Work 2.

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Work 2.0 – It’s Easier DONE, than SAIDSM
Collabor’s “Integrated Online Community & Collaboration Platform”
Version: April 2008

Easier Done, than SaidSM

Work 2.0

Integrated Online Community Platform

Blogs, Videocasts, Audiocasts


Forums, Wikis, Chat, Webinars


UGC, Reviews, Ratings, Q&A, invited content


Tagging, Bookmarking

Complete Solution • A complete and integrated solution • Modular solution – Core base with add-on modules

Intuitive & Fun • Rich GUI and Ux • Social networking concepts create interaction beyond phone & email

Multiple Business Models • License • SaaS • OEM • Open Source

Integration • Integrate with existing Enterprise Apps • e.g: SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Documentum, Vignette • Legacy Apps Easier Done, than SaidSM

Module details

Inform Module

Blog Wiki Forums Search User Profiles Custom Homepages User Privileges Tagging/Bookmarking RSS/Email Feeds SMS Alerts Adoption/Usage Reports Content Mgmt & Moderation

Media Module

Audiocast Videocast Photos Workgroups Docs Spreadsheets Presentations PDFs Intelligent Messaging Q&A Activity Tracking User Rewards Polls & Contests Surveys

Personalizati on Module Access Module Admin Module

Documents Module Interact Module Loyalty Module Polls Module

Easier Done, than SaidSM

Designed for the Enterprise
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Help design Code of Conduct Control & channel employee creativity User access control Post & comment moderation Activity & Usage tracking

Customize look-and-feel User can customize their homepage & their favourites Modular Construct - Easy to add-on and update modules and functionalities

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Easily add users from within or outside the enterprise Create multiple workgroups under the same URL Browser based access (no client needed) Designed for distributed, multi-locational, multi-business organizations

Industry leading SOAP/REST based API Integrate easily within the existing enterprise technology stack Expose applications through the My Applications module Pre-integrated with Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Easier Done, than SaidSM

Enterprise Stack View
Clients Work 2.0 Apps
App Servers




Access to Applications

Easier Done, than SaidSM

Sample usage : Module View
Use Blogs to highlight customer-specific thought leadership content, Use Wikis across customers to define commonly used terms, Use INFORM Forums as threaded discussions to provide customer service & help functions Customize look to suit the company. Each user can customize their PERSONAL -IZATION own homepage look and feel as well as choosing their favourite groups Use Video, Audio & Podcasts to share technical, thought leadership and MEDIA executive management content. Use documents to share DOCUMENTS presentations, pdf, docs & excel files Use this module for company wide OR group wide IM. Q&A allows for INTERACT specific questions to have quick answers from other users, without posting a forum thread This module tracks user activity like posts, comments, forwards, etc LOYALTY and awards points to users for desired behaviour (customizable). This module allows admin to post Polls and Survey among the user POLLS base. This is very useful with Customer communities to test new product/services All content is tagged and bookmarked across all modules. When user is ACCESS in one module, relevant content in other modules is shown in a right column Allows administrator to manage common content (events, polls, links), user accounts and privileges, moderation of posts and comments and ADMIN creation of sub groups




Easier Done, than SaidSM

Sample usage : Functional View




Use the Inform, Media and Documents modules to communicate EXECUTIVES corporate vision, direction and regular updates. List Company Events worldwide HR can communicate new happenings across company, as well as create specific sub-groups around Benefits, New Hires, Employee HR Events, etc Collaborate on projects by integrating current platforms via My DEVELOPApplications. Wikis allow creation of common content across the MENT organization or individual projects FINANCE Share best practices within Finance divisions in different countries. Run Corporate Finance applications via My Applications Share all sorts of information across Sales Teams – CRM, SFA, Spreadsheets, Docs, proposals, presentations and collateral. Sales can SALES create individual Customer groups and bring them into collaborative discussions Collaborate within marketing as well as with advertising companies to MARKETING create marketing ideas, collateral, events, etc Collaborative work by distributed R&D groups is now a reality. Create R&D Knowledge repositories in Wikis & use Blogs, Forums, Audio & videos to share research Manage own offshore centres as well as offshore partners. Create OFFSHORE workgroups for each partner or each project and manage to success

Easier Done, than SaidSM

Sample Workgroups/UseCases

New Hires Sales & Marketing R&D Employee Benefits IT Support Executives Innovation Manage Clients Collaborative Software Development Application Sharing
Easier Done, than SaidSM

In Summary
Value Proposition
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Work 2.0 is an “Integrated Online Community” platform Work 2.0 refines social networking concepts for the enterprise − Helps guide a unified and focused vision of enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing − Designed to work within an enterprise stack - not a niche or standalone solution. Work 2.0 ties all features together in an enterprise class, secure and strategic product − Licenses and SaaS models − Work 2.0 allows complete control on access, content, data and behavior − Highly flexible platform - integrates with existing applications like SharePoint, Content Management, CRM, ERP, HRM, legacy systems
Easier Done, than SaidSM


Easier Done, than SaidSM