Celebrating 70 years of fun



= Pranks!!

‡ 70 years and the magic of Tom and Jerry is still alive and kicking ‡ Tom and Jerry series is still the favourite of kids adults in India and even

‡ Cartoon Network offers a laughing treat to its viewers with half an hour of lovable Tom & Jerry in Chooha Billi Chor Police every Mon-Thurs. 6-7.30pm

Studio visits 70 years of Tom & Jerry TJ Express Innovative outdoor hoardings Radio Contests Online promotions Consumer & trade emailers TJ in Multiplexes TJ Downloadables .COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Multi-layered communication outreach planned to create buzz and gain traction in key metros + P1 HSM markets. Mix of tools leveraged to maximize visibility and noise for Tom & Jerry Press Releases Birthday Themed events Interviews Birthday bash with NGO Feature Stories TV Channel.

ad-sales clients with their kids and celebrities ‡ ‡ Chandigarh | Mumbai | Ahmedabad Gala culmination in Delhi on the eve of April Fools Day ² March 31 PHASE 3: March 2010 ² ² ² Extensively supported marketing event for Navjeet NGO in Mumbai Tom & Jerry visit to national TV news channel studios in Delhi and Mumbai . 3 city Birthday themed events for media. multiplex activity. birthday parties etc.COMMUNICATION STRATEGY PHASE 1: January 2010 ² Pan-India press release to announce the launch of Cartoon Network in January 2010 Chooha Billi Chor Police programming block on PHASE 2: February 2010 ² Announced the launch of TJ campaign highlighting all engaging elements marking 70 years of Tom & Jerry ² TJ Express. On-air contests. distribution.

Monica Tata and Diana Hayden AHMEDABAD: MARCH 27 ² Elements: The Birthday Party themed event with the food game and tattoo artist.BIRTHDAY THEMED EVENTS ‡ CHANDIGARH: MARCH 18 ² Elements: Birthday themed event for media and their kids. followed by cutting a cheese shaped cake by Saloni. India s youngest comedian ² Saloni Daini performed a stand-up act with Tom & Jerry followed by the cutting caking ceremony with Krishna Desai as the photo-opportunity ‡ ‡ .Tom & Jerry birthday cake cutting with Krishna Desai MUMBAI: MARCH 20 ² Elements: Supported marketing event with Navjeet (NGO). Tom & Jerry performance on foot tapping bollywood number was followed by another photo opportunity moment . Roped in Saloni Daini. India s youngest stand-up comedian for an act with Tom & Jerry.

² Outcome: The Birthday party was a great success with packed house with 200+ attendees which included media with kids. March 31 ² Besides Tom and Jerry performance.FINALE CELEBRATION ‡ DELHI : March 31 ² Elements: Concluded the Tom & Jerry campaign with the grand Birthday Celebration in Delhi on the eve of April Fool s day. ad sales and distribution clients with kids and some of Delhi s celebrities with their kids . India s leading stand-up comedian Vir Das performed a Tom & Jerry specific act that enthralled the audience. a photo-kiosk and a tattoo artist. The grand finale had Tom & Jerry with Monica. ² The entire event was themed to exude Birthday Party look and feel with a game zone in the pre-function area. Vir and Sudhir cut a cheese shaped Birthday cake. ² India s renowned cartoonist Sudhir Tailang along with Monica Tata presented the Lifetime Achievement Trophy to Tom & Jerry for entertaining the viewers for seven decades.






photo-frames. towels and candy boxes given to all attendees across events .TOM & JERRY GOODY BAG Cartoon Network goody bags with Tom & Jerry masks.

RESULTS Readership (Print and Online): 46 Million Viewership (TV): 13 Million 312 clips/coverage generated including top publications (English & Hindi). channels and online media Excellent TV splash with 41 news channels covering Tom & Jerry s 70th birthday celebrations .

there are two groups of Indians . Bollywood Actor In the early 90s Tom and Jerry had a niche audience in India. some of my earlier action (scenes) was copied from the cartoon series ² Akshay that has grown up watching Tom and Jerry and the other that has been recently introduced. Actor . people here relate no differently with Tom and Jerry than people in the West ² Prasoon Joshi. I have grown up watching the show. Bollywood Lricist and Adman Tom and Jerry is one of the best things that could have happened to the world.CELEBRITY SPEAK«« I think I have learnt a lot from Tom & Jerry. In fact. He knows how to wade his way around and get an upper hand ² Pooja Bedi. largely the English speaking ones. My favourite character has always been Jerry because of his neverending enthusiasm to win. Now. and that is where I got a lot of ideas for doing action. Today.

I would design them in a pair of skinny and a funky pair of blue jeans and cool t-shirts. Fashion Designer . The speed at which they chase each other and turn the entire neighborhood in a complete mess is a thing to truly die for ² Shaina NC.CELEBRITY SPEAK«« Tom and Jerry combines the best simplicity with mischief. Politician/Fashion Designer They should be given a contemporary look. Jeans could be embedded with crystals and a hat to accompany it - Jattinn Kochhar.

Socialite Nida Mahmood .Designers Juhi Singh ² Entrepreneur Alia Madhu .Socialite Priti S. Kapoor .Designer Hemant and Nandita .Designer Tanisha Mohan .Socialite Charu Parashar .o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Monisha Bajaj ² Designer Kanchan Kapoor ² Socialite Jattin Kocchar ² Designer Payal Kapoor ² Interior Designer Payal Kapoor ² Gallery owner and a fashion designer Priya Jain ² Entrepreneur Kalyani Chawla .Designer Nidhi Jain ² Gallery owner Payal Sen ² Socialite Garima Jain .Socialte STAR STRUCK AT TOM & JERRY BIRTHDAY BASH .

MAKE WAY FOR THE EXPRESS! TJ .The train halted at 19 stations and did around 12-15 trips a day on the western line .8 mn .An exclusive TJ Express ran in Mumbai from the 8th of March for one month .As the name suggests. the TJ Express was completely branded in TJ elements .Reach ² 4.


A trade centric campaign in Mumbai .Reach -2mn (approx) .2 week campaign started the week of 15th Feb .TJ ON THE ROAD TJing the town OUTDOOR .

Billboards at all prominent locations across the city .

Reach .TJ Spots played out across all 40 screens .TJ IN MULTIPLEX .27 Key locations across 8 cities and around 40 screens .250000 .Pan India tie up with a leading multiplex chain .Dates: Feb ² March .Special TJ Seats in the theatre People in certain seats in the T row and J row got special TJ goodies .Branding in Multiplexes .

TJ Flyers given out with movie tickets and Poster at the BO TJ Standees at all multiplex locations .

TJ Surprise during movie interval TJ Surprise during the Movie interval The winner walks away with a Popcorn + Coke Combo .

1000 .CN joined hands with an NGO called Navjeet in Mumbai to celebrate 70 years of Tom & Jerry on Mar 20 .This gala event saw the presence of Ex Miss World Diana Hayden.T&J performed with the NGO kids and also cut a birthday cake along with all the dignitaries .Reach . India s youngest standup comedian Saloni Daina along with performances of Tom and Jerry .The theme of the evening was centered around TJ s 70th Happy Birthday! .CELEBRATING 70 YEARS OF TJ WITH NAVJEET .

Enthralling the audience with a fabulous performance with Saloni and the NGO kids .


Communicating the concept of ¶TJ· and building buzz around it .ONLINE .Micro site which allowed kids to download TJ content including wallpapers/screensavers etc .Served as a means of entry mechanism for the contest wherein kids sent in their prank ideas on how to play a gag on Tom & Jerry .Provided relevant information on all aspects of concept leading up to programming info on the T&J block on 1st of April .

Contest page on .


cartoonnetworkindia.TJ Screen Saver . .TJ Song .com/funstuff/shows/tom_jerry/Tom_Jerry_Scr eensaver_IN.TJ DOWNLOADABLES .

TJ ON THE AIRWAVES RADIO .TJ Jokes were played on air to with an aim to spread the spirit of TJ all over .A special TJ centric contest was conducted .35mn .Contest Entries .5000 .An extensive radio campaign in March to build buzz and curiosity about TJ .Reach ² 1.


Mischief turns 70! .



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