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Son of a small timeFarmer Khodidas Patel from Ruppur. Karsanbhai is now number 38 in the Forbes list of richest Indians. Mehsana.KARSANBHAI PATEL.     A person born in 1945. A qualified Science Graduate. .

he reminisces.ill-equipped laboratory in Ahmedabad. I decided I had to do something on the side to bring some additional money.400/.Birth of NIRMA  I was a chemist with the Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation. and had to work in a dingly.was grossly insufficient to take care of all my expenses. The work was dull and my salary of Rs. .

   .  1969.Karsanbhai started Experimenting in his 100sq ft Backyard of home. Moneyback Guarantee. Door-to-Door Selling on Bicycle. Launched for Rs 3 per Kg.Innovation. Creation & Foundation.

Nirma Super Detergent. was launched. Nirma Soaps and Detergents.Nirma was the toast of marketing gurus. In 1990. Nirma Detergents.Launched Nima Soap. 1985-Nirma detergent cake was launched. In fiscal 1997. 2000-Nirma shudh Edible Salt launched.Milestone¶s        1980s. Nirma Limited was listed on the stock exchanges . a spray-dried blue detergent powder. the Nirma group restructured operations and merged four companies ± Nilinta Chemicals. In 1994. 1997. and Shiva Soaps and Detergents ± with its flagship Nirma Ltd. .

Organisation Structure Karsanbhai Patel (Non-Executive Chairman. Executive director .) Rakeshbhai Hirenbhai Kalpeshbhai Vice Chairman Managing Director.

Strategy«      Optimise capabilities. State-of-art technologies. Umbrella Branding. . Value for money. Backward integration.

the Nirma Institute of Management in µ96 The Nirma Institute of Diploma Studies in µ97. . The Nirma Institute of Technology in ³95. for providing higher education in management & technology.Funding Temples Of Learning    The Nirma Education & Research Foundation in 1994. without financial support from the government.

The Ruppur Chanasma Gram Vikas Trust. Sardar Sarovar Project.On Repaying Society's Debt      The Sankat Nivaran Society. . The Nirma Foundation. Nirma Memorial Trust.

the promoters of detergent major Nirma Limited.81 crore last year. The profit before tax was Rs 404. up from Rs 1.  Nirma notched up a higher net sales of Rs 1. For the financial year 2005-06. have the highest tax-free dividend income by pocketing a whopping dividend income of Rs 46 crore.838.Current Scenario.87 crore last year. Karsanbhai Patel and family. up from Rs 352.916.  .76 crore during the period ended March 31. 2005-06.97 crore.

USA in the year 2001 in recognition of his exceptional accomplishments as a philanthropist and businessman. . Excellence in Corporate Governance Award by Rotary International District 2000. New Delhi. Florida. Outstanding Industrialist of Eighties by Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Awards & Accolades     Udyog Ratna by Federation of Association of SmallScale Industries of Gujarat. Ahmedabad (in 1990). Shri Karsanbhai has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Florida Atlantic University. _______. A&M Hall of Fame.

Advani the then Union Home Minister.Gujarat Businessman Award (1997-1998)   By Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. . Presented by Honorable L.K. Ahmedabad.