A.S.E.A.N & N.A.F.T.

Presented by: Aveek S. Moitra Debosmita Ghoshal Rahul Saha Piyali Kundu Rupak Guha Shouvick Pramanick


Added 5 more countries.Basic facts of ASEAN Preceded by Association of Southern Asia (ASA). 1 identity ‡ Established ASEAN Free Trade Association in 1992. Anthem: The ASEAN Way. One. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . Community" "10 countries. One Identity. Formation done by 5 countries in1967. Motto: "One Vision.

Objective of AFTA ‡ To increase the ASEAN region s competitive advantage. ‡ ASEAN also set the goal of harmonizing national standard with international ones. ± CEPT Agreement ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Inclusion List TEL Sensitive List GE ‡ ASEAN represent concrete practical and business friendly initiative for lowering the cost of business. ± ISO ± IEC ± ITU .

. sovereignty. e) Non-interference in the internal affairs of ASEAN Member States. territorial integrity and national identity of all ASEAN Member States. security and prosperity.Policies of ASEAN a) Respect for the independence. equality. b) Shared commitment and collective responsibility in enhancing regional peace. d) Reliance on peaceful settlement of disputes. c) Renunciation of aggression and of the threat or use of force or other actions in any manner inconsistent with international law.

j) Upholding the United Nations Charter and international law. f) Respect for the right of every Member State to lead its national existence free from external interference.Continued. i) Respect for fundamental freedoms. . the principles of democracy and constitutional government. g) Enhanced consultations on matters seriously affecting the common interest of ASEAN. subscribed to by ASEAN Member States. good governance. and the promotion of social justice. the promotion and protection of human rights. h) Adherence to the rule of law.. subversion and coercion. including international humanitarian law..

Continued. languages and religions of the peoples of ASEAN. which threatens the sovereignty.. . in a market-driven economy". social and cultural relations while remaining actively engaged. including the use of its territory. pursued by and ASEAN Member State or non-ASEAN State or any non-State actor. territorial integrity or political and economic stability of ASEAN Member States. while emphasising their common values in the spirit of unity in diversity. m) The centrality of ASEAN in external political. outward-looking. l) Respect for the different cultures.. k) Abstention from participation in any policy or activity. economic. inclusive and non-discriminatory. n) Adherence to multilateral trade rules and ASEAN's rulesbased regimes for effective implementation of economic commitments and progressive reduction towards elimination of all barriers to regional economic integration.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ East Asia Summit Commemorative summit Regional Forum Other meetings ± Another Three ± Asia-Europe Meeting ± ASEAN-Russia Summit . Indonesia ± Latest would be held in 2011 in Manado. Indonesia.Various Summits ‡ ASEAN Summit ± 1st held in 1976 in Bali.


Michael Wilson. Carla Hills. Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney (Seated) Jaime Serra Puche. .NAFTA Initialing Ceremony. From left to right: (Standing) Mexican President Salinas. US President Bush.

History of the implementation ‡ The agreement was initially pursued by conservative governments in the United States and Canada supportive of free trade. President George H. ‡ There was considerable opposition in all three countries. . and the Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. ‡ The three-nation NAFTA was signed on 17 December 1992. pending its ratification by the legislatures of the three countries. but in the United States it was able to secure passage after Bill Clinton made its passage a major legislative initiative in 1993. U. led by Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Bush.S. W.

. Member Nations: US. Canada and Mexico. Many Tariffs are being eliminated over a period of 5-15 years. all non tariff barriers to agricultural were eliminated.3b) Huge benefits have accrued to the NAFTA member countries NAFTA has been a roaring success. Two way trade between US & Mexico has increased by more than 55% ($11.NAFTA Born in January 1994.6b) Two way trade between US & Canada increased more than 50% ($16. it s the world s largest free trade area. Under NAFTA.

software etc. Intellectual property Dispute settlement trading service (consulting. . Provisions to ensure the engineering. anti dumping measures and standards relating to safety. subsidised. safeguards.) Investment rules.NAFTA s coverage Trade rules.

Mechanisms Trade Industry Environment Agriculture Mobility of persons .

Issues Exports Investment Jobs Stability US Relations .

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