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Operations 

Portfolio of IOCL 

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 A fortune global 500 company

 Own and operates 10 out of INDIA’s
19 refineries with a refining
capacity of 60.2 million metric

 Operates the largest and the widest
network of fuel stations in the


Majorly in downstream operations .

Management structure of IOCL Chairman and director ( planning and business development) Director: finance Human resource Marketing Refineries Research and development Pipelines Executive directors: Refineries division headquarters Executive directors: Refineries division Executive directors: Pipeline division Executive directors: Marketing division headquarters Executive directors: R& D centre Executive directors: IBP division .

Competitors of IOCL B P C L H P C L R e lia n ce E ssa r o il R o ya lD u tch .


) Vertically integrated company as it has also entered in the array of E& P Superior technology: VSAT SAP R 3 SAN Other technologies developed through its established R&D centre Distribution network . LIOC (Lanka IOC Plc ) IOME (Indian Oil Middle .East Ltd .Competitive advantage Global presence: IOML(Indian Oil Mauritius Ltd .

Products of IOCL Auto Gas Indian Oil Aviation Service Bitumen High Speed Diesel Bulk/Industrial Fuels SERVO lubricants & greases Marine Fuels & Lubricants MS/Gasoline Petrochemicals Superior Kerosene Oil Crude oil Design and testing of the products is governed by IS (Indian standards) .

Technology used: CAD/CAM AGV VSAT SAP R3 SAN MS Project Primavera .

 IOCL moved beyond national territories The headquarters of various divisions of IOCl are: corporate office: New Delhi refinery headquarters: New Delhi pipelines headquarters: Noida marketing headquarters: Mumbai R& D headquarters: Faridabad .



revamping and de-bottlenecking . IOCL offer services in project management in respect of capacity augmentation. The services provided in the area of Project Management are For cross-country new pipeline projects they offer services from Concept to Commissioning: Project management consultancy to ensure timely completion of pipeline projects within approved cost with international quality standards Instrumentation. dedicated telecommunication system including optical fibre communication and Supervisory Control And data Acquisition system Natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas pipelines For existing pipelines.

    . Firm's supply chain management  Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has implemented Honeywell’s Supply Chain Management solution to integrate and optimize the supply chain of five separate refineries.   The Supply Chain Management solution provided by Honeywell  consisted of the following modules:    ü Demand planning ü Integrated planning ü Distribution planning ü Refinery production planning   Indian Oil has committed to a five-year contract with Honeywell to provide for ongoing support and enhancements as well as a continuous upgrade of skills and induction of new people and training as needed.

Critical Forecasts for IOCL success  Forecast for oil production.  Forecast sales of finished products . consumption and trade.  Long term forecast for crude oil supplies .  Accurate forecasting of demand and aggregate demand numbers.

35 . 2.000 tonnes per annum (TPA) ü Paraxylene/Purified Terephthalic Acid (PX/PTA).35 Haldia 6.57.65 9.000 TPA of Ethylene  Refineries  Refinery  Capacity Refinery Capacity (MMTPA) CPCL – Chennai (MMTPA) Digboi 0.2 47. Gujarat Refinery: 1. Panipat: 5.0 Subtotal Group Total 60.0 Subtotal 12.000 TPA ü Naphtha Cracker Plant. Capacity of IOCL plants  Mega Plants: ü Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) plant. Panipat: 8.0 Barauni 6.00.0 Mathura 8.0 Koyali 13.7 Bongaigaon 2.85 Panipat 12.5 Guwahati 1.0 Narimanam 1.

.Recent Plant expansions  Expansion of panipat refinery to 12.0 MMTPA  Captive Power plant expansion for Baruni refinery.

Firm practice of ABC analysis  IOCL practices Materials requirement and planning based on consumption for planning procurements. inventory management by quantity. value and ABC analysis.  They categorize the numbers on the basis of their number and investment in the ABC category .  It helps in easy finding and accounting of these materials in case of large inventory .  .

 Standard.  MIS is web enabled and the data generated at the central site from all location of IOCL will be backbone for customized portal. accurate and real time data to support decision making.   .Information System in IOCL  Carried out project “manthan” to integrate the company using IT-enabled system .

2. Due for finish 3. Effect of delay 4.Scheduling  A d o p ts so ftw a re like M S Pro je ct. Non-critical activities  Catch up plans  . Prim a ve ra  S ta tu s re p o rts  E xce p tio n re p o rts  C rite ria To start 1.

Quality Management  Practitioner of TQM  Quality Circle Forum of India  Six Sigma  5s and Kaizen  Cost of quality  QC awareness  Pareto analysis  Euro III and Euro IV .

SPC  Acceptance sampling  Outsourcing – SONATA services  Variation in different stages  Sets limits for variation  Specific Standards I. ISO 9001 II.ISO 14001 III.ISO 18000  Warranty .

field services. maintenance and operational support .Service Quality  Integration – SCADA and ERP  Expert group of engineers  Implementation.

Time and Motion studies  Few operations  Within barge for: 1.Mooring 3.Buoyancy  Norms of Gazette of India .Towing 2.

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