ‡ Exclusive distribution: Involves limiting distribution to a single outlet ‡ Selective Distribution: A number of retail outlets are chosen to distribute the product. Provide desired products at proper place. To increase the brand equity by reaching every corner of the world. Generate the Need. Channels of Distribution: ‡ Dockers distributes pants by the Channel Members that is through Wholesalers and Retailers of the Levis and that independent. .

? Mode of working : Lead Times: Details FOB price-8.80 ) 30-40(Levis pays for it).Dockers Working Terms Factors Payment Terms Sampling Volumes Qty per style Types of orders ERP Ad samples Packing Types How do goods get deliver to the customers. . by air in some critical conditions Direct contact 60 days & 90 days.26 $ @ (1 $=46. 700-2100 per region per color New & Repeat Stage & SCRM Yes(levis pays) Carton packing Shipment by sea.

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