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y In 1965

The Benetton Group is established.
y In 1970

A business model making the difference: unique, flexible and innovative. y In 1980 Benetton communication campaigns: known all over the world.
y In 1990

A global company present in 120 countries. y In 2000 Benetton grows with the market: over 150 million garments produced every year and distributed in around 6,000 contemporary stores

Today, the Benetton Group is presented in 120 countries around the world. Its core business is fashion apparel: a group with a strong Italian character whose style, quality and passion are clearly seen in its brands, the casual United Colors of Benetton, the glamour oriented Sisley, Playlife American college style and Killer Loop streetwear. The Group produces over 150 million garments every year. Its network of more than 5,000 contemporary stores around world, offers high quality customer services and generates a total turnover of over 2 billion euro.

.TARGET CUSTOMERS y The companies target group is between the ages of 16 to 32 y The prices must be logical for someone as young as 16 is able to afford the product y The older people who have their own income don¶t find the product price to cheap or expensive. y Older women (over 32) buy these clothes so that feel and dress younger than their real age.

from the elegant accessories to the eyewear lines and perfumes. quality and fashion y The Benetton Baby label is a new product line dedicated to the prenatal and the under-fives world. and one of the most well known in the world y United Colours of Benetton has an international style that combines colour. y The brand is present in many other sectors.BRANDS y A global brand. from the home collection to baby products. .

accessory collections y Under colors is available in its own chain of stores which now has more than 500 locations in thirty countries and in selected Benetton Shops . beachwear. featuring under wear. sleepwear.BRANDS y It is an extension of the Benetton brand.

with a resolute and distinctive style. It is inspired by teenagers' favorite role models and icons. .KILLER LOOP A fashion brand for young adults. Killer Loop is the Benetton brand that edgily interprets "street³ vibrations.

BRANDS y This is the Group's most fashion forward brand y Sisley presents elegant and seductive collections. with special attention given to the choice of design. fabrics and new shapes y The brand has created the very fashionable Sisley Young line for children from 8 to 12 years old .

BRANDS y It is the Benetton leisurewear brand that redefines a style y With its clean and elegant collections Play life blends exclusive styles with strong sense of individuality .

y Another 31% of sales have been achieved through sales of the brand "United Colors of Benetton Kid". that is 51% of the total sales in 2009. y The "Playlife" brand grossed 37 million euro . that is 300 million euro grossed the "Sisley" brand. y The third highest percentage of 16%. that is 601 million euro.SALES y Benetton achieved 967 million euro in sales of its brand "United Colours of Benetton Adult".

BENETTON Basic Fashion Imported .

BENETTON Men Women Kids Top Bottom Accessory Top Bottom Accessory Upper Lower Accessory .


MEN UPPER Shirts Formal Casual Blazers Jackets Corduroy blazers Sweat Shirts Cotton jackets T-shirts Regular Slim Regular fit Slim fit Short Sleeve Basic Fashion .

MEN LOWER Trousers Denims Tapered Regular fit Formals Imported Basic Tapered Straight Slim .


WOMEN UPPER Shirts Formal Casual Dungarees T-shirts Jackets Basic Imported Fashion Cotton Fashion .

WOMEN LOWER Trousers Shorts Denims Formals Corduroy Casuals 3/4th Short knickers Basic Imported Fashion .


KIDS UPPER T.Shirts Jackets Sweater Shirts S-shirts .

LOWER FOR GIRLS Full pants Skirts 3/4th Dungarees Cotton Denim .


Aviator) Women Belts Eye wear Innerwear Bags Perfumes Cufflinks Caps Mufflers Men Women .ACCESSORIES FOR MEN & WOMEN Shoes Sports Formal Semi-formal Canvas Leather Men (Fashion.

ACCESSORIES FOR KIDS Shoes Caps Belts Socks Bags .

colours and sizes required. y Communications technology has allowed Benetton to "eliminate the filters between the customer and production" and to link the customer directly to the factory.SUPPLY CHAIN y Information technology links the market place with the manufacturing process. y The market is updated every 24 hours allows Benetton to carefully track and react to demand by manufacturing only those garment styles. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows Benetton's agents in each country to regularly transmit orders to Benetton's head office. .

000 boxes a day. equivalent to 6. .SUPPLY CHAIN THE ROBOTIC DISTRIBUTION CENTRE y Benetton has huge distribution centre where the garments are already packed in one of two standard boxes which are bar-coded and preaddressed to customers. y The bar-coded cartons are delivered by high speed conveyors from the receipt bays to rail-guided transporters in the storage area.000 consignments a day. y The DC handles 12. y The storage zone has a capacity of 250.000 boxes sorted randomly. representing some 60 million garments a year. y Simultaneous put-away and retrieval occurs to maximize efficiency. y Each transporter can transfer up to 24 cartons at a time to and from the racking.

These functions are managed or performed by WIDE.SUPPLY CHAIN y It established WIDE (Worldwide Integrated Distribution Enterprise) to manage the international forwarding and customs clearance functions. y This organization deals directly with air carriers--eliminating a level of freight-forwarded intervention. y EDI technology allows Benetton to transmit documentation ahead of consignment arrivals. to allow speedy clearance through customs and forwarding to the retail outlets. . y The result of this rationalization was a 55 per cent reduction in physical distribution costs and a reduction in lead times to the USA from 22 days to seven days. y WIDE was first established to manage the North American product movements.

‡ It has invested more than $160 million into its supply chain for its brands that also include Sisley and Playlife. ships every two weeks. ‡Benetton sends inventory in small shipments. but also building a logistics system to compete with the fast fashion companies. ‡Benetton is outsourcing the production of high-margin accessories and has a world-wide distribution network. ‡ The company can reroute merchandise during shipment if another store needs more clothes. but can ship in seven days if a product is hot .SUPPLY CHAIN ‡Benetton is creating great designs.

India (coordinated from Bangalore).South East Asia (Thailand. Cambodia. . . Indonesia) coordinated from Bangkok.SOURCING y Sourcing the finished product In recent years special attention has also been focussed on the "Sourced Products" areas. Vietnam. with outsourcing of production in countries like China. Laos. India and Thailand. Turkey. .China coordinated from Hong Kong. y Three main areas of sourcing: .

highlight seasonal changes.VISUAL MERCHENDISING y Window display It should be simple yet attractive with appropriate color and lighting. It should focus on the best selling products and should carry a distinct theme. y Window displays have been found to promote sales. . and announce the arrival of new products apart from showcasing the best selling merchandise.

VISUAL MERCHENDISING y It provides a view of both the exterior as well as the interiors of the store. y Benetton provides Valet parking for its customers. Walks and entry should be so designed that there is sufficient space for customers to have a hassle free movement. The following Exhibitor shows the signage put on the entrance of the store .

y Sisley Young Sisley Young collection for children from 3 to 12. all of which are reworked. but concentrating on the 8-12 age group.RECENT DEVELOPMENTS y UCB Men's Collections United Colors of Benetton has consolidated its product range and expanded the assortment in its men's collections. a segment that now accounts for around 21% of UCB sales. emotions and creativity. filtered and adjusted to the young age of our very modern little women and men . it plays on sensations.