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Types of Retailing sector and its strategy in Real Time

Akhil Narayan Pooja.R Shashank

‡The retail sector in India is witnessing a huge revamping exercise as traditional markets make way for new formats such as departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialty stores. ‡ Western-style malls have begun appearing in metros and second-rung cities alike introducing the Indian consumer to a shopping experience like never before.

‡The Indian retail industry is the fifth largest in the world. ‡It is one of the fastest growing industries in India. the retail industry in India was mostly unorganized. especially over the last few years ‡Though initially. however with the change of tastes and preferences of the consumers. Comprising of organized and unorganized sectors. the industry is getting more popular these days and getting organized as well .


ORGANISED : Pantaloons The Organised retail sector which we visited was pantaloons Mantri Square .

is India·s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market. ‡Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay).000 people ‡ The store size of pantaloons is around 15000 sq ft. has over 1000 stores across 71 cities in India and employs over 30. the company operates over 12 million square feet of retail space. .‡ Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited.

Brands at Pantaloons Pantaloons brands y Agile y UMM y Bare Denim y Bare 7to14 y Chalk y Rig y Mix n match y All y Honey Non-Pantaloons Brands y Biba y 109 F y Remanika y Spykar y Lilliput y Lee Cooper y Indus league .

.STORE EXTERIORS y Types of exterior presentations Exterior signs Marquees Banners Walk ways and entries.

Store interiors which is emphasized on are : Element of store interiors y Atmosphere y Lights y Music y Color y Fragrance y Furniture and fixtures .

y All the merchandise is placed at both 360 degree and 180 degrees. innovative and outstanding which can be seen from its own in-house private brands such as John Miller. . y The new launched products are showed by prominent color back ground. y Window display is highly interactive for impulsive buyer.Some other observations ON PANTALOONS y Pantaloons visual merchandising is creative.

Supply chain management at Pantaloons y Pantaloon Retail is the first company in the organized retail sector in India to win an accredited ISO Certificate exclusively for its Supply Chain & Logistics function. .

Customer Retention y To survive in the tough competition all retail outlets use different strategies to attract customers and to retain them Events Fests Loyalty programs .

Events y Toys for Joys y Mother·s Day y Awesome Threesome .

 Toys for joys-Marketing plan y In store announcements.50.Toys for Joys y Donate old or new toys at Pantaloons. y Media publicity through Big FM y Ice breaking sessions with kids through games. y Put out banners at places. . y Get discount coupon worth Rs. y Organized a drawing competition.

They were welcome by a rose. games. message from their kids. cake cutting«FUN!! . y Kids were asked to bring their mums at Pantaloons.Mother's Day Celebration The IDEA!! y To make their day special by surprising them at Pantaloons. their favorite song.

The two fests that took place in May and June are: Denim Reunion Formal Fest .Fests y Pantaloons celebrate various types of fests in order to boost sales and retain customers.

around the year except End of Season Sale No No Green Exchange Green Service Desk Green offers & Promotions 90 days Yes 60 days Yes 60 days Yes 60 days Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes .around the year Yes Yes Green Drop Yes .on new enrolment Upgrade Kit Upgrade Kit Upgrade Kit Welcome Kit Discounts on all subsequent Purchases Upgrade Enrolment Add-on Card to Family Members End of Season Sale Preview Green Channel 2 2 1 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes .Loyalty Program Benefits 7 star 5 star 3 star 1 star Gift Voucher worth Rs.5% 5% 200/. 10% 7.

irana Retail stores The Kirana Stores which we visited was Senthil stores in chennai .

grocery and edible oil (to name few categories) in addition to small quantities of rice and wheat. ‡They also carried few vegetables and fruits. tea. soaps. shampoos. ‡These categories include branded or unbranded offerings like coffee.‡The Kirana store we visited was 200 Square ft ‡It had a range of product categories associated with the daily requirements of masses. . toffees. hair-oils. biscuits.

‡This Kirana shops also carried unbranded offerings that was priced 20-30% lower than branded offerings but quality that was inferior to branded offerings (biscuits. ‡It mainly dealt with food and grocery merchandize . . rice and washing powder are a few examples). edible oil.‡ Offerings .limited stock keeping units (SKUs) and low priced SKUs are popular among Kirana shops.