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 The oldest of the 76-million baby boomer generation

are set to reach their 65th year -- traditional
retirement age -- in the year 2011

 Consequently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

has reported that the percentage of older workers in
the workforce is presently increasing at the same
time younger worker percentages are decreasing
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 (hen baby boomer retire, 10 occupations have been

cited by BLS as those most likely to be affected:
secretaries; heavy truck drivers; elementary school
teachers, janitors, secondary school teachers;
registered nurses, bookkeeping, accounting, and
auditing clerks, university teachers; educational,
administrators, and farmers.
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 The Indian auto industry could suffer a shortfall of 3.9

million graduates, 0.6 million engineers and 0.75
million personnel with vocational training by 2012,
says a recent report by the Confederation of Indian

 Last year the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group owned

Adlabs spent over eight months searching for
someone to head their multiplex business
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 Úore than half (56%) of the finance and human

resources managers surveyed worldwide reported
difficulty finding skilled job candidates

 58% of respondents worldwide and 73% of

respondents in the United States expressed concern
about losing their top performers to other job
opportunities, up from 43% and 46%, respectively, in
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 India recently signed loan agreements worth $300

million with the (orld Bank for meeting the shortage
of faculty and upgrade standards of research and
development in engineering and other technical

 IT giants on a major recruitment drive.

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 Lack of appropriate training and education

 Family Obligations

 Non Ȃ competitive compensation packages

 Lack of responsibility / challenging work

 Lack of advancement opportunities


 ! % ) +Graduates of non-elite

schools suffer from weak English skills. Some
1.3 million people applied to tech-services
giant Infosys last year. Fewer than 2% of those
were employable. In-house training programs
for new recruits at top Indian IT services firms
such as Infosys, Genpact, and Tata
Consultancy Services fill some of the gaps.
But by next year, India will have a shortfall of
150,000 IT engineers and 350,000 business-
process staff.

 !-  ) + |roduct managers

and engineers demand would increase
by 100 per cent in 2015 to 13,05,304 from
2010 figures of 9, 53,876. DzStudents
though excel in academics, but are not
updated with the soft skills and other
key attributes and competencies that
are a must for success in the food and
beverage industrydz says Sandip Úaithal,
Director Ȃ |eople Resources,
ÚcDonaldǯs India (North & East).

 ! !*)!    +

a major shortage of trained
medical professionals and
nurses in the country is a
major challenge for India in
providing healthcare services
to the people of India.

 *!+ An aging population means

that the people making up the
younger work force is lesser. They
are also better educated and
hence donǯt settle for low paying
jobs, resulting in a scarcity of
human resources.
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 Survey your workforce to determine what is or is not working for
 Conduct exit interviews.
 Review your performance management systems and
compensation levels.
 Review your employee job classifications.
 Review your workloads.
 ensure the work being performed is absolutely required and
aligned with the mission.
 Consider a more flexible work schedule.
 Develop creative ways to keep retirement aged workers e.g., job
sharing or telecommuting .
 Develop manager and supervisory employee relations skills .
 Address workforce conflict and individual performance issues.
 !) 0 '

 Find out what the going rate is for the position and at
least match it.
 Offer an employee benefit program.
 Úake lifestyle part of your employee recruitment
 Emphasize the benefits your small business offers.
 Be creative with perks.
' '  ( '!)

 Assisting staff to focus on highest priority work and

achieve better results.
 Removing barriers that might impede performance.
 Enabling staff to collaborate, share knowledge, and
be open to input regarding their skills, behaviors, and
 Helping staff expand abilities in areas of personal
passion that coincide with company needs.
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 Change Úanagement.
 Conflict Úanagement.
 Fostering Team Culture.
 |ersonal Growth and Development.









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Open new Develop staffing Recruit skilled Recruiting and

product line for new 2 workers 3 training
installation programs
Open new Develop technical feasible
Ȉ|roduction training programs
factory and
workers Transfers
distribution Transfer infeasible
system ȈSupervisors managers from because of lack
ȈTechnical staff other facilities of managers
with right skills
ȈOther managers 4
Develop new
objectives Recruit 3 Too costly to
and plans managers from hire from
outside outside
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 Choose human m

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Internal programs External
organizationa programs
l objectives Ȉ|romotion
ȈCareer planning
Demand ȈTraining
forecast for ȈExecutive
ȈTurnover control exchange
each objective

Aggregate Internal supply forecast External supply forecast

demand Does aggregate
forecast supply meet Aggregate supply
aggregate forecast
demand? No


Go to feasibility analysis steps

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  ( & )'
 Tight labor markets encourage employers to develop new
approaches to 2   


 As a result of scarce human resources, the enterprises are

motivated to     
2  to increase profitability
and reduce dependence on manpower.

 New recruits can be  

 in technologies and software as

 labour-intensive processing enterprises need to 

   of squeezing profit from hard-working labourers through
poor treatment and unfair practices  higher quality and added
value of products.
  ( & )'
 Companies are becoming increasingly    


         and cater to - a scarce labour

 Úore stress laid upon    


 in engineering and other technical institutes.

is being adopted by certain companies to
meet their needs.

 Recruiting from beyond the borders will give the company some

 towards solving problems and might   as well.

 Family Design
 (ork Culture
 Employee Benefits
 Technological Advances
 Industrial Landscape