For the group members: - Why did you choose him/her as your leader? - Was it easy following the instructions of your leaders? Did you have difficulty? Why/why not? - Did you have any resistance? Why/why not?

For the leader: .What did you feel when you were appointed to be the leader? .Was there any resistance? How did you deal with it? .was it easy leading the group? Did you have difficulty? Why/why not? .

FAITH CHRISTIAN FAITH CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN FAITH ³Believing in God.´ ³It is our µPlease come in!¶ to Christ who stands at the door and knocks (Rv 3:20)´ (PCP II 64).´ ³Believing that Christ reveals God to us in and through the Catholic Church.´ Faith is our personal response as ³disciples of Christ´ of accepting him ³as Lord and Savior. united in the Holy Spirit. .´ ³Believing in the God revealed by Jesus Christ. the body of Christ.

(PAGTITIWALA) It is impossible to live without faith! Faith. (PAGSUNOD) ‡We show our faith when we entrust our welfare to others. as a human reality. (PANINIWALA) ‡We show faith when we readily obey the directions of those over us.FAITH IN HUMAN RELATIONS: ‡We show our faith when we accept the words of others. . is central to our lives. even to strangers .


expressed in particular beliefs in specific truths by which we adhere to Christ. FAITH IS PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST. to follow Christ in the Church he founded´ (PCP II 36) ‡As a Theological virtue: Faith is our personal knowledge of God in Christ. FAITH IS OUR WHOLE LIFE IN CHRIST. . to love.FAITH IN GOD: ‡As our total response to God¶s revelation: ³It is to know. WHO IS OUR TRUTH.

1965.1. He must have the interior help of the Holy Spirit. man must have the grace of God to move and assist Him.´ (Vatican II. Before this faith can be exercised. and makes it easy for all to accept and believe the truth. who moves the heart and converts it to God. who opens the eyes of the mind. By faith. making the full submission of his intellect and will to God who reveals.³The obedience of faith must be given to God as He reveals Himself. and willingly assenting to the revelation given by Him.5) . Dei Verbum ch. no. man freely commits his entire self to God.

NOTIONS OF FAITH Faith (³FIDES or ASSENSUS´) Latin Faith (³FIDUCIA´) Latin The belief or mental assent to some truth about the Nature of God (supernatural truth) or about the past (historical truths) The basic orientation of the total person which may include belief but is best described as trust. confidence and loyalty. .

Two Elements of Faith: (James P.e. Mackey) contains the knowledge element. the truths of faith the inner attitude of abandonment of one·s whole life and existence . i.

who shall reign forever´ (cf.10. the best example of this total and absolute commitment to God.TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE Already the Old Testament contrasted faith ³in man in whom there is no salvation´ with faith in ³the Lord who made heaven and earth . Christ himself provides. . . Death and Resurrection. Only Faith in God calls for a total and absolute adherence (cf. especially in his Passion. . Ps 146:3. Jer 17:5-8).5-6. CCC 150).

. Our Faith as Catholics. then. Faith is our adherence to the Triune God revealed through Jesus Christ our Lord. consists in our personal conviction and belief in God our Father. and especially in his Passion. Death and Resurrection. CCC 151-52).TRINITARIAN For us Christians. in their Holy Spirit. and in the Holy Spirit sent into our hearts. in the Father. revealed by Jesus Christ. His own divine Son-made-man. we come to believe in Christ our Savior. Through Christ¶s witness to his Father in his teaching. PCP II 64. and their presence to us through the Holy Spirit. It is our friendship with Christ and through Christ with the Father. in the Church (cf. preaching. miracles.

EN 24. This means we are all called to share in Christ¶s own three-fold mission as priest. PCP II 67-71. LG 10-13). MATURING. for ³the man without love has known nothing of God. prophet and king (cf. Such a missionary spirit is the test of authentic Faith because it is unthinkable that a person should believe in Christ¶s Word and Kingdom without bearing witness and proclaiming it in his turn (cf. . by bringing others the Good News (cf. AND MISSIONARY Our Christian Faith is truly life-giving and mature only through love. 402). for God is love´ (1 Jn 4:8). It thus impels us to mission. 1 Cor 9:16). to evangelize. And to be Christian. like Christ¶s. PCP II 116-21.LOVING. this love must be inseparably love of God and love of neighbor.

trusting that he has ³the words of eternal life´ (cf. PCP II 65). and alone makes possible for us an adequate faith-response (cf. NCDP 147). It must be ³communitarian´ since it is the Church that transmits to us Christ¶s revelation through Sacred Scripture and its living Tradition. . Jn 6:68.INFORMED AND COMMUNITARIAN PCP II insists that Catholic Faith must be ³informed.´ that is ³believing Jesus¶ words. and accepting his teachings.

³This is how all will know you for my disciples: your love for one another´ (Jn 13:35. fellow workers. we live out our faith in God precisely in our daily relationships with family. in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son. PCP II 72-73.INCULTURATED This Catholic faith in God and in Jesus Christ is never separated from the typical Filipino faith in family and friends. . On the other hand. cf. our Savior. On the one hand. and in their Holy Spirit dwelling within us in grace. 202-11). friends. each of these is radically affected by our Catholic Faith in God our Father. 162. etc.

This habit made him a very good preacher of the Word of God. He gave into frustration which led him to indulge in alcohol. Most of the time. gambling and womanizing. . or even the buses just to let people hear God¶s word and provide himself a living. Since his earnings are not enough to support himself. he preaches in crowds: marketplaces. He reads the Bible everyday listens to good preachers and memorizes every single verse he reads. His life turned into a mess and he blames God for his fate.Situation: Jeffrey is very well versed in Scriptures. he became desperate and frustrated in his life. He believes in it. sidewalks.

Does faith in God entail only memorization of God¶s word? 4. Is there a connection between believing and acting? Believing and trusting God? Explain 5. What do you think is the problem of Jeffrey? 2. What dimension of faith does Jeffrey possess or exhibit? .Cooperative Learning: THINK-PAIR-SHARE 1. Do you think Jeffrey is suffering from lack of faith? Why or why not? 3.

neither angels nor principalities. Pagkilala sa Ama. our Lord´ (Rom 8:38-39) DOCTRINE WILL What should I do? MORALS HEART What can I hope for? WORSHIP . that the Son of God has come and has given us discernment to recognize the One who is true´ (1 Jn 5:19-20). ³Keep His commandments´ (1 Jn 2:3). sa Anak at sa Espiritu Santo. . ³Neither death nor life. . neither the present nor the future. will be able to separate us from the love of God that comes to us in Christ Jesus. which means to ³love in deed and truth and not merely talk about it´ (1 Jn 3:18). neither height nor depth nor any other creature. nor powers.MIND What can I know? We can know God as Our Father and Christ as Our Lord. ³Know that we belong to God . This demands acting on the credibility of God¶s teachings in Christ as true and dependable.

PCP II 74-77). It is like the deep knowledge we have of our parents. and he with me´ (Rv 3:20). Christian Faith. This trusting Faith ³lives and grows through prayer and worship´ __ personal heartfelt conversation with God that is the opposite of mindless. PCP II 78-80). and have supper with him.Faith is knowing. In our concrete situation. If anyone hears me calling and opens the door. and hoping in the Lord that comes from God¶s own love flooding our hearts. or of anyone we love dearly. in the Holy Spirit (cf. Let it be done to me as you say´ (Lk 1:38). then. is personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as ³my Lord and my God´ (Jn 20:28). but not mere ³head knowledge´ of some abstract truths. PCP II brings out this ³doing´ dimension of faith as ³witnessing´ through ³loving service´ of our needy neighbors. particularly urgent is the call for: 1) deeds of justice and love. Faith is a commitment to follow (obey) God¶s will for us. mechanical repetition of memorized formulas. This we see exemplified in Mary¶s ³I am the servant of the Lord. the Catholic community¶s official public Trinitarian worship of the Father. trusting. and 2) for protecting and caring for our endangered earth¶s environment (cf. Genuine personal prayer and group prayer find both their inspirational source and summit of perfection in the Liturgy. through Jesus Christ our Lord. I will enter his house. Christ solemnly assures each of us: ³Here I stand knocking at the door. . Faith is from the heart __ the loving.

CHART OF CHRISTIAN FAITH Joseph L. Rosche. Ideological Activism (No Prayer) Dogmatism Doctrine (Creed) ORTHO{DOXY {PRAXIS Moral [Commandments] [Activism] Sources: Church Teaching Human Experience Pious Dogmatism (No Praxis) Worship (Sacraments) [Ritualism) Idealistic Activism No doctrinal base .J. S.

no praxis Ideological Activism no prayer Chart of Christian Faith doctrinal basis. no praxis Pious Activism .no doctrinal Dogmatism . prayer. The points combine 2 sides while denying the opposite side .PARALYSES IN FAITH ‡ Activism . Orthodox Faith embraces all 3 sides 2. no prayer Ritualism . Isolation of one side from the two creates the fundamentalism in square brackets.

‡a gift of God through both Revelation and interior inspiration. ‡reasonable. the Church. ‡an individual act of our graced reason. yet a ³mystery´ because like love. yet beyond our natural ways of knowing. yet morally binding in conscience. ‡a free personal response to God. ‡a personal individual response. yet something we do nobody can ³believe´ for us. yet only possible as a member of the Christian community.‡certain enough to die for. . yet also a life-long process. there is always more to understand.

and ‡ opens us to deep joy and happiness in the Lord. We are ³sure´ of their love and we try to respond to them. Faith is something like the loving knowledge we have of our family and friends.Faith in Jesus Christ: ‡ helps us to grow into adult persons who can relate to others responsibly and maturely. . Likewise. and try to respond through the gift of faith. we are absolutely sure of His love for us. through God¶s Revelation in Christ. ‡ liberates us from being enslaved by sin.

and the conviction of things not seen. Personal response or adherence of the whole man to God who reveals Himself.´ Hebrews 11:1 ‡ a Faith in Filipino: Pananampalataya Pagtitiwala Pananalig Paniniwala A GIFT OFGOD by which WE FREELY ACCEPT God¶s communication in Christ.³Faith is the confident assurance of things hoped for. . Involves an assent of the intellect and will to the self-revelation God has made through His deeds and words.

Faith must grow (2 Cor.Faith that is thought about and faith acted upon.´ John Henry Cardinal Newman . 10:15) 10:15) ³Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt.

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