Developing a Mission Statement

priorities and values Says what we want to be remembered for Criteria for Mission Statement Is clear and easily understood Provides direction for doing right things Matches our competence Short and Sharply focused Defines why we do what we do. why the organization exists Address our opportunities .What is a Mission Statement Mission Statement is a Statement of Purpose Mission Statement explains your intentions.

Values . What principles or beliefs guide our work? (the values of the organization) When wording the mission statement Consider the following: Products . What are we doing to address these needs? (the business of the organization) 3. Public Image and Priorities of Activities. Services .Methodology for preparing Mission Statement Form 3 groups and Answer the following Questions 1. Markets . . What are the opportunities or needs that we exist to address? (the purpose of the organization) 2.

Tips before preparing a Mission Statement Mission Statement should avoid technical jargon Mission Statement is not a Slogan Does not prescribe means If your organization has a Vision Statement then its purpose is a Mission .

Paste the statement in the flip chart Each team should explain what they meant Circle those words and phrases that appear most often Discuss key ideas or themes that must be captured Discuss key ideas or themes that must not be captured Based on the discussion Second Draft to be prepared by the groups Display the flip chart and start collective editing for final Mission Statement .Preparing Mission Statement Start Brainstorming : Any thought or idea is welcome Complete the sentence : The mission should be «..

Check your Mission Statement Does your mission statement ‡ Express your organization's purpose in a way that inspires support and ongoing commitment ‡Motivate those who are connected to the organization ‡Be articulated in a way that is convincing and easy to grasp ‡ Use proactive verbs to describe what you do ‡ Be free of jargon ‡ Be short enough so that anyone connected to the organization can readily repeat it .

while enhancing the careers of our candidates. qualifying and delivering top talent for our client companies.Examples HR Mission Statement The Human Resource Department will assist in achieving the strategic goals of the organization by recruiting. developing. selecting. Management Recruiters/Compu Search of Melbourne Our mission is to be the best at identifying. motivating and retaining a well ± trained professionals and be responsive to the customers. .

policies and practices. To be a resource for guidance on compliance issues. . reporting and planning and To approach current and future issues with a sense of fairness. retain and develop quality employees To manage information through research. through guidance and training. To attract. enthusiasm and creativity. motivate and support university employees. contracts. evaluation.Examples University HR Department Mission statement OUR MISSION IS To educate.


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