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By ²Nikhil Kumar

+919889622322] .SALE PROPOSAL prepared for [delhi metro railway corporation ltd..] prepared by LG electronics For ³Preparing a sails proposal for supplying various type of air conditions to DMRC´ [c1 janakpoori uttamnagar east D-52 ] [Delhi] [ph no.

washing machines. Gold Star was renamed LG Electronics.To DMRC. . and air conditioners) and our industry named over sixty years. and we appreciate your problems related to AC like:1. The company was started in 1958 as Gold Star by two Korean company. 4. refrigerators. We know the industry DMRC.Bad service provider .High electricity consumption. In 1995. TVs.(etc) The purpose of this paper is to provide an opportunity for us to examine closely our perception of your needs and present recommendations which can be easily implemented. PA 000000 Dear sir.High maintenance charge . As you know. 123 Main Street DELHI . we have been in the electronic field DEALING IN ALLL TYPE OF ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS LIKE( radios.Low cooling 2. 3.

I would like to thank you for giving a forum to discuss what your needs are and to help you solve them. I enclosed:-price detail of air conditioner and service charge related to them . your sincerely nikhil . If you have any questions.there is no any hidden charge . whatsoever. please do not hesitate to contact me.

RS =27800 y y LSA5AW3VT6 It has Jet Cool.VARIOUS RANGE OF AC LSA18CGAFH1 Reversible Valve Technology. Gold Fin Condenser RS = 28799 . Energy Saver sleepTimer . Anti Bacteria Filter. Dreamz Mode. 4 Way Swing. 3 Eva.

Dreamz mode . Intelloeye. 4 way swing. RS = 30999 LSA3ZP5NTY1 Neo plasma filter. Dreamz Mode.y y LSA5NF3VF6 It has Big 88 display. 4 Way Swing. AutoClean RS = 33799 y y y LSA5AB3VT6 It has Jet Cool. Dual display. Gold Fin Condenser. Dual Display (Hidden Type) RS = 3599 . 3 Eva.

The one-of-its-kind. You can choose from a wide range of Split ACs available in 1 to 5 star rating and from 0. intelloeye. giving you ultimate in comfort. . Anti-Bacteria Filter.0 Tonne. revolutionary Aero DNA technology creates the perfect indoor air for you by managing five critical constituents that define air quality. neo plazma. auto clean. 4 way swing.VARIOUS FEATURE LG Split Air Conditioner are available in various tonnage and star ratings with power packed features like jet cool.75 Tonne to 2. Hence.

You will note that these price are exceptionally low. Even then we are allowing you a quantity discount of 20% for purchase more then 15 piece of ac. We will also allow u a cash discount of 3%if payment is made within a month¶s time. .

LG ELECTRONICS moon b.shin (MD) FOR ±DMRC E. Mou is valid for only 5 years from the date of its singing. FOR. Seal of the parties:In witness wherehave singed this aggrement on the day.month.Each agency need to updtes its own contact information with the govern body.and year mentioned here in before. Here govern body means ±registerar of the company.MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) This application is submitted by the L.ELECTRONICS to the chair of the [govern body] for participation in the DMRC FOR ³supplying various type of air conditions to DMRC´ .sreedharan (MD) .G. ³ supplying various type of air conditions to DMRC´ participation is govern by the [govern body] submission and acceptance of this application grant the authority for the use of ³supplying various type of air conditions to DMRC´ .

.date. 1. name««««««emergency. this MOU must be singed by the agency¶s head or his/ her designeeand submitted to the appropriate govern body for consideration .-----------------------APPROVED BY:name««««««city executivve representative «««««««««date.«low. name««««««.representative.--------------------------- ...«««««date.representative«««««««. «««««««««««.in the presence of witness: 1. name««««««««««fire service . ----------------------2..enforcement.

Hope you will find our term competitive and will be kind enough to place a handsome order soon .Our other term and condition are as follow:1. 3.payment shall be made by draft within three months after satisfactory receipt of the good. 4. 5.packaging charge extra at 1 % 2. Yours faithfully xyz .freight charge will be borne by the year warranty in each product.All disputes will be settled in delhi high court. Always assuring you of our best attention and service.

Thank you .