Nypa fruticans
Distribution, botanical description, ecological and economic importance

Outline of Presentation ‡ Taxonomy of Nypa fruticans ‡ Distribution ‡ Botanical description ‡ Ecological importance ‡ Economic importance ± Folkloric uses ± Nipa shingle production ‡ References .

Spermatophyta Previous SN ‡ Nipa fruticans Thunb. Wendl Order .Liliopsida Subclass .Systematics of Nypa fruticans ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Division .Angiospermae ‡ Cocos nypa Lour. Subdivision .Gamopetalae ‡ Nipa littoralis Blanco Series . Class .Pandanales Family ± Arecaceae Genus ± Nypa Species ± fruticans (Thunb.Calycineae ‡ Nypa arborescens Wurmb ex H.) Wurmb Pandanaceae Nipaceae Arecaceae (Palmae) .

Does not exploit truly littoral environments nor can it tolerate inundation with undiluted sea-water for extended periods. at the base of eroding slopes and cliffs. ‡ It can occur on low flats and depressions near or far from the main water bodies.NIPA ± mangrove palm ‡ It occurs most commonly in areas where brackish water occurs. . extending far upstream into permanent fresh-water areas where tidal-influenced water-level fluctuations are able to carry and deposit the seeds. or on sandy ridges or embankments.

Myanmar (Burma). also in Nigeria . New Guinea. Borneo. the Solomon Islands. Ryukyu Islands. ‡ India. Indonesia. Malaysia. extending from Sri Lanka east to the Solomon Islands and north to the Ryukyu Islands (ca 25° N).Distribution ‡ widely distributed throughout coastal and estuarine areas of south-east and east Asia. Philippines. northern Australia. Thailand.

5-10 meters long. . up to 1 meter long. large. subterranean. ‡ Leaves are at the ends of the rootstocks.Botanical description ‡ A stout. lanceolate. arising from the stout underground stem (rhizome). rosette and compound. ‡ Leaflets are numerous rigid. trunkless and thornless rootstock. 2 to 7 cm wide.

dry fibrous fruits with husks.Botanical description ‡ The inflorescence is an erect monopodial axis bearing 7-9 lateral branches and ending in a pistillate head. ‡ Fruiting heads on the top of the erect stalk consists of compact. oneseeded. ‡ The palm fruits are large. ribbed or unevenly compressed to angular. Male inflorescence fruits . 10 by 12 cm.

deserts of Asia Minor. ± London clay.Nipa in the fossil record ‡ Specimen dating back to Paleocene or earlier. South America ‡ Reasons of abundance of Nypa fossils could be explained by the nature of its habitat (recurrent flood and sedimenation) . some 60 70 million years old ‡ Pollen found all throughout the world. Bass Strait sediments.

etc.Ecological importance (Nipa plant community) ‡ Habitat to some animals (snails.clams. fish. crabs.) ‡ Pollution sink ‡ Buffer zone ‡ Decaying plant biomass hosts to many types of fungi .

inland 3. Alias.3 ecological group of fungi can be found: 1. obligate marine fungi . facultative marine fungi ± river banks.river mouth areas 2. terrestrial fungi Source: Hyde. K. A.D and S. . 2000.

‡ Ash of roots and leaves used for headaches and toothaches. used for herpes. ‡ Juice of young shoots.Folkloric Uses ‡ Decoction of fresh leaves used for indolent ulcers. ‡ The fermented sap diluted with water used as eyewash in eyelid and conjunctival inflammations. with coconut milk. .

wrappings for native delicacies. tobacco wrappers. ‡ midribs are used for making brooms. translucent. baskets. hats. the petioles for fuel. gelatinous balls used as a dessert ingredient) .Economic importance ‡ Leaves for thatching materials. vinegar or boiled down to sugar ‡ Young seeds are edible (attap chee -sweet. ‡ The sap from the inflorescence stalk can be used to make toddy.

I. M. 2005 . And A. Spiff.Other uses of Nipa ‡ Nipa biomass used to adsorb metal ions in aqueous solution Source: Wankasi. Horsfall Jr. D.

2004 . C.Other uses of Nipa ‡ Nipa extract as corrosion inhibitors for zinc on HCl Source:Orubite-Okorasaye. Oforka. And N. K.

How to make a nipa shingle? PRODUCTION COST 1 bundle of Nipa ± P 20 Bamboo slats ± P60 per 100 pcs Mamban ± P15 per 100 pcs 43-87 shingles per day. selling price 6-8 Pesos .

Nipa houses .

.. and to control the spread of Nypa palm in the worst sites of infestations³ .a menace in Eastern Niger delta ‡ Introduced in Calabar in 1906.An issue !!!!!! ‡ Nypa fruticans . spread to Bony area ‡ Nypa control program ³avert this ecological disaster.

Biodiversity and distribution of fungi asscociated with decomposing Nypa fruticans. Goh. Environ. ‡ Wankasi. Eleven new intertidal fungi from Nypa fruticans.W and I. B. African Journal of biotechnology Vol. And A. Ewa-Iboho. USA. A. Netherlands ‡ Hyde. Sci. T. Lu and S. Nypa Menace in Eastern Nigeria. K. Oforka. C. D. pp. ‡ Orubite-Okorasaye. Alias. Mgt. 923-927. Biodiversity and Conservation 9: 393-402. S. 2004. 1999. A.References ‡ Petters. K. Horsfall Jr. Research 103 (11): 1409-1422. And N. M. 2005. ‡ Nypa fruticans Wikipedia. Spiff. Alias. . Appl. The free Encyclopedia. ‡ Hyde. I. S. Corrosion inhibition of Zinc on HCl using Nypa fruticans Wurmb extract and 1. 2005. K.D and S. Mycol. NC. INCEED. J. 2000.5 Diphenyl Carbazone. Charlotte. D. Desorption of Pb2+ and Cu2+ from Nipa palm (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) biomass). 4 (9). Kluwer Academic Publishers. K.


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