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“Try not to become a man of success,

but rather try to become a man of
National Competitors-
 National Institute of Fashion Technology

 National Institute of Fashion Design 

Local Competitors-
 Abids Lakhotia Institute of Art & Design

 Classic Fashion, Textile Designing and Fine

Arts Centre
  Set up under Ministry of Textiles India

 Strong presence since last 25 years

 13 Branches in nearly all the main cities of

 Scholarship and reservation for

underprivileged and deserving students

 Member of "Fashion school foundation of

Courses Provided by NIFT
 Fashion design,
 Garment manufacturing technology
 Apparel marketing
 and Merchandising
Strategies by NIFT
 Ads in newspaper and magazines
 Big fashion tycoons are as Visiting and online
 During promotion more focus on being part of
Ministry of textiles.
 Localize ads to get local taste .
 National presence in all the big cities and
now focus second tier cities to cater the
Reasons behind being No. 1
 More Advertisement in Study magazines
and News dailies.
 Supported by Government.
 Big budget
 Quality education
 More focus on market trends and Local
trends as well
 Taking students for special classes with
big people in industry.
………Reasons behind being
No. 1
 Highly developed teaching tools.
 More focus on looking in to the creativity of
students instead of Teaching more and more.
 Providing more practical classes.
 Providing competitive environment where
student could see and match the level with
other institutions.
Abids Lakhotia Institute of
Art & Design
 Promoting through hoardings and banners .
 Pump lets to the walking people
 Paper Ads in The Hindu, Times of India and Eenadu.
 Low Fees structure in comparison to other institutes
 More focus on cost efficient process of promotion.
 Limited courses to reduce the cost of faculty.
Classic Fashion,Textile Designi
ng and Fine Arts Centre
 Running no. of courses Fashion Designing, Textile Designing,
Cooking, Baking, Beautician, Fine Arts.
 They claim to give timing for joining and class anytime which is
convenient to student.
 No deadline, no issue to have full no. of student to start the
classes . Even they can start classes with one student.
 Genuine fee structure according to the facilities.
 Promoting through banners and hoardings
Classic Fashion………..

 Paper ads in Sakshi , The Hindu, Times of

India and other papers.
 More focus on quality education.
 No marketing of institute.( In-house
 Strong presence in the market since last 16
  A carefully developed brand strategy will enable you
to transform your products and services into powerful
brands, create new brands for your target markets,
and position your brand in the competitive market
 Appeal to a high revenue potential need or market
 Be Unique
 Be Consistent
 Be a powerful motivator for potential and existing
Hamstech “ Tagline”
 Keeping a Tagline which reflects the uniqueness of
institute. Like
 “ Where fashion arrives first”,
 “We give the way to think with uniqueness” ,
 “where new and unique fashion are routine work”,’
 “Looks different , feels better and creates unique.”,
 “Eye blinks and fashion changes at Hamstech”.

 Segmenting,
 Targeting

 Positioning
 We can segment our potential students
according to the colleges running in
Hyderabad .
 Colleges like Villa Marry and Bhavan,s
they have good potential students.
 Places like Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills
are more potential.
 Class 12th pass students.
 Families which have annual earning
more than 3Lacs.
 Good colleges of Hyderabad
 Should look for a new positioning like-
 “Eye blinks and fashion changes at
Hamstech”, means place where fashion gets a
new face everyday.
 Entrance test passed students will be given
some scholarship
 Online classes by big fashion designer
Logo of Hamstech
 Logo should reflect “how do we match our self with
new trends in market of fashion.”
 Logo should have “vibrant color” combination in
 Easy to understand.
 It must have some image of human which could
give a feel of fashion in practical.
 It should have message of continuity.
Strategies to Excel the
 Sponsorship of annual functions of Professional and
Technical colleges.
 Some games should be held at Inter colleges to get the
 Target 12th passed student through Bulk SMS services.
 Target more to local market and try to get edge over
local competitors .
 Big Hoardings near main bus stands like
Mehadipattanam and Lakdi ka Pool.
Marketing Strategies
 Referral benefits to existing student.
 Giving autographed things to the
students by big designers and people in
the industry.
 Nameplates to the students with the
background of Hamstech.
 Local preference of style in sitting plan
in the class.
Promotional Strategies
 Target showroom of big brands where
fashionable new generation visits , we
can keep promotional material there.
 Organizing some activities at the Big
shopping malls and give some gifts.
 Our own fashion store where we will sell
clothes designed by our own students
Retail fashion Store Naming
“We should have a store where we can sell the apparels
designed by our own students.”
In the store we should have all the apparels very much
affordable initially , so that we can attract more people
for visit.
Window display should be done in attractive way .
This is a very much prevalent way to promote the
company it has been done by so many big designers
Conclusion Part
 NIFT is the market leader in Hyderabad .
 If company is promoted in Newspapers and TV then it can
get good hold in local market.
 Average awareness in the market for Hamsteck.
 Local market is “RED OCEAN”, so needs to create better
positioning .
 Teaching staff should be trained with the new trends
 New tools should provided to match the level.