Useful SAS Web Links

Presented by Michael Davis Health Market Science At PhilaSUG Meeting held on June 17, 2008 hosted by The Hartford Customer Services Group

Topics to be Covered
How to navigate SAS Support site
Documentation Notes and samples Submitting questions to SAS Tech Support Focus Area and Forums SAS Training SAS Books

Using SAS-L Listserv for unofficial answers Mining SAS conference proceedings
SUGI/SGF Regional/Special Interest

Other web sites of interest to SAS users
PhilaSUG and other local SAS user groups Regional SAS User Groups and other specialized sites
A portal for help in using SAS software (vs marketing info) Site updated in October 2007 (breaking links, dropping features) Knowledge Base contains documentation, papers, samples, SAS Notes and Focus Areas Support allows one to submit a problem, check track status, and read/post to discussion forums Learning Center is the link to the bookstore and training Community is the link to user groups, conferences, web seminars, discussion forums, and (wiki) Tip: Google <key words>

Product Documentation ± Release 9.1.3
Link to Release 9.1.3 is SAS Procedures
Find procedures across products alphabetically Cut & paste from Examples to save typos Task « Statement section often point to needed feature(s)

Base SAS
See SAS Language Reference: Dictionary for help with data set options, formats, functions, and statements See online manuals for SQL programming, macro language, ODS, and running SAS under windows (SAS Companion)

Other Tips
Use Search dialog when clueless Use PDF manual when printing a section

Procedures Documentation

Product Documentation ± Release 9.2
Link to Release 9.2 is Click on a topic (e.g. SAS Reference) Click on a subtopic (e.g. Functions) Click on a book (e.g. SAS Language Reference: Dictionary)
Choose to view in HTML or as a PDF Expand tree on left to drill to topic of interest

Most of the topics of interest to programmers can be found under SAS Reference

Samples and SAS Notes
Samples and Notes are now intertwined into a Knowledge Base
No more Tech Support FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tips for Searching Samples and SAS Notes
Select Samples, Usage Notes, and/or Product Notes Browse by suggested topics, then refine result
Use drop-down filters to winnow results

Other search tips
Use minus, ³-´, to exclude search terms Prefacing terms with ³title:´ restricts search to title Enclose terms in quotes to return exact phrases

search KB for ³pipe´ samples

Submitting Problems via the Web
Why use web instead of phone?
Submit problems when SAS Tech Support phones closed Get best consultant for your question Consultants can work on problem during phone duty

Link is
Site number changes for Release 9.2 Phone # is prefixed by country code (+1) ³Check Problem Status´ links to Tracks system

Encapsulate your problem before sending
Faster resolution If your problem can be replicated by SAS Supply data through DATALINES (CARDS) or SASUSER sample data Strip out non-relevant portions before send
Your problem may go away when non-relevant code is removed !

SAS Focus Areas
Created by SAS R&D to share information about both new and existing products. Link is Mostly a mechanism to ³push´ papers, sample, code, and tips about a product or subject to users At the bottom of each page is a mailto: link to send comments and questions back to that R&D area
Base SAS covers DATA Step, ODS, SAS®9 features, FAQs (frequently asked questions, also in SAS Notes) Other focus areas include Data Visualization, Migration, Scalability, Statistics, and SAS AppDev Studio Sending mail to is an alternative to posting questions to R&D about ODS if the question relates to obscure ODS features The mailto: link is also a good alternative if you are having problems with an experimental feature of SAS Web section, which covered SAS/IntrNet is gone. See

SAS Discussion Forums
Link: Unlike SAS-L, SAS employees allowed to post to forums New forums for SAS Procedures and SAS Macro Facility One of the forums is devoted to Enterprise Guide Most popular forums include ODS and Base Reporting Unlike SAS Tech Support, conversation is public so avoid posting proprietary information

SAS Discussion Forums

SAS Training
Top level link is Search for scheduled public and Live Web courses at: Want to learn about SAS or Enterprise Guide for free?

Want to experiment with SAS on your home computer? How do I get to my local SAS office or see the courses offered at my local SAS Office?

What is SAS-L?
A LISTSERV based world-wide SAS discussion group that is ³always open´ Can post and search posted messages to the group via e-mail or via a web interface. Link: Good for best practices and advice that falls outside the range of topics that SAS Tech Support addresses
Examples: SAS interview questions, ways to read MS Office documents into SAS, problem setting up pipes to read Zip, GZ archives

When posting problems, include platform, SAS version, SAS Log messages, meaningful subject line, and sample data if possible so problem can be replicated SAS-related jobs are posted on SAS-L Not a good venue for questions involving proprietary information

SAS-L Archives

Post About PharmaSUG Proceedings
a global online SAS Community (Wiki) for SAS users created by the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board intended to be single entry point for SAS resources can search entries via a Google appliance on the site Can ³watch´ a page to be notified of changes navigate via the main menu on the left many SAS-related forums and blogs Sasopedia is another way to find some of the links mentioned in this presentation and more Opportunity Registry has replaced the job referral binders at SUGI/SGF is a work-in-progress remember that anyone can alter an entry!!!

Mining Conference Proceedings
Presentations at regional and SUGI/SGF SAS conferences have been published as PDF documents for over a decade and are freely available via the web Good source of mini-tutorials and ³how-to´ information Invited vs contributed presentations Search SUGI and SGF (SAS Global Forum, formerly SAS Users Group International) proceedings at:

Tip: check out contributed paper award winners

Search SUGI/SGF and regional conference proceedings at:

SAS Authored Conference Presentations
Invited conference papers verses SAS Presents SAS Technical Papers: Focus area have SAS presentations organized by R&D or product area:

Local SAS User Groups (LUGs)
Most local SAS user groups maintain a website:
Past and future meeting agendas and sign-up Newsletters Past presentations Local SAS employment opportunities Other useful links

Good example of LUG websites

User Groups on SAS Web site:
Find groups, see upcoming meetings Find [vertically oriented] special-interest user groups

Regional SAS User Groups
Raison d'être of regional user groups is their annual conference and their websites reflect this narrow focus
NESUG also offers speaker-sharing funds Membership in regional user groups is through affiliated LUGs

Primary source for learning about upcoming conferences
NESUG website has good FAQs section

Links to past conference proceedings on regional sites
Lex Jansen site can search past proceedings for single region

SCONSIG website
SAS Consultant Special Interest Group web site Link: Many features of interest to general SAS community
Information on SAS-L List of SAS training companies Book reviews Tips and Techniques Many links to SAS jobs and job searching Some non-SAS related information and links Some of the links are obsolete web site

The web offers many resources for solving SAS problems and learning how to use new SAS features Available 24x7 Links often shift but with some persistence, you can find the information that you seek or remember seeing Questions or comments? Please forward them to: Telephone: 484-804-2703

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