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You might be interested in R7 and
Integrator/Enterprise Integrator if:
‡ You would like to (or have to-SOX) improve the
security of your system
‡ You would like to integrate multiple systems on
multiple platforms into a single user interface
‡ You want a more proactive system- tell me what I
need to know!
‡ Your users like Microsoft Desktop applications, and
you would like to integrate with them
‡ You would like to use the web to communicate with
customers, partners, and employees
‡ You need the ability to enhance your system as your
business needs change-and maintain an upgrade path
In other words«
You need a:
‡ Nimble
‡ Flexible

‡ Proactive
‡ Open  
‡ Upgradeable 
Enterprise Integrator Features

‡ Objects in Net-Link & System-Link

‡ Security features
‡ More databases
‡ Advanced features
‡ Web services
‡ Publish & Subscribe
1. New Security Features
2. Integrate data from non-XA and non-
iSeries systems
3. System Link: Web Services to integrate
MS Desktop applications
4. Proactive System Alerts
5. Demo
6. Technical Advantages
1. User Exit Code Generation
2. Mass Program Actions
3. Import/Export individual objects
4. User Preference Administration
6. Integrator Projects and Maintenance History ±
manage and track your Integrator activities
1. New security features
‡ Auto content security
± What records?
‡ Deployment profiles
± What objects?
‡ Only takes a few seconds per user
‡ Works for«
± Net-Link
± Power-Link
± System-Link
± Both internal and external users
Windows ± List window
HTML ± List window
Enterprise Integrator-Security layers
‡ Object/field assumes  
‡ Deployment Profile assumes 



‡ Object list
Deployment Profiles
‡ Content
‡ Navigation
‡ Maintenance
‡ Fields
2. Integrate data from other databases to XA

‡ Make niche systems part of XA

± Can see in Net-Link
‡ Make Microsoft Office part of XA
± Standard interface for other
± Two-way communication with
Excel Ô  
± Access databases available to XA
‡ All systems act like one 
± Internet is worldwide UI  
" #  $
Example: Quality System
‡ SQL Server tables
‡ Two quality tests for an item
± Stress test
± Heat test
‡ Two files
± Detail file
‡ Trial date, time, user, result
± Summary file
‡ Test, # trials, minimum, max, avg
Display SQL Server
‡ Views, subsets,
‡ Full navigation
‡ Navigation
‡ Workbenches
‡ Code files
‡ Graph cards
‡ Compound
‡ Attachments
‡ Column
Navigate to SQL Server table
Navigate to SQL Server table ‡ Navigate from
iSeries objects
to external
‡ Native menus
reflect new
‡ Consistent UI
‡ Acts like one
system to the
See outside data from within an object
‡ Show data in
‡ Cards can be
external data
‡ Drill-down

u u 
3. With System Link You get web services«
Host edits, subscriptions«everything works
4. Alerts
‡ Via e-mail, phone or  

system message 

‡ Can also run a program

Publish & Subscribe
‡ Let the system notify you
± You say M
± You say  M
‡ Let¶s show an example
± Notify me when a PO amount exceeds $10,000
± Via e-mail and cell phone
Define the event

‡ Choose the
‡ Define the
type of
Define the event

‡ Like a subset
‡ Some new features
± u

±  u

Flexible notification

‡ Notify users
± E-mail or cell
‡ µNotify¶ a
± RPG, XML or
Notify via e-mail

‡ Put in user and text

‡ Can include a hot link
Notify via cell phone

‡ Call this cell phone

‡ Display this message
‡ When a PO is entered or changed«
‡ And the result is $10,000 or more...
‡ Then send me an e-mail«
‡ And send my boss a message to his cell phone
R7 Integrator ± Technical Benefits
1. User Exit Code Generation - reduces development
costs and schedules
2. Mass Program Actions ± deliver easy-to-use
applications to your users
3. Import/Export individual objects - Manage
customizations across environments
4. User Preference Administration ± provide and
manage a consistent interface for your users
5. Integrator Projects and Maintenance History ±
manage and track your Integrator activities
R7 Integrator enhancements
‡ Web URL user action
‡ Multi-key code files
‡ Auto logoff by user
‡ No signoff for programmer
‡ Unlimited objects
6-1. Reduce Development Costs and Schedules
User Exit Code Generation
m No downloads
m More control
m Consistency
m Exported with object
m Enterprise Integrator extends these
advantages to your custom objects
(no more triggers)

6-2. Deliver Easy-to-use Applications
Mass Program Actions
m Call a program
m Pass parameters
m For all records selected
m No more µone record at a time¶ processing
Your users will thank you
m Example -
6-3. Improved management for environments
Import/Export individual objects
m Use subsets to limit export
6-4. Improved management for environments
Manage user preferences
m Initial cards, card files and tab
m Open actions (what happens when
you double-click)
m View details
m Change
m Quick change
6-5. Improved management for environments

Integrator Projects and object maintenance

m Create Projects to track development activity
m Each change is logged to a project
m View history of project changes
uu  u