An Overview of GoldenGate Replication

Muhammad Qasim ORACLE



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GoldenGate Introduction 

The GoldenGate replication utility provides flexible and powerful framework, for automatic propagation of data changes This presentation will provide an overview of GoldenGate replication; and it will display some examples of actually using GoldenGate. In order to provide examples of using GoldenGate, a DEMO environment, which uses GoldenGate, has been set up.  


Overview of GoldenGate Replication
GoldenGate replication consists of three basic utilities: ³extract´,´replicat´ and ³data pump´. In addition all three of these utilities access ³trail files´, which are flat files that contain formatted GoldenGate data. An extract group mines a database¶s redo logs; and writes information about the changes it find into trail files. Extract is functionally similar to the Streams ³capture´ process. A replicat group reads information from trail files; and then writes those changes into database tables. Replicat is functionally similar to the Streams ³apply´ process. A data pump group copies information between trail files. Data is functionally similar to Streams ³propagate´ process.


Overview of the DEMO
We have two 11g databases deployed in different environments.

Source: Target:

Windows XP 32bit 11g release 2 Linux x86 32bit 11g release 2

We will demonstrate two scenarios where data will be replicated from source to target.


Demonstration Scenarios
Scenario 1: One-to-One Configuration using Direct Load Method 

In this configuration, one Extract group sends captured data over TCP/IP to a trail on the target system, where it is stored until processed by one Replicat group. Scenario 2: One-to-One Configuration using File to Replicate 

This method uses an Extract process to extract source data into flat files or trails on the target system. The initial load Replicat task then moves the data from the intermediate file to the target database. 



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