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Human Trafficking


0%  High School Graduate.Surveymonkey.4%  Some Results Ages  Under 18.96%  25-35.older.2%  45-55.0%  35-45.0%  55.84%  College Graduate.2% Gender  Male 28%  Female 72% Highest Level of Education  Some High School.12% .0%  18 to 25.

1%  I don¶t know.36.6%  They are equal or a similar problem.1%  Teens (16-19).4% Is there Human Trafficking in Nebraska?  Yes.9%  Young Adults (20-25).4.1% cont¶d What is more important?  Prostitution.30.1%  Human 58.9.6%  Adolescences (11-15).9% Who does Human Trafficking affect the most?  Children (0-10).50%  No 4.5.3%  Adults (25+).36.

87.43.7%  Someone else tells me how important it is.5%  I know somebody who is affected by it.8%  If affects women.70.3%  I have my own research and passion for the issue.5% .1%  I actually see the issue in my cont¶d I am most likely to respond to an issue when (choose all that apply):  Shocking/scary images about the issue present themselves56.75%  It affects children.8%  I read about it in the newspaper or hear it on the News38.

Short responses What is Human Trafficking?  Slavery. coercion of sex. . people in third world countries. illegally taking children and women and forcing them to do terrible things. women. What is prostitution?  Selling yourself for sexual favors. (see actual survey for personal responses) Who are the victims of Human Trafficking?  Children.

0%  18-24.20% Education  High School Graduate.Focus Group Ages  Under 18.70%  25-40-10%  40+.50%  College Graduate-40% .10%  College Undergraduate.

0%  What station: 106.3.Focus Group. 106.9. cont¶d. CNN. WOWT. Lincoln Journal Star Do you listen to the Radio?  Yes-100%  No. NPR.1 Do you watch the Local News?  Yes. 104. KETV . 8. Media Consumption Habits Do you read a Newspaper? If yes.1. 94. NBC.70%  No-30%  What station: 7. which one?  Yes-40%  No-60%  Newspaper: Omaha World Herald.

 Everyone has vices.  People deserve the freedom to choose what they do with their bodies. Interesting Responses  People will go anywhere to fulfill their ³needs.  Slave-Free Nebraska  Just because we are a conservative state doesn¶t mean we should ignore sexual issues. cont¶d.  People need to be educated about this.  There should be a website about this.´  Selling of the boyfriend/girlfriend experience.  It is the exploitation of children and adults. mellow part of the country. not home to slavery.  The Midwest is thought to be a happy.  People turn their heads to prostitutes.Focus Group.  People are being used as currency.  The stories aren¶t getting reported so people don¶t hear about it. .  Shady I-80  It is modern-day slavery.

Focus Group Cont¶d. When asked to give a one word response to Human Trafficking:  Sad  No regard  Inhumane  Disgusting  Modern-day slavery  Breaks your heart  Horrifying .