Electricity by definition is electric current that is used as a power sourc This electric current is generated in a power plant. and then sent out over a power grid to your homes. and ultimately to your power outlets .

The movement of charges such as electrons is called current. Charge Passing Through A Given Electric Current = Area ------------------------------Time . and this electrical current is what powers household appliances.

and the toll booth could represent the cross sectional area of the wire at a certain point.An easier way to think of electric current is to picture cars going through a Turnpike or Parkway Toll. that passed through the toll booth or a certain cross sectional area of the wire. The cars could represent electrons or charge. you would get the current! . If you counted the number of cars or electrons. and divided that number by the time it took for those cars or charges to pass.

or other sources is usually based on the: .Electric current generation .whether from fossil fuels. nuclear. renewable fuels.

magnets and copper wire that when put into motion relative to one another create the electric current that is sent out to homes. As long as the blades spin. wind power applies a force to the blades that turns them. The spinning blades. The major problem in electricity generation Is where does the Motion come from that keeps the copper wire and magnets moving relative to one another. spin an armature that turns the copper wire relative to the magnetic field. electricity will be generated! .So simple electric generators found in power plants contain. In this case.

.Resistance losses are smallest at high voltages and low currents .AC of 60 Hz produced by generator .

. running through the copper wire causes the armature to spin which is how most motors generate motion. electric current that was generated by generators in the power plant is used to power electric appliances.At home. The electric current.

-Conversion from potential energy of water to electric energy is at 80 ± 90% efficiency -Hydroelectric projects in the United States have rated capacities from 950 ± 6480 MW -The use of Water Power is much greater in some other countries. Norway obtains 99% of its electricity from water power. and New Zealand are close seconds. Brazil.Hydroelectric Shasta Dam In California . Nepal. Water generated .


.Large fluctuations in output are mainly due to variable rainfall totals .

However.ossibility of dam failure . -The Wild and Scenic River Act and the Endangered Species Act have inhibited development of some sites -Silt collection in hydroelectric Dam storage volumes over time causes maintenance issues. as well as environmental concerns -The loss of free flowing streams and land due to flooding behind the da disturbs the life of species: eg ± Salmon . further advances are unlikely.-About 50% of the United States potential for hydroelectric energy has b tapped.

Proportion of World¶s energy consumption .1997 Proportion of the world¶s Electricity generation .1997 .

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