Radio Frequency Identification device


Outline y Description of the technology # what is rfid # benefits of rfid technology y Technical information # RFID system # principal circuit of RFID system # coupling overview #rfid standards y Practical information #real world applications .

What is rfid? y Short range radio technology used to communication y y y y information between a stationary location and a movable object Subset of Auto-identification Techniques Allows for identification of objects without any human intervention Data is retrieved and stored remotely using wireless technology Can store variety of data .

Benefits of RFID Technology y No line of sight access needed for reading tag y Read range is much large larger than barcodes y Multiple tags can be read simultaneously by a reader y Detailed information collected in one pass rather than individual scans of a product y More data can be stored than a bar code which has only an identification number .

RFID System Communication infrastructure Tag Reader antenn a Reader Controller Software system sensor .

Principle circuit of an RFID-system .

56 MHz # mostly based on inductive coupling # E.g for contcated smart cardless systems y Long range system # range > I m # frequencies 860 MHz to 950 MHz or 2.g for logistics applications .45 GHz # E.Coupling overview y Close coupling system # range < 1 cm # frequencies: 125 to 135 KHz # based on inductive coupling or capacitive coupling y remote coupling system # range < 1 cm # frequencies 135 KHz to 13.

RFID Standards y Standards for logistic applications # ISO/IEC 18000 # ISO/IEC 15961-15963 # ISO/IEC 15418 y Standards for automatic livestock identification # ISO/IEC 11784 # ISO/IEC 11785 # ISO/IEC 14223 y Standards for vicinity coupling cards # ISO/IEC 10373 # ISO/IEC 10536 # ISO/IEC 14443 # ISO/IEC 15693 .

Continue y Supply Chain Management y EPC ( Electronic Product Code) .

Real World Applications Supply chain management Transportation payment system Building Entrances Parking Automation Library Book Tracing Animal Identification Grocery Stores .

Future work y Different types of rectifier structures # rectifier circuit using schottkey barrier diode # rectifier circuit using MOSFET¶S y Different limiter structures .

users are getting to co-operate with it. Even if some controversies exist against use of RFID tags as they invoke privacy concerns as they can be monitored regularly from far apart.Conclusion RFID is an emerging technology that is likely to replace the barcode technology. . due to it¶s many advantages on the former. Hence more advancement is yet to be done in this field to get better results with high efficiency and low cost.


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