To understand how the DTH industry is competing against the local cable industry To understand the market share of various players in the DTH Industry To segment the DishTV market based on upon various demographics To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of DISH TV against its various competitors   

DTH 16% Terrestial 21%

Cable 63%


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Threat of New Entrants LOW

argaining Power of Suppliers HIGH

Inter firm rivalry VERY HIGH

argaining Power Of uyers HIGH

Threat of Substitutes H IGH

Airtel Live 8% Tata Sky 29%

Videocon D2H 2% 0% Dish TV 30%

Reliance ig TV 18%

Indian DTH Industry 

Dish TV has the highest market share Tata Sky is fast catching up with 29% market share Interestingly, a new entrant Sun Direct has a 13% market share which is primarily concentrated in the south India


Sun Direct 13% 


Traffic Active ² Offers live traffic update Live TV on Indian luxury trains Tie-up with Ten Sports ² HD Telecast of sports Dish Tru HD ² Richer, deeper and more panoramic than standard definition viewing

Customer survey results 

DTH penetration across India North and West India have equal % of DTH and Cable connections. Thus offering huge potential to exploit these regions South India seems to have a higher population for DTH users thus offering less market space for the DTH firms to operate. Data for Eastern India was not sufficient enough to conclude anything. DTH penetration across students and working professionals Students seems to have a higher preference for DTH as compared to working professionals. The primary reason is the average time spent by the working professionals watching television is far less than the time spent by the students. Thus, students or thee younger generation has a higher urge to upgrade to the DTH technology.

Customer survey results contd.. 

DTH penetration across different income groups The higher income group i.e. the people earning more than 50K have a higher percentage usage for DTH services. The primary reason for this feature is the higher installation and higher monthly rentals for the DTH services DTH usage across different age groups Dish TV is preferred more as compared to other DTH service providers across the different age groups. This is majorly attributed to the fact that Dish TV has the first mover·s advantage in the DTH industry.

Customer survey results contd..
DTH usage across professionals
70 6

50 40


20 10 0


2 6 12
0 4 1


W orking Professional Tata Sky Airtel DTH



Big TV

Sun TV 

DTH usage across male and females Dish TV is preferred by the males over its close competitor Tata Sky because of the interactive services such as online job portals are more closely followed by the males. However, females prefer Tata Sky over Dish TV as the interactive services offered by the Tata Sky as cookery shows, etc are more popular amongst the females particularly the house wives. DTH usage amongst the students and professionals The students or the younger people keep on changing to different DTH service providers as time passes whereas the working professionals tend to stay fixed to a particular DTH service for longer period. Thus, the first mover advantage that Dish TV had was eroded for the students.

Customer survey results contd.. 

Correlation (Features) This chart represent the correlation between the overall satisfaction score and the satisfaction scores associated with the various services provided by the Dish TV. It can be seen that the correlation is maximum in the case of Integrated remote followed by movie screening. Interestingly, the number of channels provided by Dish TV has the least correlation with the overall satisfaction . Overall Correlation This graph represents the correlation of the decision taken by the buyer with respect various features. It can be clearly seen that the maximum importance given by the buyers while buying Dish TV is given to the price and the service of the Dish TV.  roadcast is given the least importance. This might be because the broadcasting service is consistent across all service providers.

Customer survey results contd.. 

Communication Media Print media/ roachers/ Hoardings has been most effective to communicate Dish TV as almost 33% respondents to the survey have responded to it. Following next is the word of mouth publicity and television advertisements which influence the buying decisions of the consumers. Internet contributed least to the communication media. This might be because the company has not sufficiently invested in the online promotion campaigns. Recommendations This chart shows the recommendations that people who are using Dish TV and are dissatisfied with its service would give to other people. 41% of them would suggest Airtel whereas 37% would suggest Tata Sky. Interestingly 15% would still suggest Dish TV to others.

Higher income groups change to DTH services faster DishTV is expanding at a very fast rate in the southern region. It lags behind in west and north TATA Sky is its biggest competitor in the age group of 20-25 years DishTV has to innovate to remain market leader    

Validity and reliability of the responses Accuracy due to intentional deception, poor memory, misunderstanding Chances of error in spite of usage of correlation methodology 

€ Comparative

study of the DTH operators with a larger sample on the special features that appeal to the consumers

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