.WHAT IS A CIRCUIT BREAKER ?? y A circuit breaker is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. y Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and to immediately discontinue electrical flow.

y SF6 circuit breaker. y Water circuit breaker. y Hard gas circuit breaker. y Air blast circuit breaker. .Types of circuit breakers y OIL circuit breaker. y Vaccum circuit breaker.

.6 ties than air. y Heat convection is 1.Why SF6? y Pure SF6 is inert and thermally stable. y It is non-inflamable . y 5 times denser than air.non poisonous and odourless.

y Good thermal conductivity. y Excellent thermal stability. . y Unique arc-quenching ability.Properties of SF6 y High dielectric strength.

CONSTRUCTION y Three cylindrical large size steel tanks are mounted horizontally parellel to each other. . y A gas reservoir is provided to store gas at high pressure.each tank containing SF6 under pressure. y It consists of a moving contact and a fixed contact.

.ARC QUENCHING y The interuption of arc is achieved by the action of SF6 gas forcing itself at high speed on both the poles. y When arc is produced it is quickly transferd from fixed contact to arcing horn greately reducing burning effects.an arcing horn is placed inside the fixed contacts.


y Performance not affected by atmospheric changes. y Compact in size and electrical clearances are dractically reduced.advantages y Arc quenching time is very small. . y At low pressure and low velocity current chopping in possible. y No co2 formed so di electric strength does not decrease.

disadvantage y The only disadvantage is that circuit breaker becomes sophisticated. .


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