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‡ Definition of work & organization culture ‡ Need for Culture ‡ Levels & types of Culture ‡ Difference in Culture of India & The West ‡ Examples of Google & Wal mart ‡ Conclusion
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Work Culture It is a combination of qualities in an organization and its employees that arise from what is generally regarded as appropriate ways to think and act. understandings and norms that is shared by members of an organization. Organization Culture It is a set of key values . 12/7/2010 3 . assumptions.

conduct.  The 12/7/2010 well-managed culture can improve performance significantly.Need for Culture  Culture is the vehicle through which individuals coordinate their activities to achieve common goals and expectations. . their roles fit within the larger picture.  Culture helps individuals understand how  Culture defines the norms of acceptable  Culture develops consistent interpretations of behaviors throughout the organization. traditions. 4  The "work culture" of an organization is a product of its history. values.

Flags.Levels of Organization Culture LEVEL 1-VISIBLE -Dress codes -Office layout -Symbols (Logos. 12/7/2010 5 . etc) -Slogans -Ceremonies[ monthly / annual awards/long service/birthdays etc.

12/7/2010 6 .Levels of Organization Culture (Contd.INVISIBLE -Stories about people performance -Corporate mission statements -Recruitment/selection -Social equality -Risk taking in business deals -Discipline and Autonomy for departments -Responsiveness to communication -Empowerment of staff.) LEVEL 2.

large corporations. Examples are universities. The organization provides a stable environment in which employees can development and exercise their skills. 7 o o 12/7/2010 .Types of Culture Researcher Jeffrey Sonnenfeld identified the following four types of cultures: Academy Culture o Employees are highly skilled and tend to stay in the organization. etc. while working their way up the ranks. hospitals.

such as investment banking. This type of culture exists in fast-paced. They are in high demand and can rather easily get jobs elsewhere. Baseball Team Culture o Employees are "free agents" who have highly prized skills. o 12/7/2010 8 . high-risk organizations. advertising. etc.

some law firms. Usually employees start at the bottom and stay with the organization. The organization promotes from within and highly values seniority. etc. o o 12/7/2010 9 . Examples are the military. Club Culture o The most important requirement for employees in this culture is to fit into the group.

There are many opportunities for those with timely. These organizations often undergo massive reorganization. 10 o o 12/7/2010 . Fortress Culture o Employees don't know if they'll be laid off or not. Examples are savings and loans. etc. large car companies. specialized skills.

11 12/7/2010 .Cultural Differences INDIA o Prefer indirect ways to communicate o Lack of time management o Facility of ´work from homeµ gives the impression of laxity. THE WEST o Use direct and straight forward means to communicate o Insist punctuality o Facility of ´work from homeµ is considered healthy.

 Founded: 1998 :  Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin :  Incorporation: September 4. CA 94043 12/7/2010 12 . 2004  Headquarters: 1600 Amphitheatre : Parkway. 1998 :  Initial public offering (NASDAQ): August 19. Mountain View.

 Offices: Locations around the world.  The culture of the Google informal and relaxed o o o o They still carry on like a small company. Everyone shares ideas and opinions Preference to ability over experience Questions can be directly addressed to the board by any member 13 12/7/2010 . :  Headquarters : Googleplex.

Principles followed         12/7/2010 Integrity Privacy and Freedom of Expression Responsiveness Respect for each other Equal opportunity employment Drugs and Alcohol Safe workplace Dog policy 14 .

S. Industry : Retailing  Founded : Rogers. (1962)  Founder : Sam Walton  Headquarters : Bentonville.  Area served : Worldwide   12/7/2010 CEO : Mike Duke Products : Discount Stores. U. Supercenters.S. Neighborhood Markets 15 . Arkansas. Arkansas. U.

 Emphasizes religion. a classless collective identity. progressiveness. Sam Walton·s concern & respect for staff has created an environment of trust that persists to this day. 12/7/2010 16 . patriotism. and low costs. ecology. rationality. science.  He met staff. calling them by their first name and encouraged change.

The customer is the boss Exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction 17 2. The strong culture of Wal mart lies in its three basic beliefs 1. Service to the Customer  3. Respect for the Individual  Every associate's opinion is respected. Strive for Excellence  12/7/2010 .

Conclusion ‡ Every organization has its own unique culture which defines: ‡ ‡ ‡ The way in which it works The way they solve their problems Take decisions and many more ‡ It also defines their personality 12/7/2010 18 .

by.References o Organizational culture by Dr.Jain o Research work on Google. Manoj Jain and Shyam Nath G S o Wikipedia o Organizational Behavior by Stephen Robbins 12/7/2010 19 .T.K.

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