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Our History
‡ Record Office created by Chief Commissioner Sindh: ‡ Records shifted from Hyderabad to Karachi: ‡ New Accommodation was constructed: ‡ Record Room was further Extended: ‡ No additions were made for record Room: ‡ Sindh archives was established: ‡ Shifting of record to Sindh Archives from the abandoned building of former Record Office: ‡ Computerization Started: 1853 1895 1902 1923 1936 to 1947 1976 1992


‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Collection and preservation of archival records. Preparation and publication of Finding Aids . Reprography of records in other mediums. Running the website of Sindh Archives. Maintenance of research library for scholar & students. Publication of source material on history & culture.

A. Archival Records( Original)
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Records of Chief Commissioner, Sindh

It is the main collection of Sindh Archives comprising 35000 files app. Specifically files of this collection starts from 1820 to 1935. These records are divided into (a) Records of pre-mutiny period (1820 to 1857), and (b) Records from 1857 to 1935.

between the concerned agencies and material on following topics:  Political Matters.  Establishment.Canals  Fisheries and Harbors  Municipal Matters.  Custom Duties.a) Records related to pre-mutiny period (1831 to 1857) These records contain correspondence. memoranda.  Administration Reports  Census.  Irrigation . . exchange of notes.  Jagirs.  Military Matters. circulars. etc. directives. treaties.

.  Measures taken to prevent smuggling of opium from Sindh. reinforcement. military strategy and battles in Sindh.The following Memoirs/Reports form part of the record  Khairpur State  Tribes  Modes of Irrigation employed in Sindh  Sehwan and Kohistan.  Hints towards understanding the character and present condition of people.  Deployment.

b) Records from 1857 to 1935 are divided in following Departments ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ General Department. Revenue Department Judicial Department Political Department Financial Department .

.General Department: The General Department contains the record following matters: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Archaeology Immigration Pilgrims Schools Local Boards Constitution Railways. Indus Boat returns. Municipalities Indus Steamers: Arrival and Departure Reports.



(vi) Settlement Reports. Jagirs. and (viii) topographical Survey of Sindh etc. (iv)Canals and Bands.  It also contains Revenue Reports for each financial year.Revenue Department :  The Revenue Department contains exhaustive record of the grants. (ii) Statistical. Returns. (v) Trade and frontier Duties.  The revenue records also contain important record on (I ) Right to Property. (iii) charitable and other grants. . (vii) Public Works.




Instructions and diaries.Judicial Department: The Judicial Department comprises 1681 files. Orders. These files contains useful material on administration. . Rules.



Political Department: The files of Political Department contains following useful records :  Administration reports.  Tours.  Khairpur Affairs.  Kutch Affairs.  Political frontiers. .Ameers in Sindh.  Political Petitions.  Ex.  Extradition and other special files.




.Financial Department : The Financial Department comprises of 160 files which contains Bills and Accounts. Budgets and general files of the department.




Civil Lists. g.) b.) d.ii. 1897 to 1903 & 911 to 1915) c.) f. Government Publications: a.) e. Gazette of India (1863 to 1878. Bombay Government Gazette (1838 to 1849. Calcutta Gazette (1844 to 1863. Punjab Government Gazette (1901 to 1916. 1880 to 1886.1861 to 1869 & 1881 to 1913. Sindh Official Gazette (1869 to 1889 & 1905 to 1913. Sindh Assembly debates. Resolutions of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (176 volumes) . h.

.000 Files.iii. Court records: ƒ High Court of Sindh Records (19th Century) 17. ƒ Session Court Shikarpur (19th Century) 100.530 Files/cases.

v. Other records: a. (1340 books) Sind old Record from Punjab (152 Files) . b. Record of Registrar office (1866-1949) Shikarpur Library. c.

Letters of G.M. M. 72 volumes of Shamsul Hasan collection (correspondence of AML) . Scans of documents on Freedom Movement (357 volumes). Archival Records ( Copies) ‡ 230 volumes of correspondence between Mr. Syed.B. Jinnah and other leaders of Pakistan Movement from records of All India Muslim League (AML). A. Abdul Rab Nishtar Collection. Rare pictures of Quaid e Azam. Reports of Governor Sindh (1937-1947). ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

8. Shafi Aqueel Others Books 7000 450 6421 856 6000 3400 3451 2177 6000 434 2613 18 238 . N. Mumtaz Mirza Dr. 13. Collection holder Name 1. Saeed Siddiqui Shaikh Ibrahim Khalil Syed Zafar Hussain Shah Prof. Jhamun Das Bhatia British India Library Prof.G. 11. 7. 14.B. A.Personal Collections: S. N.Kazi Pir Ali Mohammad Rashdi Mr. 3. 9. 12. 6. Sharif-al-Mujahid Mr. 4.No. 5. Baloch Dr. 2. Syed Shamsul Hasan Mr.

Rawalpindi Language Sindhi Sindhi Urdu Sindhi English English English English English Sindhi English 1979 1980 Year from 1994 1994 1980 1994 1952 1958 1958 1993 1958 Year to 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 1664 1964 2009 1975 .Newspaper Collection: Newspapers Kawish Hilal e Pakistan Jang Ibrat Dawn Pakistan Time Pakistan Observer Daily News Morning News Karachi Alwaheed News Comrade Muslim .

Microfilms: Books Newspapers . Syed ibrary apers Sindhi Adabi Board Journal of Royal Asiatic Society Revenue Department Finance Department District Registrar Karachi Microfilms of City Court 05 Rolls 39 Rolls 6 Rolls 5 Rolls 31 Rolls 28 Rolls 13 Rolls 194 Rolls 194 Rolls .M.

1943. 1924-2 . 1941.1953-55. 1902. 1993) Journal of the royal Institute of chemistry( 19 0.188 .4 ) . 1920-23. 1914.1917.Journals:         Journal of Asiatic society of Pakistan ( 195 .1945-4 .1959. 1937 ) Journal of the Royal united service Institution (1957) Journal of Asiatic society of Great Britain and Ireland (185 . 1985-8 1989. 1908-09.7 ) Journal of the Bihar and Orissa research society( 1922. 1932-35.0. 1949-51. 1928-29.1935-39.

18 . 1938 )     The Geographical Journal( 1937-41) The Geographical Society of London( 191953) Bulletin of Deccan College Research Institute (1938-42) Journal of the Gujarat Research Society (1940) .8.1840-41.Journals:     Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society (1942. 191 -17. 1928-30. 1853.188 .1958) Journal of the Royal Asiatic society of Bengal (1873 1837. 1888- 89. 1909.1871. 1988) Journal of the Royal statistical society ( 1952.1920. 1914.1944. 187 1884. 1845-4 . 1873.

Islam & Other Religions. Language & Literature. and History & Geography  2309 books in Sindhi on the above stated subjects and also on Shah Lateef Bhitai and Fine Arts      4 books on Pakistan 91 books on India Rare pictures of Quaid e Azam.C. Philosophy. 2 volumes of Who is Who ²Jacobabad & Larkana 2895 Asian development bank reports . Reference Library:  1010 books in Urdu on General Works. Social sciences.

A. Some unique manuscripts are as under: ‡ Diwan e Walid bin Yazid bin Abdul Malik bin Marwan written during 2nd cent. Muntahi al Ghaayat by Allama Bahishti (988 A. .H.Manuscripts:  About 1200 oriental manuscripts have been acquired at this repository which is written in Arabic. Risala e Sulook by Zain uddin Khwwafi (821 A. (Rare).H and calligraphed in th century A.H. (Rare).) Insha e Atarad by Shoqiram calliphed by his daughter. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Daqaiq ul Haqaiq by Ahmed Rumi. Ibn e Insha etc. Persian. Sindhi and Urdu languages.)  Articles and poems in Urdu language in handwriting of writers and poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz.H.




Collection of Picture Archive: 1. . Sound Archive to be established in near future. 4. 2. Rare Pictures of Old Karachi.  Rare Pictures of Quaid-E-Azam. Rare Pictures of other occasions and personalities. Pictures of Development.Picture Archive:   A ´New Categoryµ has been added as PICTURE ARCHIVE. 3.

New Acquisitions:     Records of Sindh from Punjab Archives Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah Collection. Prof. Shafi Aqueel Collection. . Sharif Al Mujahid Collection.

Completion of series by acquiring missing documents. .    Acquisition in Progress: Collection of Rare Newspapers. Collection of copies of records from different

  Karachi buildings ( under preparation) Index of Press clippings. .     Finding Aids ( Archival ): Hand list of Rare Maps Catalogue of oriental Classified press index of archival record files (1857-1858) Alphabetical Catalogue of the Contents of PRE-MUTINY RECORDS of the Commissioner in Sindh -1857.

B.M.B.G.2 Mumtaz Mirza kay kutub khanay ka Darja Band Catalogue .G. N. Qazi Library vol.  Finding Aids ( Library): A Classified catalogue of English language resources on India held at Sindh Archives.  Pakistan : English reference and information sources at the General library of Sindh Archives     Union list of books on Karachi Classified Catalogue of Dr.1 Classified Catalogue of Dr. Reference and geographical information sources in English held at Sindh Archives. Qazi Library vol.  Classified catalogue of General. Bibliographical.

  Finding Aids ( Library): Index of Articles in Journals of Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal Index of Articles in Sindh Quarterly Journals .vi.

IMPROVEMENT & STRENGTHENING OF SINDH ARCHIVES Total Cost: Period : Status: Main Objectives: Rs.70. Survey of record rooms. Ongoing (Under Revision) Computerization of Old records.5 million 3 years. 39. 47 . 2002 Building has completed and electrification is in progress.ADP Schemes (Under execution) ³EXTENSION OF SINDH ARCHIVES´ Total Cost: Execution by: Started by Culture and Tourism Deptt : Status: Rs.9 million Works and Services Deptt. Cataloguing.

evelopment of website wit live search of holdings . F E±ARCHI ES( illion NLINE) Two ears.ADP Schemes (Under execution) ESTABLISHMENT Tot l ost: Period: ain jecti es: s.

Microfilming publication of source material on history & culture of Sindh. Research on history and culture of Sindh. Cataloguing & classification of general library. . Procurement / acquisition of Archival material. Preparation of Finding Aids.IMPROVEMENT AND STRENGTHENING OF SINDH ARCHIVESµ Objectives: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Digitization of records.

.IMPROVEMENT AND STRENGTHENING OF SINDH ARCHIVESµ  Digitization of Records After thorough analysis IT team has developed 13 application softwares for ingestion & retrieval.

 Metadata for 962 manuscripts has been entered into database. .IMPROVEMENT AND STRENGTHENING OF SINDH ARCHIVESµ Data Entry:  All 20000 Catalogues of archival record have been entered into database and task completed using the latest developed application.  Details of 740 Maps have been entered into database.  Metadata for more than 31000 Archival files has been entered into database.  Metadata for 8413 books has been entered into database.

IMPROVEMENT AND STRENGTHENING OF SINDH ARCHIVESµ Scanning & Editing :  Around 750. .000 pages of Archival records including 1200 oriental manuscripts have been digitized.

NO.Publication of source material on the history & culture Books Completed : S. 01 SUBJECT Khalhora eriod rchitect re AUTHOR / TRANSLATOR a i li hah hari 02 t dy of Isla ic Epigraphy in a istan Dr. hmed Nabi Khan 03 Ma li Nama of Mr. N G Qazi 04 ntiq ities of Kutch & Kathiawar Mr. Dr. tta Mohd hanbro 05 The study of Indus cripts -do- . li her Qani Dr.

-To help out researchers/scholars in searching records/books of their need.ADP Scheme ´Establishment of E-Archives (Online)µ Objectives: -To develop and host the website of Sindh Archives. . -To present details of holdings of Sindh Archives on line. -To promote history and culture of Sindh. -To present details of holdings of other archives and libraries. -To start online newsletter.

pk Salient features ‡ Online search facility in holdings of Sindh Archives. ‡ Details of Important Scheme ´Establishment of E-Archives (Online)µ Website for Sindh Archives has been developed and uploaded having URL : www. ‡ Details about other similar institutions & libraries.sindharchives. .

National Archives of India etc. . ‡ Training initiatives in Archival Management. ‡ Organization of Exhibitions. ‡ Expansions of Preservation Labs and repositories.e. ‡ Collection of copies of records about Sindh from other Archives i. British Library.Future Programs ‡ Establishment of Oral Archives ‡ Survey and enlistment of District Record Rooms.

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