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The Case for Global Warming

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 The

increase of the Earth’s average surface temperature caused by greenhouse gases.  Both man-made and natural.

What is Global Warming?

 Fossil Causes of Global Warming fuel ◦ Coal ◦ Petroleum ◦ Oil ◦ Natural gas  Methane  Deforestation   Jason Liao .

Effects of Global Warming  Warmer  Rising sea /phot os/coreburn/29305104 .  Intensified droughts and heat waves. Jason Liao ht t p://www.  Melting     of the polar ice caps.

  Jason Liao .  Habitation destruction.  Spread of disease.Effects of Global Warming More and stronger hurricanes.  Economic damages.

To win this case.Skeptics of Global Warming!   Our objective is to prove that global warming is real beyond any arguments that skeptics may come up with. Let’s play devil’s advocate. we have to look into what skeptics are claiming for the warmer climate.    Jason Liao .

not CO2. it is necessary for life to be sustained on Earth.  Facts Disproving GW        http://www. Richie Tyas .  Water vapor is the most prevalent greenhouse gas. CO2 is not a pollutant. In /  There are at least 33 occurrences of receding of ice shelves in history.

The Climate Bill is a Hoax!emissions by 20% The bill states that it will cut Richie Tyas .  America was built on industry and factories.  There is no solid evidence that global warming is occurring. by 2020.  The Senate is trying to predict an outcome that is not truly foreseeable in the future. but this bill will try to neutralize these assets.

Conclusion of Skeptics  Why should we believe that the world is going to end because of greenhouse gases and decaying ozone layer? is no real evidence. Richie Tyas   There   . these changes were not noted in earlier times. Argument  Misinformed Argument  Cherry Picking  Urban Myths  Non-Scientific .Positions Against Global Warming  Uninformed Gregory Zilberg http://www.

Models  Antarctic Sea Ice Fluctuating  Arctic Sea Ice Melt % Gregory Zilberg .Some Examples  No evidence  Not Enough Time To Determine  Colder temperatures in x  Satellite Records vs.

Some Examples Gregory Zilberg .

 Jason Liao .Proving the Case  Is it happening? Yes.  We can all feel the heat.  All effects of global warming are proven and supported by research.

com /phot os/lapst rake/2310383852/ Jason Liao . the Arctic ice was at its 30 year low. the average thickness of ice was 10 feet.   Arctic Ice Shrinkage ht t p://www.280.  In 2007. the ice is less than 4 square miles of ice disappeared in a /phot os/yt whit elight /184253655/ ht t p://www.  Now.  Increased methane release in the air.  From

 Higher Temperatures Jason Liao .  If carbon emission aren’t reduced. average air temperature can increase 3-10°F.1°F over the century.  Starts the domino effect.Average air temperature has increased 1.

      Rising Sea Levels Ocean continues to become warmer and overcome cooler J ason Liao . http://www.  Sea level rises 3 mm/year.Warmer temperatures cause ice to  Sea level has risen about 20 mm since the 1800s.

   Jason Liao . and microbes to thrive in once-cold areas.500 people died of heat waves.000 deaths in the world. more than 20.Heat Waves and Diseases   In 2003.000 people in Europe and 1. Warmer temperatures allow animals. In 2000. insects. climate change caused over 150.

com /phot os/sm it em e/218203422/ Ex. Jason Liao . Hurricane Katrina.        ht t p:// Storms  Hurricanes and tropical storms get energy from warm water.

Killing Off Wildlife Research shows that by 2050. the species Golden Toad was driven into extinction by global warming.  Birds will head to cooler climates.  Jason Liao .  Destroying coral reefs by suffocating the algae. ¼ of all species will become extinct.  In 1998.

but there is enough conclusive evidence in favor of the argument FOR Global Warming. Gregory Zilberg . There may be no absolutely conclusive evidence that right-out silences the skeptics.Conclusion on Global Warming  Global warming is a very real danger to our way of life as we know it. Every day we get closer to reaching a disaster caused by the steadily increasing warming of the atmosphere.