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MBA(H) 1st Semester

Currently it offer 400 brands in over 200 countries and serves 1. invented by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in 1886. ƒ Pepsi manufactured by PepsiCo was first made in 1890s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham In New Bern and the brand got trademark on June 16.5 billion servings each day.The Coca-cola Company is one of the largest corporations of United States. ƒ . bought in 1889 by Asa Candler who incorporated the company in 1892.1903. Its flagship product Coca-cola.

Zero.Options available to Taste the Taste: Various Brands«. Pepsi  Diet Pepsi  Crystal Pepsi  Pepsi Twist  Pepsi Max  Pepsi Free  Pepsi AM  Pepsi Samba  Pepsi Blue  Pepsi Gold  Vanilla Pepsi  Pepsi Ice Cucumber  Pepsi White In Japan & others Coca-cola  New Coke  Coca-cola Cherry  Coca-cola with Lime  Coca-cola Sakto  Kosher for Passover Coke  Coke Sango  Lemon Coke  Coke Citra  Coke M5  Coke Light. C2. others .

Basically there has been a cold war going on between the brands regarding their quality & quantity of consumption among consumers. Compete & Win  The Coca-cola & Pespi are both manufacturing nonalchoholic beverages.PepSi Vs Coca-CoLa: A fight to Survive. .

It·s the Virtual Thirst. Its giving a neck to neck competition with the help of LumiGraphics technology. . The fight can be lime lighted as : the new marketing company Crayon announced a revolutionary campaign on behalf of their client. Undoubtedly a creative campaign that is designed to spark user-generated ideas to make the Coke brand come to life. But Pepsi wont lead back. The Coco-cola Company.€ This battle has been waging for a long time. as ultimate. as the conflict between the good and evil. and it is legendary.

A Fight Among the Beverages A Fight Between Pepsi And Coke As Per Stock Price .



the focus will shift from how many cases Coke sells to defend the accuse. ´rattled by huge success of Pepsi in Indiaµ.Indian Market. . µit has become clear from the sequence of events in past six months that the defendants want to cause loss and damage to Pepsi·s business by adopting unfair and illegal meansµ. Fights through Legal & Illegal Weapons: Win By Hook Or Crook  Among other things. Pepsi·s petition alleges that Coke had ´entered into conspiracyµ to disrupt its business operations. goes the petition. This tight slap was replied by Cocacola in competition ² almost 50% of all soft-drink sales takes place between April and June.

eight top lawyers. But now we are delivering what is right for our customers and consumers·. Former attorney-general Ashok Desai and Arun Jaitley were there. among them former finance minister P. Coke is Playing a cool and quiet game even as Pepsi.Venugopal.Chidambaram. The Coke executives are keeping mum. advocate K. . Short will say only this: ¶Coca-Cola Failed to connect with consumersin India initially.K. Drawing on an Impressive Battery of Legal Eaglesso far. saying that the matter is sub-judice and insisting that the reply will be made in courts.

The recipe for "CocaCola Classic" was not among the documents stolen. . The plot involved the theft of trade secrets and product samples (of an as yet unreleased Coke product) and one of the three alleged conspirators is a Coke employee. after being contacted with an offer to buy the documents and samples.5 million.Coke·s formulae stolen y The Associated Press is reporting that three people have been arrested after stealing trade secrets from Coca-Cola and attempted to sell them to Pepsi for $1. According to the article. which lead to a sting and the arrest of the three. Pepsi contacted Coke and the FBI.

because bottling was its weakest point. in 1995. Market share had dropped by more than 10% by end of competition while Pepsi·s market share went up from 23% to 43% in same period. after buying out Parle·s popular brands. By the time Coke began to contemplate investing in its inherited bottling units. Ahmedabad bottler and Goa Bottler of Coke switched to Pepsi.€ According to data from Indian Market Research Bureau. Thumps Up. . It had 18 plants which were not upto mark. When Coke bought Parle it inherited 56 bottlers. Around the same time. But many of them needed huge investments in capital. Pepsi began what it calls COBO-isation or Company Owned Bottling Operations. Limca and Gold Spot. Parle brands had enormous staying power and fight back with Pepsi. Pepsi didn·t push hard till coke was about to reenter the market in India. it ran into differences of opinion.

To learn to understand and recognize instances of experimental control. To learn to recognize instances of confounding. To build the underpinnings of inference.The Test for the Taste: Pepsi or Coke Which One Is Better«.. To learn that randomizing the assignment of treatments protects against confounding and makes cause and effect statements possible. To learn the difference between an experiment and an observational study. To understand the process of hypothesis testing by comparing the observed results to the results obtained under chance conditions.Objectives        To learn the characteristics of a well defined experiment. .

. After a discussion of various methods. Groups are then formed with one of these students in each group to be the tester. Groups of four work best. The pourers are produce random series of Coke or Pepsi using a coin to determine what the tasters would taste.Š Š   First. the recorders. a plan is introduced to use in conducting a taste test. Students are asked to self identify who can correctly identify Coke or Pepsi in a blind taste test. and the runners will leave the room. The pourers will be the only members of the group knowledgeable of the condition. Each group member has one of the following roles: First. students are asked to consider how to design an experiment that will allow them to determine if anyone can correctly identify two different brands of cola in a blind taste test. the tasters.

The recorder will keep track of the taster's decision. The pourers will pour the appropriate drinks into paper cups. These people may switch groups when the taste testing begins so they will not know the order of colas to be tested. and leave them in a row to be tasted at their table. Repeat the above process 4 more times for a total of 5 trials.Š Š Š Š The pourers will pour the appropriate drinks into paper cups. . These people may switch groups when the taste testing begins so they will not know the order of colas to be tested. The tasters will cleanse their palettes in between trials by taking a drink of water. The results are reveled and the number of correctly identified colas is tallied for each taster. the runners will bring the first Dixie cups with cola to their group taster. and leave them in a row to be tasted at their table. The tasters will taste the drink and make a decision about whether they think it is Coke or Pepsi that they are drinking. At the end. Next.

5. more tastes). being asked if they think any of the results suggest that a student is doing better than just guessing. This leads to simulating data for the situation of guessing (p = . . A final discussion involves critiquing the experiment and talking about what could have made it better (e.g. n = 5 trials). Use Sampling SIM (or another simulation program or applet) to simulate the Coke/Pepsi activity.. students discuss the results. They are asked what kind of data would be expected if they were just guessing. simulating data for 500 trials. Then students can compare the number of correct guesses to this distribution to see if their score is due to chance (in the middle) or surprising (in one of the tails).Stage Two of Activity: Analyzing the class data  First.

.com The next slide contain a vivid study and analysis about the marketing success and consumer¶s interests in the respective product.MARKET SHARED AND COVERED BY PEPSI & COKE This detail have been given in accordance to the New York Times· Data Collection from


2 Coke wins over Pepsi 31.1 Sales are equal as both Coke and Pepsi has equal demand. 1.5 Coke leads the market. .Name of Country Russia China India Brazil United states Canada Market Share 56% 45% 24% 85% 41% 35% Litrers per capita Who wins the market 6. Beats Cola 20.2 Intensive fight while Pepsi has a slight edge 0. 18.3 Coke has 41% coverage while Pepsi has only 33 %.1 Pepsi with 40% of Cola Market.

A Graphical Presentation Showing The Market Capture. Sale Volume And Trade & Change In Trade .


25%.This survey is a study case of 10 years from 1997 to 2006. With the advent and marketing of Pepsi. Pepsi·s history enlightens a higher trade of 62. Even in comparison to Coke.55% while that of 48. . Market capture is much more higher in case of Pepsi in comparison to that of Coca-cola. the overall trade of Coke has fallen down upto a remarkable extent.

They were very similar.Clarity . to Pepsi One sweepstakes.Pepsi Company seemed to focus a lot on their advertisements. € Efficiency . and information about the product.After reviewing both Coca Cola and Pepsi websites I have arrived at many conclusions. They were very thorough in the sense of describing their products. Ranging from March madness. The page was filled with pictures of Lance Armstrong and the famous model Tyrese. They also offered music. All were very beneficial to the market € . € Focus . Coca Cola's site appeared to focus more on the athletes and famous people that they sponsor. games. I viewed both sites as equally understanding. merchandise and prizes offered.Both Pepsi and Coca Cola were extremely efficient on their web pages. In general the Pepsi web page seemed to have a better focus on the points they were attempting to achieve. and the information given on each was greatly beneficial to each other's product.

Promotional Activities: Punching Each Other Hard To Capture the Market .

But if analysed world-widely. Pepsi·s market share is better than that of Coke. With effort it can beat Pepsi. . while Pepsi need to maintain its quality and if possible enhance it. But Coke also have a good fan following.  Its like competition with or without fair means. Coke has beated Pepsi in some countries and viceversa.Last but not the least««.