Avoiding sentence openers of

“It is” and “There is ”(4)
使用It 及 There 開頭的句子容易使文章語多
累贅及曖昧不清。除非It 指的是先前句子所
提特定的名詞,否則完全的避免 It is 的句型。
數個由It is 開頭的句型應去除掉,因為他們
範例 1
• Original
It is apparent that the quality of life and education in
Taiwan improve, consequently the people also more and
more take own health concern. Therefore, it also drives
development of the relevant industry of medical. If the
hospital operation is very good, the home care, the
drugstore or the healthy food store can derive.
• Revised
Enhanced living standards and educational levels in
Taiwan have fostered a strong public health
consciousness, fuelling the development of the medical
sector. Effective hospital operations definitely contribute
to the maturation of the homecare, pharmaceutical and
health food sectors.
範例 2
• Original
It is commonly viewed that conventional organization
performance evaluate over rely on oneself and they
aimed at defect improve. They will not tell somebody
especially competition or cooperation industry. Therefore,
competition or cooperation industry must be understood
the hospitals organization performance or operation.
• Revised
Generally viewed as too subjective, conventional
evaluation models focus mainly on eliminating defects
rather than providing information regarding competing or
cooperative sectors, knowledge of which is vital to
enhancing organizational performance or operations.
範例 3
• Original
It goes without saying that chain store is an important
business model and has two types in substance, one is
regular store and the other one is franchising. Regular store is
more concerted in operations from franchiser, but invest too
much finance and manpower, it will be obstruct to develop.
• Revised
As an important business model, chain stores take the form of
either a regular store or a franchise. A regular store focuses
on operations from the perspective of a franchiser by
investing much capital and personnel to ensure further
範例 4
• Original
It is common knowledge that convenient stores,
pharmacies and supermarkets are applied to franchising
corporations popularly, but extend a great deal of outlet
unit not best way, on account of it will attack franchisees
in existence.
• Revised
As convenient stores, pharmacies and supermarkets are
common examples of franchising corporations, too many
franchise outlets will negatively impact the generated
revenues of other franchisees belonging to the same
範例 5
• Original
There is a need to secure franchisees income and
economize the use of corporations operating resource by
the franchisor that needs to limit in specific trade area.
But franchisors have not objective fashion to select the
best one when there are two or upward person will join
the chain store.
• Revised
A franchiser must limit its number of expanded outlets to
secure stable revenues for existing franchisees and
economize its use of corporate operating resources.
However, franchisers lack an objective means of
selecting the most promising franchisee intent on joining
the chain store.
範例 6
• Original
There are limitations on available options by the
surrounding environment.
• Revised
The surrounding environment limits available
範例 7
• Original
It is important that the conflict is reduced to
make a determination of the optimal setting of
the design parameters.
• Revised
The conflict must be reduced to etermine the
optimal setting of the design parameters.
範例 8
• Original
There is no significant difference between the
proposed procedure and Taguchi’s approach in
terms of effectiveness.
• Revised
The proposed procedure and Taguchi’s
approach do not significantly differ in
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