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and is one of the founders of the statistical quality control in the U. Lecturer and a Consultant. ‡ Dr. ‡ He was. Deming has an internationally-respected authority in the field of statistics. . ‡ Deming made a very significant contribution to Japan's reputation for innovative high-quality products and its economic power. Professor. Author. an American statistician.About W.Edward Deming ‡ William Edwards Deming was born in Sioux City. especially the sampling theory as well as its practice. Iowa on 14 October 1900 .S.

that was instituted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers. ± Recipient of the Shewhart Medal. from the Emperor of Japan. ± Recipient of the National Medal of Technology from President Reagan . ± Inducted into the Science and Technology Hall of Fame. ± The Deming prize.Contd ‡ Honours received were many ± Taylor Key award. 1983 ± Recipient of the Second Order Medal of the Sacred Treasure. American Management Association. Dayton.

THE DEMING S PRIZE ‡ The Deming Prize is one of the highest awards on TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world. William Edwards Deming ‡ Deming s Prize is a Japanese quality award for individuals and groups who have contributed to the field of quality control. over the years. ‡ Though it was originally designed to reward Japanese Companies for major advances in quality improvement. under the guidance of JUSE it is now available for non-Japanese entities also. . ‡ It was established in 1951 in commemoration of the Dr.

held in Hakone. Tokyo. ‡ Upon his visit. W. E.HOW WAS THE DEMING PRIZE ESTABLISHED? ‡ In July 1950. Deming s One-Day Course on Quality Control for Top Management. Deming was invited to Japan by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). Dr. Deming lectured his Eight-Day Course on Quality Control at the Auditorium of the Japan Medical Association in KandaSurugadai. This was followed by Dr. ‡ His teachings made a deep impression on the participants mind and provided great impetus to quality control in Japan. which was in its infancy. . Dr.

‡ The JUSE's board of directors unanimously made a resolution to establish the Deming Prize. . Dr. and today JUSE carries the overall administrative costs for the prize. ‡ Since then. Deming s generosity. proposed using it to fund a prize to commemorate Dr. ‡ Dr. Deming donated his royalties to JUSE. In appreciation of Dr. Deming s contribution and friendship in a lasting way and to promote the continued development of quality control in Japan. the Deming Prize has grown considerably. was compiled from stenographic records and distributed for a charge. Deming s Lectures on Statistical Control of Quality.‡ The transcript of the eight-day course. Kenichi Koyanagi. the late Mr. managing director of JUSE.

and management environment (Annual award) .Categories ‡ The Deming s Prize for individuals ± Given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the study of TQM or statistical methods used for TQM. or those who have made outstanding contributions in the dissemination of TQM ‡ The Deming Distinguished Service Award for Dissemination and Promotion (Overseas) ± Given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the dissemination and promotion of TQM. ‡ The Deming s Application Prize ± Given to organizations that have implemented TQM suitable for their management philosophy. Examination will be carried out every 3-5 years. scope/type/scale of business.

responsibilities.Deming s Prize Requirements 1. 5. authority. inter group. Appropriateness and effectiveness of Standardization. Clarity of quality and quality control Policies 2. Organisation of the Company in terms of clarity of roles. analyzing and processing of external/internal Information 4. communicating. Appropriateness of collecting. departmental relations etc 3. Human Resource Development and Utilization .

their measurement and influence. Quality Assurance Systems in the Company 7.Future plans directed toward the Organisations vision . Tangible/ Intangible Effects. Improvement Activities conducted/ encouraged by the organisation.Contd 6. Maintenance and control activities 8. 9. 10.

safety. quantity.Human resources development WEIGHTAGE 20 20 20 10 15 15 .New product development/or work process innovation 3.Management policies and their deployment regarding quality management 2.Criteria For Awarding Deming Application And Control Prize BASIS 1. costs.Maintenance and improvement of product and operational qualities 4. delivery.Establishment of systems for managing quality.Collection and analysis of quality information and utilization of information technology 6. environment. etc 5.

‡ According to the report by a Subcommittee. the Deming Prize Committee determines the winners of the Prize and notifies them. ± b) individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the dissemination of TQM. ‡ The examination will be carried out among candidates with recommendation from the members of the Deming Prize Committee.Deming s Prize For Individuals ‡ The Deming Prize for Individuals is an annual award given to: ± a) individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the study of TQM or statistical methods used for TQM. ‡ After the Prize winners have been determined by the Deming Prize Committee as mentioned above. ‡ The winners would be honoured with a Deming Medal . the winners are announced in some publications.

The Deming Prize Committee ‡ The Deming Prize Committee conducts the examination and awards the Deming Prize. . ‡ The Committee members are consisted of TQM experts from industries and academia ‡ The Deming Prize Committee consists of Deming Steering committee and five subcommittees to carry out the Deming Prize examination and discuss related matters. ‡ The chairman of the Japan Foundation of Economic Organizations(keidanren) assumes office as the chairman of the Committee.

‡ The System Amendment Subcommittee ± Reviews the systems and regulations regarding the Deming Prize and proposes necessary revisions to the Committee. .Structure And Roles Of The Committee ‡ The Deming Prize Committee ± Determines the prize winner among candidates based on the examination report submitted by each respective subcommittee. ‡ The Deming Prize Steering Committee ± Establishes fundamental policies and scheme of the Deming Prize operation as well as overall planning. ‡ The Total Adjustment Subcommittee ± Coordinates Deming Prize-related activities. widely listens to input on how to improve the examination and award process and reports its recommendations to the Committee.

‡ The Deming Prize for Individuals Subcommittee ± Examines and selects the candidates for the Deming Prize for Individuals . . ‡ The Deming Application Prize Subcommittee ± Examines and selects the candidates for the Japan Quality Medal .and the Deming Application Prize. Also. conducts the TQM Diagnosis by Deming Prize Committee Members ‡ The Nikkei QC Literature Prize Subcommittee ± Examines and selects the candidates for the Nikkei QC Literature Prize.and the Deming Distinguished Service Award for Dissemination and Promotion(Overseas).

Examination Expenses and Application Fee ‡ The examination of the Japan Quality Medal/ Deming Prize is volunteered by the examiners. ‡ JPY1.000-* per additional examination unit ± In case of three examination units. in order to appropriate for the administrative expenses associated with the examination.200.000-* X 2 = JPY2.000. *As from 2009 . ‡ However. the following application fee is made payable: ± One examination unit*: JPY1.200.000-*.000-* + JPY400.200.000-* ± Two or more examination units: ‡ JPY1.000-* + JPY400.

Effects Of Deming s Application Prize ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Quality Stabilization And Improvement Productivity Improvement/ Cost Reduction Expanded Sales Increased Profits Thorough Implementation Of Management/ Business Plans Realization Of Top Managements Dream TQM by Total Participation And Improvement Of The Organisational Constitution. ‡ Heightened Motivation ‡ Establishment Of Management Subsystems and Total Management System .

Farm Equipment Sector. Seat Division Rane Engine Valves Limited Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited. Auto Glass Division Tata Steel Limited (1998) (2001) (2002) (2003) (2003) (2003) (2003) (2004) (2004) (2004) (2005) (2005) (2005) (2007) (2008) . TVS Motor Company Ltd. Steering Gear Division Asahi India Glass Limited. Brakes India Ltd. Lucas-TVS Ltd. Rane Brake Linings Ltd. Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. Industrial Synthetics Business Krishna Maruti Limited.. Indo Gulf Fertilisers Ltd. Foundry Division. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.Winners Of Demings Prize..India ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Sundaram-Clayton Limited. SRF Ltd. Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd. Brakes Division..

Michael J Williams.. The Deming Prize for Individuals Dr. Takao Enkawa Professor. Ltd. President GC Dental (Suzhou) Co. Division General Manager. Senior Managing Director. Kazuyoshi Takahashi.2010 DEMING S PRIZE WINNERS 1. President & CEO . Rohit Saboo. Production Division Meidoh Co.. Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Tokyo Institute of Technology 2. Chairman of the Board National Engineering Industries Limited (India) Mr. (Japan) Mr. (China) Mr. Hiroyasu Hasegawa. Ltd. The Deming Application Prize ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Corona Corporation (Japan) Mr.


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