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Indian Rubber Institute (IRI)

International Rubber Conference Organisation (IRCO) 17-19 November 2010, Mumbai, India

Indian Rubber Institute ‡ ‡ 

Member of IRCO A technical affiliate of ACS Rubber Division (USA)
Developing technical manpower for the Rubber & Allied industry for more than 60 years. Conducts Diploma /PG Diploma courses in Rubber Science & Technology in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. Holding International/National Conferences/Technical Seminars/Workshops for the benefit of professionals engaged in Rubber & Allied industry. Assisting BIS and ISO TC 45 for making standards in rubber and allied industries

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International Rubber Conference Organisation (IRCO)

The International Rubber Conference Organisation (IRCO) is an association of Rubber Societies around the World which plans the calendar for the main international rubber conferences (IRC) around the world for the member c o u n t r i e s . I t ¶s s e c r e t a r i a t i s b a s e d a t United Kingdom (UK).

IRC 2010 - a three day International Conference and Scientific Seminar on the Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Rubber Industry will be held in Renaissance Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai during 17-19 November 2010. IRC 2010 will also showcase an International Exhibition of about 3500 sq. mtrs of space with more than 200 booths.


The day highs hover around 30 °C. The nights in the end November/beginning of December do not fall below 18 °C. Humidity is low in November/December.

About India
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The third largest rubber consumer in the world. One of the largest Natural Rubber producers globally The fastest growing consumer of synthetic rubbers in the world. The global manufacturing hub for small cars and much more.

Announces an opportunity for the global rubber industry to be a part of its growth and Indian Rubber Institute brings to you to this humongous event.


IRC2010 Conference ± Organising Committee
Name Dr. R Mukhopadhyay Mr. V. K. Misra Mr. Mehul Patel Mr. PK Mohamed Mr. Kiran Patel Mr. Ketan Shah Mr. Tom K. Thomas Mr. Manu M Patel Mr. A. P. Akhouri Chairman Vice Chairman Chief Convener Convener, Technical Convener, Expo Convener, Finance Joint.Convener, Technical Joint. Convener, Technical Joint. Convener, Finance Designation

IRC2010 Conference ± Technical Committee
Name Mr. PK Mohamed ± (Convener) Mr. Tom K. Thomas Prof. Ashutosh Sharma Mr. D. J. Bharucha Mr. Zacharia George Dr. R. K. Matthan Mr. M. P. Kanjolia Dr. N. M. Mathew Dr. P. Thavamani Prof. T.K. Chaki Name Prof. S. K. De Mr. Manu M. Patel Dr. Arup K. Chandra Dr. Arup Saha Deuri Dr. Suniti Chakraborty Mr. B. Dutta Prof. Anil Kumar Bhowmick Prof. P. Sridharan Prof. Sabu Thomas Dr. Samar Bandyopadhyay

IRC2010 Conference ± Exhibition Committee

Name Mr. Kiran Patel ± (Convener) Mr. George Varghese Mr. S. Vasudeva Rao Mr. P. K. Chatterjee

Name Dr. Samar Bandyopadhyay Dr. Arup Saha Deuri Mr. B. Jayamani Dr. Arup Saha Deuri

IRC2010 Conference ± Accounts & Finance Committee
Name Name

Mr. Ketan Shah ± (Convener) Mr. A. P. Akhouri Mr. S. A. Shah

IRC-2010 Programme Schedule
Inaugural Plenary Technical Poster Session IRCO Meeting University Valedictory

17th November 17th, 18th and 19th Nov 17th, 18th, and 19th Nov 18th Nov 18th Nov 18th November 19th Nov

IRC-2010 Technical Programme Schedule

Session Inaugural Plenary Technical University Poster session Valedictory

17th Nov Yes 3 36 0


19th Nov

3 45 9 Yes

3 36 0


IRC-2010 Papers for Plenary Session 1. Recent advancement on steel cord reinforcement in tyre and non tyre application ± Bekaert, Belgium 2. Recent advancement in carbon black and silica fillers to meet conflicting performance needs of tyre and non tyre- Evonik.

IRC-2010 Papers for Plenary Session 3. Development in mixing technology of tangential and intermeshing designsFrank Borzenski, Farrel, USA 4. Latest trend in the usage of polymers to meet emerging requirements of automotive rubber componentsD. Bellgardi, Head R&TD Styron Deutschland, Germany

IRC-2010 Papers for Plenary Session 5. Nano- composite for Rubber and Allied Industries- Prof. Bhowmic-Director IIT 6. Indian rubber industries- emerging challenges- DG, ATMA 7. Recent Status on the Development of Environment Friendly PAH Free Process Oil for Tyre and non Tyre Application NYNAS ± Swedon

IRC-2010 Papers for University Session 1. Theories and practices in Rubber Mixing Technology- Frank Borzenski, Farrel Corporation, USA 2. Nano- Rubber Composites- Prof.Dr. Sabu Thomas, MG university- India 3. Tyre Testing and Evaluation- Dr. Jerry Potts- TMSI- USA

IRC-2010 Papers for University Session
4. Silica Technology for Rubber- Dr.Wilhelm Wolff- Evonik, Germany. 5. Rheological Testing of Rubber CompoundsDr. Dick- Alpha Technologies, Germany 6. Ensuring quality and reliability of Elastomeric Products Through Finite Element Simulation (Confirmed) Prof. Kaliske, Dresden University, Germany.

IRC-2010 Papers for University Session

7. Polymer Physics and Rubber Reinforcement Prof. Dr. Gert Heinrich, Leibnis Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany 8. Design of Curative System for Optimisation of Performance Properties of Rubber Compounds. Prof. Sreedharan- SJCE- Mysore, Karnataka, India

IRC-2010 Country wise Distribution of Technical Papers
Countries India Germany USA Italy Japan China Korea Turky Others Total Nos. of Papers 23 14 8 3 4 2 2 3 21 80

IRC-2010 Grouping of Technical Papers

1. Novel polymers 2. New Generation Fillers 3. Advanced Compounding ingredients 4. Rubber products and its evaluation 5. Simulation and Modeling 6. Re-cycling of Elastomeric materials 7. Environmental friendly material 8. Silica and its application 9. Physics and Chemistry of Elastomeric Material 10. Nano composite and its appllication

IRC-2010 Contributors of Paper for different Sessions
Plenary Session Evonik, Bekaert, ATMA, NYNAS, Farrel Corporation, IIT, and Rubber Board. Technical JSR, Kobe Steel, Apollo tyres, Trelleborg, ETIC, Green rubber, Evonik, Bekaert, RMS, Exxon Mobil, TVS, Comerio, Himadri Chemicals, Reliance industries, VMI, Venture Technologies, IIT, University of Calcutta, Schill+Seilacher,Germany, Polimeri Europe, Metravib, Lanxess, Berstorff, Brakes India, Universities of Beijing, Dreseden, Kore , Anna , Korea, Japan ,Suwon and Leibniz institute, SRF, RRI, Rhein Chemie, JK Tyres,, Birla Tyres, Ceat Tyres, Bridgestone, HASETRI, Conti- Tech, and HF. University Prof.Kaliske, Prof. Heinrich, Dr. Jerry Pots. Dr.Wolf, Prof.Sabu Thomas, Frank Borzenski, Dr.John S. Dick, & Mr.Sreedhar.

IRC 2010 Exhibition ± Floor Plan

IRC 2010 Exhibition ± List of Exhibitors( partial) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Attuned Polymers Laboratories Madura Industrial Textiles. Sah Pertoleums Ltd Rishiroop Polymers Lanxess Hitech Carbon Speciality Silica Nocil JSR Birla Tyre Ltd SRF Ltd. Aradhya Steel Pvt Ltd Venture Instrumentation Technologies Pvt. Ltd ««.. and many more

IRC 2010 Exhibition ± Partner

IRC 2010