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FLOW«« Introduction Porters Five Forces Model Marketing Mix STP SWOT Analysis Competitors Analysis Sales Customers Future .

McDonald¶s entered India in 1996. It is worlds leading food service provider with 31000 restaurants serving in 119 countries serving 50 million customers each day. .MC DONALDS McDonalds is one of the best known brand worldwide.

MC DONALDS BUSINESS MODALS: Owned by own Franchise model .

Porter¶s five model .

7P ANALYSIS Product .

Delhi.Place ‡ McDonald's has opened its door in India in October 1996 since then its has open his restaurants in all the major cities like Mumbai.Directly selling from McDonalds ‡Franchise owned outlets that does selling from different places ‡McDonald's mainly consists of the distribution channels the product is available to the customer at the right place.Ahemdabad and many more ‡Fully owned outlets :. at the right time and in the right quantity ‡Offers hygienic environment good ambience and great service ‡Started giving internet facilities ‡Areas for children where they can play and enjoy with their Family and friends ‡Spend some quality time together .

Wrap pannier salsa= Rs 75 Non vegetarian burger=Rs 65. Wrap chicken Mexican=Rs 55 Medium French fries =Rs 30.PRICE  Vegetarian burgers = Rs 25 & Rs 45.     .

  .PROMOTION  Individual communication Mass communication Free distribution of children toys.

To McDonald·sµ ´Aap ke zamane Mein .baap ke zamane ke damµ. . Folks.SOME OF THE MOST FAMOUS MARKETING OF MCDONALD·S ARE: MANTRAS ´You Deserve a break today. so get up and get away. ´Food. and Funµ ´I·m lovin itµ.

People.Process.Physical Evidence People Process Physical Evidence .

personal values.SEGMENTATION  Demographically :1]Cater to kids 2] youth 3]Urban upper & Middle class families.  Geographically :1]Mostly in urban towns and cities 2]Now opening in 2 and 3 tiers cities 3]Mostly situated in malls having independent franchises  Psychographic:lifestyle groups. . and attitudes.

Highways.TARGETING POSITIONING DIFFERENTIATION TARGET MARKETS Initial focus on Metros. Food & Variety. To aaj Mac Donald¶s ho jaye. Multiplex. . Exposure to Western food & Culture. POSITIONING MacDonald mein hain kuch baath -a place for an entire family to enjoy. Move to smaller satellite towns like Gurgaon. DIFFERENTIATION Highlighting Brand. Mac Donald I¶m lovin it. Relatively High Income Groups. Malls. Stations & Airports. Pune.

. ‡Only serving 1%of world population WEAKNESS ‡Declining market share ‡Weak product development ‡Quality and test of products THREATS ‡Changing customer lifestyle ‡Increase in competition ‡More health conscious customer ‡Decrease in market share coz of new entry.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS ‡Strong brand recognition PLEASE ADD UR POINTS ‡Strongest International Presence ‡Customer Intimacy ‡Product innovation ‡Balance sheet position OPPORTUNITIES ‡International expansion ‡Entry into breakfast category ‡Growing dining-out market.

25 Soft Serve .8 Brown Bread Vada Pav-10 Butter Vada Pav .15 Mango Lassi .15 Chollee vada Pav .10 .50-60 French fries(s)-30 Cold Coffee-36 Iced tea .18 Schezwan vada pav .45 Jumbo King Regular Vada Pav .25 Mc Veggie .20 Lassi .18 Cheese Vada Pav .COMPETITORS ANALYSIS McDonalds Mc Aloo Tikki .15 Pepsi .45 Mac Chicken Maharaja-121 Value Meal -100 Happy Meal.

.Customers A parent with two and more children The children want to visit Visit Mc D to give children a treat As it is a fun place to eat 1) Quick service 2) Great teast A business customer 3 did not affect the schedule Teenager 1)Great fun 2) Affordable 3) Internet access .

Coming up with new schemes that suits to every pocket Mc-delivery has been started so everyone can be at home and enjoy McDonald's food .!! McDonald·s has built his strength in strong brand Customer intimacy Product innovation & Supplier integration It has its independent franchisee models in 2 tiers & 3 tiers cities i. plans 40 new stores at Rs 150 cr investment in 2011..Jaipur and many more McDonald·s undertakes expansion.McDonald¶s the Future. Pune.e.


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