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Marketing plan of Indiatel telecommunication (Indiatel Sim card

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.Executive summary Indiatel is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries. Indiatel produces mobile devices for every major market segment and protocol. it is easier for the company to attract new as well as existing customers. and W-CDMA . as. Indiatel sims. with 10000 employees in country. Indiatel's subsidiary Indiatel Siemens Networks produces telecommunications network equipment. can act as a new positioning by Indiatel. including GSM.e. it has a huge market share in mobile phones. media. CDMA. and now it can diversify into Indiatel networks i. messaging and games. solutions and services. So. Indiatel has good faith in the minds of the customers. Indiatel offers Internet services that enable people to experience music.

Reliance etc. so it is easier to convience our customers . so there will be huge competition in the market. of telecommunication networks like Airtel. Vodafone. on the other side as we are famous in Indiatel mobile phones and we have good image in the minds of the customers.Challenges:As. already there are no. TATA. As our services are new in this sector we will face some challenges to stand in this huge competition. Idea.

The major leader in today¶s context is AIRTEL leading by VODAFONE by BSNL and IDEA ‡ The country was divided into 23 circles when the mobile phones were introduced in the country.Current market Situation ‡ The current market situation in this sector is full of competition. Different players are providing different kinds of plans and services to attract more and more customers. Every day each player is providing new plan to attract others companies customer. Separate licenses were given out for each of the circles in 1994. A. The circles were classified as Metros. B or C depending upon the revenue potential for the circle with Metros .

teenagers. i. business people etc. we will be providing different plans for different customers according to their usage and needs. by providing them all kinds of services according to their need or wants. Today customers wants goods and services according to their need so we will be having separate plans for students. For example. service people.e. adults.Customer analysis:We will be targeting all segments of the people. we will be providing customized products .

519 million a month earlier.923 million subscribers. Aircel. Idea.Competitor analysis:Airtel is leading the market with 93. Airtel. So. Bsnl .684 million GSM subscribers. Reliance Telecom GSM subscriber base reached 11.745 million in February 2010. capturing a market share of 32. BSNL bags third position with 46. Reliance are major competitors which can hinders in the growth of Indiatel. The new entrant Aircel. Followed by this is Idea.57%.145 million from 10. ended March with 18. holds 6.478 million subscribers.023 million in comparison to 41. Vodafone. .41% of market share. with a subscriber base of 43.

design and engineering team ‡ Indiatel has global relationships with all major phone companies worldwide ‡ Indiatel's strong management team has come through many crises unscathed .Swot analysis:Strengths:- ‡ Huge market share in mobile sector ‡ Indiatel has world-class research.

especially in developing countries such as China and India --The cell phone market reach 3 billion units per year by end of the year 2010. --There is growing world market for cell phones and network.Weaknesses: Indiatel will likely be late in developing thirdgeneration (internet-enabled) phones Opportunities: --The world biggest phone companies are willing to tie-up with Indiatel's snazzy phones. .

There is a progressive and continuous increase in consumer involvement with technology and communications globally. ‡ Indiatel¶s strategy is to build trusted consumer relationships by offering compelling and valued consumer solutions that combine beautiful devices with enriched services. . independent of time and place. in a way that is very personal to them.Our vision ‡ Indiatel is a consumer led company. And. social networks are becoming central to how people communicate. Indiatel¶s promise is to connect people in new and better ways. People are broadening their modes of communication to include the web and. ‡ People want to be truly connected.

. free hello tune For business people.(post paid) Students scheme(pre paid) ± 50 rs sim. sms 20 paisa In case of post paid sims.related to different plans. local & std call-60 paisa. 1 yr validity. sms 10 paisa. std-60 paisa.Product Description:Product.100 rs sim. 1yr validity.pre-paid and post paid Sim Category. customized services will be given and according to customers demand different plans will be made and charged. local call 40 paisa.

Marketing strategy Geographic World region ± Asia Country ± India Cities ± Reach out maximum places Demographic Age ± All age group Gender ± Male. Female Income ± All income groups Occupation ± Every sector Religion ± Irrespective of religion Psychographic Social class ± All class of people Lifestyles ± Urban. and even far villages Behavioural Benefits ± Quality Loyalty status ± Strong . rural.

different vendors. Place:Product will be available in Indiatel centres. suppliers can be used. Canopies can also be made outside school.Marketing mix Product:Product involves mobile Sims. offices. Price:Price will be kept. colleges. . and main stress will be laid on rural market. retailers. Mainly while pricing. different segments and different plans they are taking will be kept in mind. keeping in mind competitor¶s price. Besides this.

It influences the target consumer¶s perceptions to facilitate exchange between the marketer and the consumer. Some of the promotional strategies used by Indiatel are:‡ Advertising on TV.e.distributer margin ‡ Free sims.Promotion:‡ Promotion is a key element of marketing program and is concerned with effectively and efficiently communicating the decisions of marketing strategy. who purchases any Indiatel mobile phone . Radio ‡ Direct selling ‡ Personal selling ‡ Different offers ‡ Motivating the channel i.

its new strategy of diversification in Indiatel Mobile Network will be at great success. It will be easier for Indiatel to attract its existing customers. also customers are loyal to Indiatel and Indiatel has positioned itself properly in the minds of all the customers.Conclusion As Indiatel is the leading manufacturer of mobile phones whole over the world. .

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