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Knowledge (what you are expected to know) Comprehension (what you are expected understand). Application (can you apply your knowledge). Analysis (can you analyze the detail of what you have learned). Evaluation (can you use your learning to evaluate, make decisions or recommendations).

Learning objective List Knowledge State Verbs Used Definition Make a list of Define

Express fully or clearly the Give the exact meaning of details/facts of

Learning objective Describe Distinguish Verbs Used Definition Communicate the key features Highlight the differences between



make clear or intelligible, or state the meaning of


Recognize establish or select after consideration.


Use an example to describe or explain something

Learning objective Apply Calculate Verbs Used Definition Put to practical use Ascertain or reckon mathematically

Application Demonstrate Prepare Reconcile Solve Tabulate Prove with certainty or exhibit by practical means Make or get ready for use. Make or prove consistent/compatible. Find and answer Arrange in a table.

Learning objective Analyze Categorize Verbs Used Definition Examine in detail the structure of Place into defined class or division

Analysis Compare and contrast Construct Interpret Produce Discuss Shoe the similarities and/or differences between Build up or compile Translate into intelligible or familiar terms Create or bring into existence. Examine in detail by argument

Learning objective Advise Evaluate Verbs Used Definition Counsel, inform or notify Recommend


Appraise or assess the vale of Advise on a course of action

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