International wars The Gulf War The Congo wars The Yugoslav Wars (1991±1995) The Chechen wars

The bombings of the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City bombing 1995.

21 May 1991 - In Sriperumbudur, India, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated.

The republics of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia.

Nelson Mandela elected President of South Africa in 1994, becoming the first black President in South African history.

Germany reunified on October 3. 1990. 1991.The European Union forms in 1992 under the Maastricht Treaty. German reunification . The Moscow Coup and subsequent breakup of the Soviet Union on December 26. .


DNA identification of individuals found wide application in criminal law. Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990. the first cloned mammal. .In the United Kingdom. revolutionized astronomy. and was reported by global media on February 26. 1997. Dolly the sheep was confirmed by the Roslin Institute.

and aluminum). and first confirmation of black holes.Development of biodegradable products. Genetically engineered crops were developed for commercial use. Construction started in 1998 on the International Space Station. . brown dwarfs. Discovery of dark matter. glass. replaced products made from styrofoam. dark energy. advanced in methods for recycling of waste products (such as paper. The Global Positioning System (GPS) became fully operational.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. . became the most watched TV show in history. Martin and Seinfeld turned TV in new directions.Sitcoms Series like Frasier. established the teen soap genre paving the way for Dawson's Creek. Friends. Felicity. Beverly Hills. and other shows. a hugely popular TV show that dominated throughout the nineties. Baywatch.

The U. Dragonball Z. It inspired racier shows such as Beavis and Butthead along with South Park and Family Guy. Shows like Sailor Moon. Pokémon led people into embracing the Japanese culture around the world. Anime became very popular worldwide during the decade. Reality television began on MTV. animated television comedy series The Simpsons became a huge domestic and international success in the 1990s. this would grow in importance in the western world in the 2000s.S. .



Shed Seven. Manic Street Preachers. Suede. Supergrass. Pulp. Blur. . Radiohead. and for being the decade that hip hop and alternative rock became mainstream.The 1990s were a decade of many diverse scenes in music. teen pop. U2's groundbreaking Zoo TV and PopMart tours were the top selling tours of 1992 and 1997. with Oasis. In the UK the uniquely British alternative rock Britpop genre emerged as part of the more general Cool Britannia culture. Ride. The Verve. Elastica. They are best known for grunge. Eurodance and electronic dance music.

with the success of Green Day. The Offspring. Their impact brought about a widespread invasion of teen pop acts around the world. and similar groups following. Rancid.Female pop icons "Spice Girls³ took the world by storm and became the most commercially successful British Group since The Beatles. 1994 became a breakthrough year for punk rock in California. Ministry and Marilyn Manson . The Rise of the Industrial music with worldwide popularity with bands like Nine Inch Nails.



Dune series. . Crash Bandicoot series. Mortal Kombat series. Fifa 98. Half-Life. Monkey Island. Sony's PlayStation became the top selling game console and changed the standard media storage type from cartridges to compact discs in consoles. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Pokémon. Warcraft Counter-Strike.Popular notable video games of the 1990s include: Super Mario World. Metal Gear series. Spyro the Dragon series. Civilization. Street Fighter II. Myst. Fifa 97. Tomb Raider series. Fifa 99. and the Sonic the Hedgehog series.Super Mario 64. Commander Keen series. Super Mario Kart. Final Fantasy. Test Drive series. 3-D graphics became the standard by end of decade.



American cyclist Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France in 1999. Hanes. American NBA Basketball player Michael Jordan became a major sports and pop culture icon idolized by millions worldwide. home to some of the biggest names in Wrestling history such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Manchester United won an unprecendeted treble of the English premier league. less than two years after battling testicular cancer. The Monday Night Wars between the WWF and WCW. FA cup and Champions League after defeating Bayern Munich 2-1 in May 1999. becoming both the youngest and the first American of multiracial descent to win the Masters. McDonald's and Nike.21-year-old golfer Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament. . He revolutionizes sports marketing through deals with companies such as Gatorade.




AOL. On 6 August and Yahoo! grew rapidly. CERN. a pan European organization for particle research. E-mail became popular. E-commerce-only companies such as Amazon.The 1990s -an incredibly revolutionary decade for digital technology. eBay. The first MP3 Player. Instant messaging and the Buddy list became popular. The Pentium processor developed by Intel. publicized the new World Wide Web project. .

. Pagers were initially popular but ultimately replaced by mobile phones toward the end of the decade. initiating a trend in computer design towards translucent plastics and multicolor case design. Apple introduced the iMac computer.The first GSM network was launched in Finland in 1991. IBM introduced the 1-inch (25 mm) wide Microdrive hard drive in 170 MB and 340 MB capacities.


1990 Mazda Miata This was a small roadster, fashioned in the spirit of 1960s British sports cars. 1990 GM APVs Chevy Lumina APV, oldsmobile silhouette were GM's belated answer to the Chrysler minivans.

1990-1996 Nissan 300zx A fantastic 300 horsepower super car that followed the 90s trend of the return of truly fast cars.

1991 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 This car was one of the first modern muscle cars.

98 Pontiac Firebird This car is one of the best Pontiac designs from the '90's.

Toyota Camry 1999 A nice 4-door car that was America's best selling car for 2 years in a row.

Toyota Supra 1991 Replacing the rather luxury-coupe styled '86-'92 Supras, the 1993 model was an all out 2+2 sportscar.

Ford Explorer 1992 Introduced around '91 or '92, it pretty much popularized the sport-utility vehicle in the 90s.

1996 GM EV1 The first electric car to be mass produced. Volkswagen Beetle 1999 The icon of the sixties revised for the nineties.

Saturn 1995

1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee










The 1990s fashion is typically referred to as the decade of "anti-fashion". often contradictory trends. . The fashion of the 1990s was characterized by minimalist styles. and many overlapping.

and the neon influence lasted as late as 1994. tie dye. .1990s saw a mixture of styles come and go. 1980s fashion still dominated until the dawn of Grunge in early 1991. This included acid wash jeans. one of the more notable fashions included the "grunge" look. and black leather biker jackets. The late 90s also experienced fashion revivals from previous decades. ranging from the "mod" look of the 60s to the 70s colour fad. spandex tights. fluorescent colours.

The rise of grunge fashion coincided with the rise to mainstream popularity of grunge music from Seattle. Popular colors in grunge fashion included white. . forest green.GRUNGE One of the significant events in 1990s fashion was the rise of grunge fashion in1991. indigo. red. and leather boots or "hi-tops". The general appearance was unkempt and androgynous. black. band t-shirts. Grunge fashion consisted of both sexes wearing flannel shirts. jeans. and brown.



Trends shifted to the gangsta look in the fashion of the Los Angeles Chicano gangsters. football jerseys.THE GANGSTA LOOK HIP HOP In the late 90s. large gold chains. puffy jackets. Hip-hop fashion developed into a style more distinct from other sporty styles. hooded sweatshirts. . Brands like Tommy Hilfiger. caps and bandanas on the head. Polo and Nautica also came into vogue. This style sported baggy pants that were worn low and without a belt.

At this time.African-American youth of both sexes braided their hair in imitation of hip-hop performers such as Snoop Dogg and Lauryn Hill. . hip hop fashion trends evolved into urban streetwear. with names like Mecca USA. Lugz and Rocawear coming into play. The turn of the century saw hip hop fashion trends switch to flashy ensembles and bling bling jewelry. made popular by the likes of Jay-Z and The Hot Boys.



with black clothing and make-up long or back-combed black hair. black work pants. and fuchsia. In 1997. and skater shoes. These included spiky hair. green. black t-shirts.PUNK AND GOTH Punk and alternative styles were popular by 1996. Adorned by body piercings such as eyebrow rings. lip rings and tongue studs. Many punk and alternative teenagers dyed their hair colours like blue. wraparound sunglasses. studded bracelets and black boots. . the 1980s Goth trend made a comeback.



due to the popularity of golfer Tiger Woods . By 1998. Sweater vests were also part of the preppy look. and jeans of the popular clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger were closely associated with the preppy look. Shirts. Khakis became a popular part of the preppy look for teenage boys.PREPPY A late 90s version of preppy clothing became popular in 1997. sweatshirts.



During the mid 1990s. The style of tracksuits seen in 1970s and 1980s styles made a comeback in techno and hip-hop subculture and as club-wear. Mambo and The Custard Shop were prominent sports fashion labels during the midnineties. Stüssy. .SPORTS FASHION Sports clothing enjoyed increased popularity as casual wear among teenagers in the early 1990s. new styles of bottoms emerged. In bodybuilding subculture. Soccer shorts were popular to be worn by teenagers too in the late 1980s through the mid 1990s. tracksuit trousers were worn in new variations of the 60s versions. namely parachute pants and jogging bottoms. which were carrot-shaped with broad elasticated waists.

such as Starter Jackets. Baseball and Basketball team jerseys were both popular at various times through the early 1990s.Track suits with a loose nylon outer shell became popular. were highly sought after items among many boys. The late 90s sporty look was dominated by tearaway track pants with buttons on the side that could be ³torn´ open. . Sports team jackets. Basketball jerseys were often worn with basketball shorts. polo shirts and sweatshirts. Teenage guys wore these tearaway pants with t-shirts.


These included bell-bottom jeans for teenagers and young adults. These were sometimes worn under flannel shirts as part of the grunge look. Waffle patterned polo shirts and long sleeve t-shirts were popular from 1993 to 1995. Belly button piercing became a hit in 1993 briefly among young men.OTHER Styles inspired by the late 1960s and early 1970s became popular in 1993. . White waffle patterned long underwear was also worn under baggy black shorts as a variation on the grunge look.

.Champion sweatshirts became popular. The sweatshirts were worn over a colourful turtle-neck in winter.


.FORMAL WEAR Formal wear saw a rise in high collars with 3 button jackets for men being the norm and up to 4 or even five buttons single breasted jackets being touted by many top designers. The "mandarin" band collar was popular inr both jackets as well as formal and casual shirt collars. Double breasted jackets also followed the pattern with high collar lines and up to 12 buttons in the front.

. Typical men's suits of this era featured long draped double-breasted jackets and pleated trousers. and grey. Sweater vests became popular as men's business casual wear. Many men began wearing dress shirts without ties. cords became popular. initially in brown. and later in colours such as black tan.1996.


Much like the preceding decades. the 1990s was a time of extreme fashion faux pas. ZUBAZ PANTS OVERALLS HYPERCOLOR .


three entertainment formats that all came of age during the 1990s. MiniDiscs and Laserdiscs. .GADGETRY INDIVIDUAL MOVIE REWINDERS V-CHIP CLUNKY PORTABLE PHONES ALTERNATIVE ENTERTAINMENT FORMATS DAT tapes.

. Snap!.´ EURODANCE Music suffered during the 1990s with Eurotrash groups like 2 Unlimited. Alban. Real McCoy. Culture Beat.DANCE TRENDS A jump on the Billy Ray Cyrus bandwagon in 1992 when he introduced his moonshine-inspired dance to the ³Achy Breaky Heart. THE COLA WAR 90s saw the so-called Cola War between Coke and Pepsi. and Dr.

Not!´ . ³EXTREME´ A term used to denote any intense experience.LINGO ³SHOW ME THE MONEY!´ ³PSYCH!´ A term meaning "gotcha´. ³NOT!´ This usually unassuming word was used at the end of a sentence to negate the previous statement: ³I really like your fuchsia Zubaz pants. ³DON'T GO THERE!´ This popular phrase was used to prevent someone from expanding upon sensitive subject matter.

especially in Europe (notably Germany and Scandinavia). especially flip flops. but trainers and Keds were still going strong.SHOES Shoes were subject to many changes in the 1990s. Buffalo Boots were a brand which platform models were popular. Both Sneakers with a built in air pump and high top basketball shoes. especially Nike Air Jordans became popular in the early 1990s. . Recycled tyres were used to make the soles of some UK and Irish shoes since the late 1990s. Goth also had an impact on shoes in the late 1990s and canvas shoes entered the scene. from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s.



the look was floppy and dreamy like Dawson of Dawson's Creek.. For the everyday boy on the street...HAIR For the daring fashion crowd had hair styles with zig zags and Nike ticks shaved into them and inspired by Hip Hop artists. The sides of the head are shaven while the hair on the top is a few inches high Big bleached hair from ³pretty fly for a white guy´ MC Hammer wannabe Vanilla Ice. Edward Furlong pre voice breaking in Terminator 2 and Keanu Reeves of. Joey of Friends. The high-top fade was another trendy hairstyle worn by African-American men. well practically every 90s movie going! .

The Caesar was the ubiquitous. ultra-short Caesar style which looked gorgeous on mature men such as George Clooney in ER and Russell Crowe in Gladiator .


FACIAL HAIR One look for men which was executed with style by some and in the worst way possible by others was the goatee. . This devilish style swept through the male chin world of the 1990s despite making people look a little like the devil. It was named the goatee because of it's similarity to a Billy goat beard and was the perfect way to wear a beard without looking like your dad.


Another popular hair trend for men in the 90's was the long. like Chris Isaak in the very sexy Wicked Game era or Jason Priestly of 90210. This burn lengthening was wrapped up in the 70s revival in the fashion world. thick sideburn. . Burns got longer.

featuring cozy. Late 1990s Stella McCartney. romantic designs. rabbit-skin dresses. at Cloé fashion house gained a following with daring new designs. dresses looking like quilt blankets. favoring highly theatrical fashion shows. .FASHION WORLD 1993 Alexander McQueen emerged as daring new designer.

the 1990s was a time that had it all! In the early 1990s fashion trends Punk and Hippie style combined to form the Grunge look. .SUMMARY The 1990s was a time that witnessed many fashion trends! From the bizarre to the revival of fashion from the olden days.

All these materials and styles fed into both mainstream and high street fashion Mens high fashion couture and menswear collection included white cotton singlets. flowing clothes in high quality fabrics. Futuristic clothing was constructed from materials that had never before been used in fashion. and unisex clothes. notably neoprene. colourful geometric knits . . In the early to mid 1990s technological developments rise cyber fashions. functional clothes became more common than the dressed down mood of the early 1990s.From the mid 1990s. modern. polar fleece and high performance micro fibres.

precision cut clothing. predominantly in neutral hues. . modernistic sculptural designs. hand felted wool.Key looks from late 90s included. real and fake fur. super fine suede and leather. hoods and zipped or Velcro fastenings could be seen. especially grey and in complete contrast. exotic feathers. cashmere. The other face of fashion in the 1990s were body skimming designs and sports wear: garments with quilting. and embroidered and beaded tweeds.