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Governing Spiritual Principles And Its Therapeutic Use
Paper Presented at: International Conference on Alternative Medicine at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore on March 16th to 19th, 2006 by

Pramod Vora Natural Health Counselor SpaceAge® Natural Health Center HEALTH CARE NATURALLY!

Governing Spiritual Principles And Its Therapeutic Use
by Pramod Vora Natural Health Counselor SpaceAge Natural Health Center HEALTH CARE NATURALLY!

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India Wheaton.THE POWER AND USE OF THOUGHT by Charles W. Chennai 600 020. Leadbeater The Theosophical Publishing House Adyar. USA . Illinois.

Then may we utilize the magnificent power within for the benefit of humanity. was a highly developed clairvoyant and the author of many books on the spiritual life and on the hidden side of things.Sir Charles W.1934 THE POWER & USE OF THOUGHT ‡ C. eminent seer and occultist. To change the world for the better. our strengths. ‡ In this slim volume he provides valuable guidelines on the correct use and control of the power of thought and emotion and of our responsibility for their effect upon others for good or evil. the first step is to change ourselves. Leadbeater. .W. Leadbeater 1847. To do this requires us to know our weaknesses.

‡ Blessings & Good Health. relaxed with eyes closed. ‡ It has worked for 1000s of people in the past and will also work for you. ‡ This method of Positive Thoughts and Visualization is 100% effective. Blot out any Negative Thoughts. ‡ Sit in a quiet place. Do this for 15 minutes each day. HEALTH CARE . with Positive Affirmations that you will be cured immediately. if you let it.NATURALLY ! . ‡ Clearly Visualize the Disease you wish to be cured. ‡ As you go along with this method of treatment change from "Positive Affirmations that you will be cured" to a Visualization that your "Body is already Cured".Positive Thoughts & Visualization ‡ Use Positive Thoughts 3 times a day to heal the Body. fading away from your Body.

The deeper the intent and more clearer the Visualization the higher their magnificatory effect. This is the simple process by which the potency of the Essential Oils can be increased (or decreased by Negative Thoughts / Negative Visualization).Potency Of Essential Oils ‡ The intent coupled with visualization of the individual using these Essential Oils and / or the person applying them as in the case of an Aromatherapy Massage is of utmost importance in order to Magnify their miraculous effect. The ³Magnifying Lens´ is therefore in the hands of the user of the Essential Oils and the healer (or facilitator) applying them to the patient. .

Intent & Visualization Effect of Pranic Energy. and Effect of Magnetic field which influence the Energy patterns of everything Combine all these technologies and you could literally increase the potency and effectiveness an Essential Oil a million fold. Effect of chanting Mantras. .Conditioning Of Essential Oils ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Effect of Thought.

damage due to oxidation on exposure to air. Essential Oils should therefore be stored in air tight dark / amber colored bottles under refrigeration. .Care of Essential Oil ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Essential Oils need care in handling to avoid: loss due to vaporization. and damage due to heat. Formulations of Essential Oils can be preserved for prolonged periods by adding Natural Antioxidant Stabilizers like Wheat Germ Oil which is a rich source of Natural Vitamin E to the any formulation you wish to make. damage due to light.

Action of Essential Oils ‡ Essential Oils require a few days before you begin to notice their effect. . Being natural substances. they continue to retain in the body for longer periods of time and continue working for a few days even after the application is discontinued.

Antiseptic.DentiX ‡ Formulation with Anti bacterial. Anti fungal. Anti inflammatory. It is effective in cases of bleeding gums. . bad breath and fight tooth decay. bad breath and cavities. gum bleeding. Anesthetic and pain reducing abilities. ‡ Main ingredients: Clove Cinnamon Sesame Seed Oil ‡ Mode of application: One to two drops on the tooth brush while brushing the teeth in the morning and at bedtime will stop gum infection.

colic pain and acidity. indigestion. dysentery. . ‡ Main ingredients: Sandalwood Nutmeg Almond Oil ‡ Mode of application: A few drops applied to the abdominal area once or twice a day and preferably at night will beat the performance of Imodium. It is astoundingly effective. No dangerous chemicals to be ingested. Next day the loose motions are gone.AbdoCare ‡ Formulation for diarrhea. loose motions.

Motrin and Soma or Carisoma. Advil.PainLess ‡ Formulation to reduce Pain and Inflammation. ‡ Main Ingredients: Clove Peppermint Almond Oil ‡ Mode of application: Apply a few drops topically to the area of concern. Good for sprains. backache and joint pains. . Crocin. Ibuprofen. Can be used to replace Asprin.

‡ Main Ingredients: Rose Mary Eucalyptus ‡ Mode of application: Put a few drops on a tissue and inhale deeply or diffuse with a candle Vaporizer. Will help to safely replace Steroidal Pumps. Without the side effects of Steroids. Allergies like Hay Fever. Inhalers and Nasal Sprays. Colds and Flu.BreathEasy ‡ Formulated to ease Respiratory problems like Asthma. .

StressFree ‡ Formulated to reduce Stress of all types ± mental. ‡ Main Ingredients: Geranium Lavender ‡ Mode of application: Diffuse 8 to 12 drops in a Candle Vaporizer with one tablespoon of water. . 20 to 25 minute use at a time is recommended. Use in office or at home. emotional and physical.

. People need to be made knowledgeable of the Therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy. known as Essential Oil Blends if Aromatherapy is to be made popular with the masses.Recommendation for Further Research ‡ There is a need to evolve thousands of such day to day use formulations.

‡ Essential Oils formulations being OTC (Over The Counter) non prescription formulations will bring low cost Health Care to the masses who have been using natural and home remedies all their lives.Recommendation To The Government ‡ Government needs to promote the use of such Essential Oil formulations preparations in Hospitals as they are safe and do not have the inherent side effects of drug chemicals. . ‡ Essential Oil formulations are eco-friendly and will help to support local farmers to grow Medicinal Plants because of the demand created by Government Hospitals. ‡ Government Hospitals should encourage the use of Alternative Medicine as it is a reliable low cost approach to Health Care for the masses. ‡ Allopathic Doctors should once again be encouraged to use Alternative Medicine Therapies in their practice.

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Enlightenment Enlightenment is real and is within our grasp at all times. . we may be awakened from our current perception of the world around us to another view all together. At any moment. With such enlightenment. except our point of view. nothing changes. and that changes everything forever.

Adapted from: Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama . ‡ Maya is cosmic illusion. like fancy. the data that is gathered together from the external world is not perceived in a coordinated manner. This is one of the modifications of the mind. fantasy. and the clouded mind conceives a false vision. Ignorance and Delusion ‡ The human mind remains under the influence of delusion until ignorance is completely dispelled. symbol and ideas. ‡ Discoordinated perception leads to delusion. If there is no clarity of mind. it is also an illusion. and avidya is individual ignorance which comes from the lack of knowledge about objects and their true nature.Knowledge.

Inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease. in Diet and the cause and prevention of disease. Hippocrates. Civca 400BC ‡ ³The doctor of the future will give no medicine.Huang Dee Nai-Chang --(2600 BC 1st Chinese Medical Text) ‡ Let thy Food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. Mediocre doctors treat the disease before evident. --.´ Thomas Edison .Modern Medicine ‡ Superior doctors prevent the disease. but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame.

Modern Medicine ‡ It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than what sort of disease a patient has. should make any belief that drugs are unnecessary and in most cases injurious.´ John H. worth something to those who care to know the truth.1940 . and 33 year in which I have not (prescribed) drugs. 1851 . M. Sir William Osler ‡ ³Twenty five years in which I used (prescribed) drugs.D. Tilden.

in essence. tell them the truth and you've given back their health. all discomfort is the result of an opinion.1866 .Modern Medicine ‡ ³All disease. Find the lie for them. The truth is always the cure. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby 1802 .´ Dr. a lie individuals believe about themselves or their life.

Philosophy of Modern Medicine . preferably with the aid of natural.I 1. the physician or healer must do no harm. It is the role of the physician or healer to facilitate and enhance this process. 2. body and sprit. Remember the Healing Power of Nature The body has considerable power to heal itself. View the Whole Person An individual must be viewed as a whole composed of a complex interaction of mind. . nontoxic therapies. Above all.

Philosophy of Modern Medicine . empowering. lifestyle. 4. but causes can spring from physical. educating. Identify and Treat the Cause It is important to seek the underlying cause of a disease rather than simply suppress the symptoms. Symptoms are expressions of the body¶s attempt to heal. and spiritual levels. . and diet. The Physician is a Teacher A Physician should be foremost a teacher.II 3. and motivating the patient to assume more personal responsibility for his or her health by adopting a healthy attitude. mental or emotional.

in diet and the cause and prevention of disease. Prevention is the Best Cure Prevention of disease is best accomplished through dietary and life habits that support health and prevent disease.´ by Thomas Edison . but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame. ³The doctor of the future will give no medicine.Philosophy of Modern Medicine . 6.III 5.

. but think you can¶t.. ‡ For out in the world we find.. it¶s almost a cinch you won¶t. you¶re lost. ‡ Success begins with a fellow¶s will: ‡ it¶s all in a state of mind. ‡ If you¶d like to win.. ‡ Life¶s battles don¶t always go to the stronger or faster man: ‡ But sooner or later the man who wins ‡ is the one who thinks he can ! by Napolean Hill . ‡ If you think you¶ll lose. you are: ‡ If you think you dare not you don¶t.BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ‡ If you think you are beaten.