Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Wilmington University
August 7, 2010

Jacquelyn Dunkley-Brown Debra Grigioni Tiffany Jones Kevin Berry Dustin Lausch

Sex in Overdrive We live in a world that bombards us with sex on TV. advertising . music. and movies Unfortunately. it infiltrates the work place .

The Meaning of Sexual Harassment ‡ A form of gender discrimination ‡ Unwelcome sexual advances from either genders ‡ Request for sexual favors ‡ Other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature .

or an offensive remark. ‡ SEVERITY: Relates to the level of the behavior whether it is physically threatening. Sexual harassment is unwanted sexually suggestive physical actions or verbal remarks that crosses the barrier of professionalism.Three Criteria There are three important criteria for determining if sexual harassment has occurred ‡ SEX: The gender of the recipient or the offender is not relevant. ‡ FREQUENCY: Refers to repeated behavior. humiliating. . where the behavior is not conspicuously bad or offensive. In subtle cases of harassment. this is an important basis to determine the severity.

Gender Sexual Harassment ‡ Majority of complaints come from women ‡ Complaints from men are less frequent. and involve both male and (increasingly) female supervisors ‡ Very few complaints from women against women .

Fact: ‡ In that same year. Fact: ‡ In 2009. totaled 51. the Equal Employment opportunity commission (EEOC) and state equivalents received 12. employers. it brings spotlight to places that have overlooked them. 696 complaints of unlawful sexual harassment and resolved 11. sexual harassment pay-out to U.S. excluding cases that went to trial.5 million .Truths about Sexual Harassment Cases Speaking up does more than change policies.948 complaints. which results in settlements.

Causes of Sexual Harassment ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Intimate and intense work relationships Sharing common interest Depend on each other for teamwork and support Depend on supervisors approval for Opportunities and career success ‡ Staff and managers can be accustomed to power they both may have ‡ Physical closeness can blur professional boundaries ‡ Workplace bulling .

police. technology ‡ Sexual harassment is less about sex and more about control and domination .Causes of sexual harassment (cont. mining.) ‡ No occupation is immune to sexual harassment ± Blue and white collar positions ‡ Firefighters. medical.

Quid Pro Quo 2. Hostile Work Environment .Terminology There are two specific legal terms in employment law relating to Sexual Harassment: 1.

Quid Pro Quo Harassment ‡ Something for something ‡ A job benefit of any kind that is directly tied to a sexual encounter .

com/ . or unwanted physical contact as a regular part of the work environment http://www.Hostile Work Environment Harassment ‡ Defined as an occurrence when an employee is subject to comments of a sexual nature. offensive sexual material.kantola.

Do you remember the Platinum Rule? Treat others the way they want to be treated ± Examine the photograph and caption in the next slide ± What is happening? ± Could it be interpreted as Sexual Harassment? .

??? .

What does this mean to me? ‡ Behavior does not have to be in sexual in nature ± Unwanted behavior. treating someone differently simply because you are a woman or a man ± Stereotyping due to gender can be considered sexual harassment .

but it can impact many more ‡ If an Associate feels the conduct is "offensive" or "unwelcome. and it is experienced through the recipient.Your Subjective Can Be The Objective ‡ Keep in mind that sexual harassment is subjective. ." there is a chance a jury may too.

Sexual harassment cannot exist in an organization that is committed to a culture of dignity and respect. .

Co-workers should be treated less like objects of fantasy .

And more like equals. .

Questions? .

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