Avoiding sentence openers of

“It is” and “There is ”(1)
使用It 及 There 開頭的句子容易使文章語多
累贅及曖昧不清。除非It 指的是先前句子所
提特定的名詞,否則完全的避免 It is 的句型。
數個由It is 開頭的句型應去除掉,因為他們
範例 1
• Original
It is noticed that few efforts have been made for
the assessment of COS emmision focusing on
the specific trips of different transport modes in
the megacities of China.
• Revised
Notably, CO2 emissions have seldom been
assessed with respect to specific patterns of
various transportation modes in Chinese
範例 2
• Original
It is the aim to address the energy consumed by
transport sector and the CO2 emissions generated by
Shanghai, which is the most commercialized city
equipped with the highest cutting edge passenger
transport technological infrastructure.
• Revised
Of priority concern is to address the energy consumed
by the transportation sector and subsequent CO2
emissions generated in Shanghai, the largest
commercial center in China that is equipped with the
most advanced infrastructure for passenger
範例 3
• Original
It is possible to create many designs with
the software.
• Revised
Many designs can be created with the
範例 4
• Original
There appears to be a fluctuation in the
• Revised
The curve appears to fluctuate.
範例 5
• Original
It was her decision that led to his
• Revised
She decided to promote him.
範例 6
• Original
There is a significant difference in terms of
efficiency between the proposed scheme
and conventional methods.
• Revised
The proposed scheme and conventional
methods significantly differ in efficiency.
範例 7
• Original
It was the recommendation of that study that the four
measures: setting fuel efficiency standard for new vehicles,
promoting hybrid vehicles, requirement of low emission
vehicle for fleet, and settle vehicle use limitation in rush hours,
should be initiated in Taiwan’s near future.
• Revised
That study recommended four timely measures for Taiwan, i.e.
establishing a fuel efficiency standard for new vehicles,
promoting hybrid vehicles, mandating low emission vehicles
for fleets, and limiting vehicular use during rush hour traffic.
範例 8
• Original
It is found that the percentage of metro users have increased
drastically given the last quarter of average number of metro
passengers are more than the annual average number of metro
users of 2009 by nearly 200 people, corresponding to Zhao (2009)’s
founding that there is a trend of urban transport demand shifting
from taxies and buses to rail transits. Therefore, the policy scenarios
are designed according to the trend of ascending number in the
volume of metro users, given that the overall public transport
ridership remains the same.
• Revised
The number of metro passengers has significantly increased in
percentage, as evidenced by their average number reaching nearly
200 during 2009 over the same period of the previous year. This
finding corresponds to the observation of Zhao (2009) of a trend of
shifting demand in urban transportation from taxis and buses to rail
transit. Subsequent transportation policies thus reflect the growing
volume trend of metro passengers, given that the overall number of
public transportation passengers remains the same.
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