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Inter- American Development Bank

International Governmental Audit Certification Miami, Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
Ronaldo Rotter Inter American Development Bank (IADB)

International Governmental Audit Certification
Inter- American Development Bank 

Good Governance 
What society expect from AG¶s 

Private Sector 
Internationally recognized best practices 

Experience in the LAC region 
The IADB¶s Regional Public Goods Project

International Governmental Audit Certification To protect the public interest, every governmental audit entity requires:
‡ Organizational independence. ‡ A formal mandate. ‡ Unrestricted access. ‡ Sufficient funding. ‡ Competent leadership. ‡ Competent staff. ‡ Stakeholder support. ‡ Professional audit standards.

International Governmental Audit Certification
GAO¶s former Auditor General defines Governmental Audit as a cornerstone of good public sector governance Auditors help government organizations achieve accountability and integrity, improve operations, and instill confidence among citizens and stakeholders. The government auditor¶s role supports the governance responsibilities of oversight, insight, and foresight. Oversight addresses whether government entities are doing what they are supposed to do and serves to detect and deter public corruption. Insight assists decision-makers by providing an independent assessment of government programs, policies, operations, and results. Foresight identifies trends and emerging challenges. Auditors use tools such as financial audits, performance audits, and investigation and advisory services to fulfill each of these roles.

International Governmental Audit Certification Accreditation - has two fundamental purposes:  

to assure the quality of an institution or program or an individual, or, to assist in the improvement of the institution or program or an individual. An accreditation can not guarantee the quality of the individual, program or Institution, but it can give reasonable assurance of the context and quality of the education, experience, ethical values

International Governmental Audit Certification An example of a certification process specific for auditors is the CGAP ® The Certified Government Auditing Professional® (CGAP®) is a specialty certification designed for and by public-sector internal auditing practitioners. The exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the unique features of public-sector internal auditing ² fund accounting, grants, legislative oversight, confidentiality rights, and more. The program¶s broad scope emphasizes the internal auditor¶s role in strengthening accountability to the public and improving government services.

International Governmental Audit Certification

It is regional The IADB¶s Regional Public Goods Program and the OLACEFS Certification project. It is public it is a good

International Governmental Audit Certification

The OLACEFS proposal: The LAC SAI¶s are responsible for exercizing the external control for the Country¶s public resources and have the role of promoting transparency, good governance, responsibility and accountability in the use of public resources

International Governmental Audit Certification To comply with Society¶s and the Legislative expectations, there is a need to elevate the society¶s perception of this category of public servant and maintain it at the highest level of integrity and irreproachable level To this end, the auditors need to have strong knowledge and hands-on experience of international audit standards, country¶s legislation and internal control systems, through a lifetime continuing education commitment

International Governmental Audit Certification

Citizens accross the region demand to know how government spends their public resources, their taxes« To that end, SAIs must be in condition to issue high quality and timely reporting, with pertinent recommendations geared to increase the government¶s performance

International Governmental Audit Certification

Having a mechanism to award an International Governmental Audit Certification, in order to identify, select and retain a group of solid professionals in each SAI, is essential to obtain trust from the citizenship that the funds are controlled and audited properly and at the highest standards of quality and ethics

International Governmental Audit Certification
The Certification will strengthen the regions¶ SAIs by 
Helping attract qualified professionals not inclined to work in the

public sector today, not only because of low wages but also the lack of continuing education and the lack of prestige in the governmental audit work; 

Motivating and retaining qualified staff providing job security to

those interested in investing in a long-time career to get certified, adding also the personal satisfaction provided by a high level professional challenge 

Increasing the technical level of the SAI;  Promoting higher cooperation level among regional SAIs,

increasing job exchange programs, peer reviews, etc«

International Governmental Audit Certification

In summary, the three components of the proposal are:
The establishment of agreed-upon standards for the professional certification The contents of the related training program The institutional process for obtaining the Certification

International Governmental Audit Certification

CAROSAI Strategic Plan for 2008-2011
a.) Advocacy for Independence

b.) Internationally Recognized Staff

c.) A wealth of training centralized at WWW.CAROSAI.COM d.) Multilateral Development Banks Harmonization efforts e.) International Public Sector Audit Certification

..\CAROSAI Strategic Plan sent to members Sept 24 2007.doc

International Governmental Audit Certification

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