Grand Palm Hotel Gaborone, Botswana 17 October 2010


GZF Botswana

The Global Zimbabwe Forum. was launched on 9th December 2007 to co-ordinate the Zimbabwean Diaspora community common vision and strategy in the struggle for a new free democratic dispensation in Zimbabwe. . (GZF).

The vision of the GZF is of a democratic Zimbabwean society where all citizens are able to participate in all decision-making processes that have an impact on their lives be it at home or abroad. .

.The mission of the GZF is to promote the broad interests of the Zimbabwean Diaspora community by uniting and strengthening it to enable it to influence development policy and advocate for a new prosperous and democratic Zimbabwe.

and have ensured that all government programmes and policies effectively serve the needs and interests of all the nation·s citizens.Š Š The establishment of a strong and vibrant Zimbabwean Diaspora community forum that is well suited to serving the interests of all the citizens of Zimbabwe especially those that are now living outside the country. . To influence development policies in Zimbabwe.

Bob Muchabayiwa (Treasurer). Bokang Gwebu (Vice-Chair) Daniel Molokele (GZF Global) Back: Lenox Mhlanga (Coordinator). Simbarashe Chirimubwe (GZF Africa). Freeman Chari (Information/Comms). Farai Madzimbamuto (Committee Member). Panganayi Chakanyuka (Chairman).Front: Jennifer Nzonzo (Committee Member). Dr. Newman Ndlela (Committee Member) . Jerrry Bungu (Spokesperson/Media).

.Š Š Š The Interim Committee was set up on Saturday 21st August 2010 at the Gaborone Sun hotel on the sidelines of a national consultation workshop for Zimbabweans living in Botswana organised by the International Organisation for Migration To be the main representative of organisations and facilitator of any events/issues related to Zimbabweans resident in Botswana The Interim Committee is in the process of having the organisation registered before it can legitimately implement its mandate.

Š Š Š Š Š Š Voting Rights for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora & Dual and Multi Citizenship Employment in host countries National Migration and Diaspora Policy SADC Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons Consular Issues Information Dissermination .

Š Š Š Š Š Š Investment Opportunities for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora Research driven Interventions Preparedness to receive Zimbabweans in the Diaspora Reintegration mechanisms Guarantees of Safety for Returnees of all classes Reintegration of GoZ into the community of nations .

Corruption and Discrimination affecting Diaspora Based Zimbabweans Transferability of social security benefits and related issues .Š Š Š Š Š Property and Taxation Issues Registration issues with Professional Councils in Zimbabwe Bilateral agreements on recognition of unskilled labour.

Š Š Š Š Research permits for University Lecturers Challenges faced by the Inclusive Government The Mechanics of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) at functional level Political Persecution and the National Healing Programme GZF Botswana .

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