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The changes are caused by levels of greenhouse gases that are increasing in the atmosphere changing the composition of it. . Climatologists (scientist who study climate) worry that human societies and natural ecosystems might not adapt to rapid climate changes. Global warming could cause so much harm.What is Global Warming ? Global warming is a change in the Earth s atmosphere causing a change in the weather. has not yet been ratified (formally approved). The agreement known as the Kyoto Protocol. That countries throughout the world have drafted an agreement to limit it.

Greenhouse gases are emissions that rise into atmosphere and trap the sun¶s energy keeping heat from escaping Fossil Fuels oCarbon Dioxide o Methane o Nitrous Oxide o Carbon Tetra Fluoride o Hexafluoroethane Sulfur Hexafluoride o Difluoroethane Tetra Fluoroethane Greenhouse gases are caused by natural and human activities. such as burning fossil fuels & .

Most of the burning occurs in automobiles. . and in electrical power plants that provide energy for houses and office buildings. in factories.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas that slows the escape of heat into space. . whose chemical formula is CO2.The burning of fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide.

Global warming has many threatening effects to our beautiful planet. economic consequences. Human activity being the main cause of it. . Leading planet Earth into great danger. and the extinction of many animals and plants. extreme weather. change in the oceanic circulation currents.The emission of greenhouse gases have increased by a large amount over the past 50 years. Among the 5 deadliest effects are: The spread of diseases.

With warmer temperatures these viruses and germ can survive. Also known as the West Nile Virus in 1999. warmer weather around the world allows disease carrying animals and insects to have a larger range of land for migration. For example the malaria carrying mosquitoes that migrated to New York City.The spread of diseases Due to the climate change. . Eventually leading to potential harm to millions of people.

Economic Consequences ¢ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Global warming could cost the world about millions of dollars. that cannot survive without water. . For example the funding from FEMA during hurricane Katrina. Many of which we depend on for food and important exports. Floods. Droughts kill many animals and plants. storms and hurricanes cause damages to our homes costing our government millions of dollars. All of this can cause a recession of about 20 percent of our economic output. With dangers of rising sea level we could lose a large amount of land. as well as crop failures.

conveyor belt-like process in which cold and salty water exchanges with warm surface water. Change in the Oceanic Circulation Currents . Also causing a widespread of marine life to die.There are growing theories that there is a leisure in North Atlantic currents that helps keep Europe warm. as temperature rise.´ This shift that drives the warm water into the deep sea. led to a faster process of global warming. Meaning a colder winter for Europe and surrounding areas. For example the depletion of our coral reef by a process called ³bleaching´ (corals turning white) because of excessively high temperatures. will shut-down and become active in the Northern Hemisphere. ³According to the researchers. it appears that deep-ocean circulation abruptly switched from ³ overturning´.

. More droughts are to be expected because warm temperatures cause the water to evaporate faster. It has been predicted stronger hurricanes. A number of patients have been sent to the hospital from sunstroke from heat waves of China.Extremeweather We already know that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that slows the escape of heat into space. Heavier rainfall is predicted leading to more floods. When all that heat is not able to be released it stays trapped in the atmosphere causing this extreme weather. These dry conditions are perfect for wildfires. Hurricanes attain their power from warm waters. Followed by heat waves that are deadly on some cases.

. It has been reported that about 20 to 30 percent of the the worlds species will become extinct if these temperatures keep rising.The Extinction of Animals and Plants The changes of rising temperatures cause a turmoil to many of the planets ecosystems. The population of penguins in the Antarctic has dropped about 33%.000 of species and plants are moving to the poles. Forests are disappearing in Bermuda. Leaving the species that cannot adapt to the changes without homes. The alpine are moving towards higher elevations in the mountains. Due to the melting of polar ice caps. About 2. Every about 1% of polar bears die because of drowning from having to swim long distances to reach a new ice floe.


Remember that global warming affects all of us. May you take consideration on finding ways to reduce global warming. Please think of the well being of our children and their future. We hope you have enjoyed it and learned about the deadly consequences of global warming.We would like to thank you for watching our presentation. The End .